The Best Gaming Chairs 2020: Compared & Reviewed

For the typical person who plays the occasional video game, a standard chair is fine whether it be a recliner or an office chair. But hardcore gamers know the difference in comfort and usage; after ten hours, a typical office chair has put some serious dents in the enjoyment of the game, but with a gaming chair fatigue is reduced, posture improved and gaming experience significantly better. The best gaming chairs are comfortable chairs and they make a difference, it’s true.

The simple truth is that gaming chairs are set up for one purpose in mind only: to keep gamers comfortable. They aren’t made for desks, and they aren’t made for office work. So when you look for build quality and design in the best gaming chair, keep a few things in mind.

Gaming chairs and office chairs are NOT the same thing!

A PC gaming chair is similar in shape and form to a swivel desk chair, which is your typical office chair, but the similarities end there. For a start, the standard office chair isn’t set up for gaming. The PC gaming chair is inspired by the design of the bucket racing seat, and they look like they belong in the cockpit of a racing car. They are built for comfort but also endurance, considering that a hardcore gamer will play regularly for many hours at a time. Some office chairs are only rated for 3 or 4 hours use and although relatively cheaper to buy, they just won’t cut it for long comfortable gaming sessions.

The PC gaming chair, like the swivel desk chair, has castors and height adjustment but these features are more than just a token in a gaming chair, designed intelligently and ergonomically to improve comfort and support. Speaking of ergonomics, the PC gaming chair has better lumbar support, detachable cushions, a headrest and comfortable armrests; some, like the Merax Racing Office Chair even tilt back a full 180 degrees without tipping over and planting you on the floor. When the average person spends an average of 6.3 hours per week playing video games, just think of the time dedicated gamers put in.

A great example would be the Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 which is probably one the best PC gaming office chairs on the market.

To give you some perspective on the range that is available, here is our comparison table on the best PC gaming chairs for 2020.

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The Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2020: Reviews & Recommendations

Keep reading below for detailed product reviews, images and more.

Product Features Rating Price
Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing Style Chair PU leather and mesh fabric upholstered face

Armrest angle & Seat height adjustment and recline function
4.1 out of 5 Stars $
Flash Furniture Executive Gaming Chair Coil spring cushioning

Integrated headrest and lumbar support
4.0 out of 5 Stars $
Office High Back Recliner Computer Chair Metal star base, comfortable armrests, and tubular steel frame

Max weight - 250 lbs
3.9 out of 5 Stars $
Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Swivel Chair 360 Degree Swivel, 90 to 180 degree backwards movement, can be lying down

Headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
3.4 out of 5 Stars $$
OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair (White) Master series white gaming chair supports up to 350 lbs

High back ergonomic design with removable lumbar support and headrest
4.1 out of 5 Stars $$
KingCore Multi-directional Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Weight:40 lbs & Weight Capacity:250 lbs

Tiltable Seat with Adjustable Back Locking System
4.1 out of 5 Stars $$
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NE Newedge Edition Office Chair Recliner Inlaid Color Bar Base with latest footrests, conventional tilt mechanism

Patent race car seat breathable material
4.6 out of 5 Stars $$$
DXRacer OH/RV131 Racing ERGO Seat, Ergonomic Gaming Chair Extra high backrest to comfort the neck and back

Lifetime warranty on frame and 24 month warranty on parts
4.0 out of 5 Stars $$$
AKRacing Backrest Gaming Chair Advanced ergonomic design

Integrated steel frame

Provides support for long gaming sessions
4.9 out of 5 Stars $$$
DOH T929 NR Ergonomic Executive Chair 4D Adjustable armrests

Lumbar and headrest cushions included

Extra high backrest
4.6 out of 5 Stars $$$$$
AKRacing Backrest Recliner Gaming Chair 12 degrees of rocking motion

Superior ergonomic design

Industry leading warranty
4.9 out of 5 Stars $$$$
DOH KS186 IWR USA3 Chair 4D, 90-degree
padded armrests

Full-size frame and a wide, 360-degree swivel aluminum base

300 lbs max weight
5.0 out of 5 Stars $$$$



Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $100

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing Style Chair

At the low end of the price scale, we have the Merax High-Back Ergonomic PC gaming chair. But for the low price, the Merax still delivers high on comfort. It might be a ‘no frills’ chair, but still has all the features you would expect and require from a PC gaming chair; it can recline, it’s height adjustable and ergonomically designed. The arms have thick padding and an adjustable mechanism that is a bit different from most gaming chairs. This chair is a bit on the light side at 37lbs and is rated for a load up to 225lbs. You can’t compare the Merax to a DXRacer, they are not in the same league in terms of price or quality, but amongst its peers at the low end of the price scale, the Merax Ergonomic Racing Style Chair is a contender for sure.




Flash Furniture Executive Gaming Chair

You get all-day comfort with the contemporary Flash Furniture Executive Gaming Chair. With a mattress-like feel, the featured coil spring cushioning that provides amazing comfort when sitting for a long period of time. The upper back support is provided by the chair’s extended high back while the integrated headrest helps to relieve neck pressure when you lean back.

Pressure is also relieved from your lower legs with the waterfall front seat edge, plus the chair swivels easily 360-degrees allowing you to maximize your workspace without strain. Also, the free rein motion is an awesome way to take a quick break and relax. With the pneumatic adjustment lever, you can easily make seat adjustments to your preferred height while the easy to adjust armrests relieve pressure from your neck and shoulders.




