How to Dodge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Dodging is just one way of increasing your survivability in a fight. There are many stats involved as well as having good timing.

It requires great mechanical skills to be utilized more efficiently but there are still ways you can improve it through armor, skills or abilities. This guide will show you how to dodge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How to Dodge

To dodge perfectly, you need to press the alt button or the square button depending on which platform you are playing it. Combine it by choosing a direction to dodge to and If you hold the same button, you can perform a roll for a longer distance dodge.

Most of the time, sidestepping is already good enough but if you get overwhelmed and you need to get a better position, it is better to roll out of the way.

Improving Your Dodge

To improve dodging, you can look at your armor’s stats and find which ones have a good evasion and weight rating. It is also good to have high armor and resistance but evasion and weight ratings matter more on your overall mobility and it also increases the speed of your dodge.

There are also some skills points you can spend to get more stats on these attributes. They are usually small skill grids and they are also mostly found in the assassin-type grids on the lower left side of the skill tree. If ever you feel that it is an ineffective skill point to get for your build or playstyle, you can freely reset skills anytime in AC Valhalla.

There are some warrior builds that usually just rely on their shields and regain health using their Grit skill so improving on some of these attributes is really dependent on your playstyle. If you have great mechanical skills to survive with what you have, it is best to just increase your raw damage and power.


Dodging is extremely important in the early game when you have fewer skill points to work with in AC Valhalla. It is great to practice your timing and even the side quests, like the BBB, will heavily rely on your dodging skills. You can learn to level up quicker and get skill points faster in our separate article here.

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