Best PC Gaming Cases – 2020 Edition

The right case is one of the most important investments you can make in a gaming PC. Evaluate every case you consider based on three essential factors: space, airflow and aesthetics. Roominess is crucial because you’ll want the space for an enthusiast-sized graphics card, a full-size motherboard, a high-wattage PSU and the other components of your choice without worry of restricting airflow.

Even with the necessary open space, not all cases are equal when it comes to design and circulation.

Finally, don’t overlook visual appeal since gaming cases are large and not unlike a piece of furniture.

In order to help to find a case that best suits your gaming needs, we’ve identified 15 of the best PC gaming cases on the market, and we’ve organized them into three tiers.

The first tier includes high-end cases for the enthusiast who’ll spare no expense for the features he or she wants. The second tier encompasses mid-range options that are all exceptional but may lack some of the frills at the premium end of the scale. Lastly, the third tier features economy options that provide considerable bang for the buck.

First, we will look at these gaming cases in a tidy comparison table, before going into a review of each individually.

PC Gaming Cases For 2020 Comparison Table

Corsair Obsidian 900D Cabinet TowerIncludes three 120mm AF120L and one 140mm AF140L exhaust fan

Brushed aluminum front fascia with full cast aluminum surround structure front and rear

Five radiator mounting points

SilverStone ATX Tower TJ11-BW90 degree motherboard mounting

Includes two Air Penetrator AP181 fans to aid stack cooling

Motherboard back plate opening behind CPU area for quick cooler assembly

Cooler Master Cosmos II Full TowerStylish and streamlined race-car inspired design

Airflow optimized design

Supports up to 10 fans and 13 HDDs (2 from X-dock)

Lian-Li Case PC-D600WB Full TowerSupports Watercooling to Air setups

Two chamber design is even better than normal ATX cases.

Ability to house E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX

Thermaltake Chaser VN300M1W2N MK-1CableClear Cable Management

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Massive Cooling Capability

NZXT Phantom 820 Full TowerOne 140mm and three 200mm fans for the high airflow and low noise

l USB 3.0, quad USB 2.0, microphone, and audio jack along with a SD media card reader

Cooler Master HAF X Full TowerInternal USB 3.0 on front I/O panel

Air duct to cool the latest graphics cards

Up to one 230 mm fan and three 200mm fans
9 expansion slots
support 3-way and 4-way SLI and Quad CrossFireX

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full TowerGenerous Expansion Room for Building High Performance Systems

Nine PCI-E expansion slots, up to ten 3.5" or 2.5" drives and three 5.25" drive bays

Thermaltake CORE P5 Mid TowerPanoramic Open Frame Design

VESA Compatibility: 200x200, 100x100, 75x75

Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Certified

Supports 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 3.0 ports with HD Audio ports

Fractal Design Arc XL Full Tower9 PCI expansion slots

Designed for extensive water cooling configurations

Featuring a three-speed fan controller

Antec 900 Mid TowerUnique Top mounted 200mm TriCool exhaust fan

Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake

Two front loaded HDD cages for up to 6 hard disk drives

Corsair Carbide 400C Compact Mid TowerHinged and latched full side panel window

Two AF series fans: Corsair-exclusive AF120L and AF140L fans

It can house a full ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs

Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid TowerWater Cooling outlets

CPU Retaining hole

Front I/O for easy access

Supports two 120mm radiator fans

Cooler Master Elite 431 PlusFront 120 mm Blue LED fan for better airflow

Tool-free mechanical design for quick assembly and maintenance

Supports long graphics cards including HD Radeon 6990


Premium PC Gaming Cases

Corsair Obsidian 900D Cabinet Tower

The Obsidian 900D is arguably the crown jewel of PC gaming cases right now. If you want to run GTX 980s in a four-way configuration with two 1000w Corsair PSUs, cool it all with liquid and have room to spare, this is the case for you. The case provides space for nine hard drives as well, and if you get creative with SSDs, you could probably squeeze in twice that or more. The default ventilation design is flawless, and you can install 15 cooling fans in total.

• Oversized ATX tower
• Supports XL-ATX motherboards
• Superb airflow and ventilation
• Five radiator mounting points
• Sleek brushed aluminum design
• Innovative cable management system
• Tool-free design
• Four dust filters with easy access

SilverStone ATX Tower TJ11-BW

This top model in the SilverStone Temjin series vies with the 900D for king of the hill among PC gaming cases. The primary reason we list it second is the price, but there are some advantages that come with that added cost, and while the 900D is no slouch in the liquid cooling department, this case is second-to-none. The interior configuration options really set it apart and give gamers the versatility they need to get their water cooling setup just right regardless of the hardware they choose.

• Full-sized tower
• 90-degree motherboard mounting
• 9+1 expansion slots
• Excellent airflow and ventilation
• Radiator mounting points
• Includes two AP181 Air Penetrator fans
• Rivet-free design for modding and servicing ease
• Quick cooler and filter access

Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower

We’re not beyond being vain when it comes to our cases, and like most Cooler Master cases, the Cosmos II is a looker. That stylishness can be deceiving, and while it may look smaller than the SilverStone listed above, it’s actually quite comparable. You have ample room with liquid cooling, and if you want a four-way GPU configuration, that won’t be a problem. The built-in handles are also very convenient if you attend gaming events, go to LAN parties or just bring your rig to a friend’s house.

• Full-sized tower
• Supports XL-ATX motherboards
• Built-in fan controller
• Supports up to 10 additional fans
• Sharp brushed aluminum and steel design
• Excellent ventilation and airflow
• X-Docks system
• Great support for four-way SLI or CrossFire

Lian-Li Case PC-D600WB Full Tower

The Lian-Li PC-D600WB is one of the most stylish cases on the market, and if you want a tower case that fits into your high-end home entertainment system seamlessly, this is an excellent but pricey option. The case is available in silver, black and all black, which means that the interior is coated as well. Make no mistake about it: this is a luxury case, and the price tag reflects that. Nevertheless, it is enormous, isn’t lacking any features and exudes premium quality in every aspect.

• Full-sized tower
• Available in black or silver
• Endless Cooling Possibliities from Watercooling to Air setups
• Ability to house E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX
• 10x Drive Bays
• Multi-heat zones
• Two chamber design
• Strong cable management system

Thermaltake Chaser VN300M1W2N MK-1

The Chaser VN300M1W2N by Thermaltake is a Full-Tower matching up to the spec of the other premium options but at a considerably cheaper price. As gamers, we really like the conveniences it provides, such as a safe place to put our headsets during bathroom breaks, the superb liquid cooling and the ability to hot swap drives while seated.

• Full-sized tower
• Top-mounted HDD hot swap station
• Headset holder
• Tool-free design with CableClear management
• LED ColorShift fans
• Heightened foot stand for superior air intake
• Liquid cooling ready
• Breath Lighting effect

Mid-Range PC Gaming Cases

NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower

The MSRP on a Phantom 820 is more like a high-end case, but most major retailers sell it significantly below the MSRP and at a price level we feel squeezes just into mid-range. If you can stretch your budget just a little, then you can have premium-like space and style without the need for a small fortune. We really like the integrated HUE lighting for a gaming setup, and it comes equipped with one of the best fan controllers, a 140mm fan, three 200mm fans and support for three additional fans.

• Full-sized tower
• Tool-free design plus cable management
• Integrated fan controller
• Includes four fans and supports seven
• High airflow and ventilation
• Ventilated side panel
• Oversized GPU support
• Integrated support for liquid cooling

Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower

Priced just under the Phantom 820, the HAF X is a beast and an excellent buy. In fact, a couple of years ago, this case would have been closer to the top of this list. It hasn’t changed much over the years, and perhaps, that’s the issue. Nevertheless, this remains one of the best designs on the market when it comes to cooling through air circulation. It also has plenty of room and support for liquid cooling, but that’s an area where the newer cases with their newer features edge ahead.

• Full-sized tower
• Tool-free design plus cable management
• Black-red or black-blue color scheme
• Integrated fan controller
• Includes four fans and supports seven
• High airflow and ventilation
• Support for four-way SLI and CrossFire
• Two-year warranty

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full Tower

If the Phantom 820 and HAF X are still outside your budget, then you can make an argument that the Corsair Obsidian 750D is the best mid-range case on the market. Outside of the price tag, this full tower has a lot in common with the 950D that tops our list. Arguably the biggest difference between this and the 950D is that it uses plastic in a lot of places where the 950D features steel or aluminum. Note that this case is also available in an Airflow Edition, but the version is priced more like the NZXT case.

• Full-sized tower
• Available in an airflow edition
• Tool-free design and modular drive cages
• Excellent fan and radiator compatibility
• Three 140mm AF140L fans included
• Tension locks for optical drive bays
• Dust filter on front and top
• Two-year warranty

Thermaltake CORE P5 Mid Tower

The CORE P5 by Thermaltake is likely to be the kind of case you love or hate due to the aesthetics. If you love it, then the sheer value here is really impressive. We have a feeling that if this case does well, the second iteration will be priced outside of the mid-range or at least at the top end of it. The main point in deciding if this case is for you is whether you like the open, clear design. This case certainly isn’t for the gamer who goes a few weeks before dusting.

• Mid-sized tower
• Unlike anything else on the market right now
• Panoramic open-frame design
• Fully modular design
• Three-way placement layouts
• Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Certified
• Superb cable management
• Significant amount of additional mounting hardware

Fractal Design Arc XL Full Tower

The Arc XL is a case that we think flies a bit under the radar. You can probably make an argument for it higher on our list based on your preferences. Despite that, this case is usually relatively inexpensive. In fact, if you hit the right sale, you can get it at a price that probably fits into the budget segment. The advanced water cooling support is very impressive, and if you’re water cooling on a budget, you’ll definitely want to take a long look at this case.

• Full-sized tower
• All metal design
• Black exterior and interior
• Transparent side window
• Three included 140mm fans
• Nine expansion slots
• Tool-free design with good cable management
• Excellent support for liquid cooling

Budget PC Gaming Cases

Just because you’re on a limited budget it shouldn’t mean you can’t build an awesome Gaming PC. Here are our top 5 cheap gaming cases.

Antec 900 Mid Tower

This old dog has been around for a while now, and it’s still one of the best mid-tower cases you can buy for under a hundred bucks. Antec has even added USB 3.0 support to the front panel after the fact. This case is quality through and through, and it really outclasses a lot of cases that sell for just 10 to 30 dollars less.

• Mid-sized case
• Top-mounted 200mm TriCool exhaust fan
• Two TriCool 120mm front fans with blue LEDs
• Window side panel with optional 120mm fan mount
• Multi-speed switch control for fans
• Two front-loaded HDD cages
• Nine drive bays and seven expansion slots
• Excellent customer support

Corsair Carbide 400C Compact Mid Tower

At just hundred a hundred dollars, choosing between the Carbide 400C and the Antec 900 was tough. We did choose the 900 because of the added compartment space, but what really surprised us about the 400C was just how much space it does have for a compact. There’s also a Q version of this case that’s a little more expensive but features noise dampening.

• Compact mid-sized tower
• Mostly steel design
• Sleek, unassuming aesthetic
• An AF120L and AF140L fan included
• Front, top and PSU dust filters
• Swinging window side panel
• No optical drive bays for added space, but you could get an external optical drive
• Surprisingly ample interior space

Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower

If your budget is in the low range, then the HAF 912 is where it’s at. The case supports liquid cooling exceptionally well. The roominess is at the high end of a mid-tower case, and the HAF 912 is exceptionally quite for the price point even if you add all of the optional fans. It’s worth noting that adding at least two 120mm fans is less of an option and more of a necessity in a practical sense.

• Mid-sized tower
• Aggressive, industrial design
• Top platform serves as a tray
• Customized Neat Cable Management
• External water cooling outlets
• Supports two 120mm radiator fans
• Removable dust filters
• Front I/O for easy access

Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus

If you like the HAF 912 but want to get even cheaper, then the Elite 421 Plus is worth considering. It’s usually priced at the low end, and you can get it even cheaper than that if you’re patient. At that price, that built-in airflow, ventilation and support for oversized GPUs is excellent. The cable management options are solid but tight, and that may prove frustrating if you swap components frequently.

• Mid-sized tower
• Two 120mm fans with blue LEDs
• Windowed side panel
• Support for extended graphics cards
• Front I/O panel for easy access
• Solid cable management
• Dust filtration and top exhaust
• X-Dock support