Office High Back Recliner Computer Chair

With a unique feel and appearance, this racing style Office High Back Computer Chair features a bucket seat for back support that molds around your body providing comfort on those long work days. Whether you are looking for gaming intensity or high-pressure relief, this race chair provides a high backrest that can support your entire spinal column. With 90 to 180-degree movement backward, you will feel relaxed during extended gaming sessions.
If you need a quick nap, the chair adjusts to a position at a lower angle. The metal star base, comfortable armrests, and tubular steel frame give you great stability and the included headrest pillow and lumbar cushions give you a mattress like experience.



Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $200

Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Swivel Chair

The Kinsal Ergonomic gaming chair is middle of the road in terms of price, but right up there with the best PC gaming chairs for comfort. One feature that I really like is the adjustable lumbar and neck support. These are easily adjustable to your height to get the right position for your back, and what a difference they make to your comfort. I’m only 5”8 but my friend who is 6”4 was able to adjust the support to find the same level of comfort.

The armrests on this version of the Kinsal PC Gaming Chair are also better designed than older versions, they have been moved in a couple of inches and while that doesn’t sound like much, the narrower space does make a considerable difference when your arms are at rest. Other notable features are the very reliable reclining function from 90 to 180 degree, and a sturdy steel frame gives the gamer chair a robust and reliable feel.




OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair (White)

The OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair, is comparable with the DX Racer chairs for comfort, but much cheaper to buy. That’s not to say that there aren’t some obvious differences, but these are mainly cosmetic. It’s too early to say if the OPSEAT Master will be as long-lasting as the DXRacer, but so far so good. The high back and adjustable lumbar support make long gaming sessions very achievable with no wavering to the level of comfort provided by the gamer chair. The OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chairs also support up to 300 lbs so it can certainly hold its own, and the reclining function reaches back 135 degrees. This is a great PC gaming chair to look at if you don’t want to spend a fortune, but don’t want a budget chair either.




KingCore Multi-directional Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair Racing Style

The KingCore Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair is another highly rated chair, that comes in with a very reasonable price tag. Comparable with top end chairs in terms of features, but perhaps not as load bearing. The cheaper price likely represents the lighter materials used to make the gamer chair, which itself weighs in at 40lbs and can hold up to 250lbs. Still, the ergonomic design, PU leather material, and adjustable back locking system provide a very comfortable experience. While the shaft is narrower than some of the others, and the base a bit smaller, you could do far worse for the price, as the 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon would suggest.



Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $400

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NE Newedge Edition Office Chair Recliner

The DXRacer Formula Series PC Gaming Chairs are top end in performance, it’s as simple as that. Over 80% of the reviews on Amazon for this DXRacer Chair are 5 stars, and the overall review rating is a mighty 4.6 stars out of 5. For many, these are the best PC gaming chairs. From the minute you sit in the chair you know it is built to last. It feels comfortable yet strong, with a high backrest to support the whole of your spine and neck. You can game in this chair for hours without any discomfort setting in. It’s not just great for PC Gaming, but if you are working hard on a written project or spending long hours studying, this chair is perfect for you.

The hydraulic gas spring gives a smooth altitude adjustment, the reclining function feels stable and great for power naps. It’s no surprise that the DXRacer Formula Series PC gaming chairs are featured by many eSports teams. These guys rack up a ridiculous amount of gaming hours, and it’s no surprise that they turn to the DXRacer for the comfort they need.




DXRacer OH/RV131 Racing ERGO Seat, Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The name DXRacer is synonymous with the best PC Gaming Chairs, and that’s why you find two of them in this list. Much like the other DXRacer in this list, the DXRacer OH/RV131 ERGO Seat is at the top end for price but oh what an experience! For your buck, you really do get a hell of a lot, most importantly this chair is built to last and you know that as soon as you open the box. With an adjustable base and arms, tilt function to 135 degrees, full lumbar and back support and breathable fabric material, this chair feels professional. From the minute you sit in it, you feel support and comfort, but you also feel the quality and strength in the ergonomic design. As far as PC Gaming Chairs go, the DXRacer OH/RV131 sets a very high bar.




AKRacing Backrest Gaming Chair

If you are interested in minimal aesthetics, but enjoy high-quality construction and great ergonomics, you need to check out the AKRacing Backrest PC Gaming Chair. Perfect for both gamers and in the office, this chair comes in stylish colors and features great comfort for long gaming hours with a new armrest design and an integrated steel frame with a structure made out of a one-piece steel pipe. With its advanced ergonomic design, it gives you a unique cushioning experience that provides support for long periods of time.



Best PC Gaming Chairs Over $400

DOH T929 NR Ergonomic Executive Chair

Featuring an ergonomic design, the DOH T929 PC gaming chair provides a more efficient comfort level that includes an adjustable and flexible seat back and an extra high backrest. The included lumbar and headrest cushions also give you more support for those long hours of play. The 4D arms are adjustable to protect your wrists and shoulder and the patented race car seat is made of a breathable material keep you cool under pressure.




AKRacing Backrest Recliner

Comfortable, sturdy, and spacious, the AKRacing ProX series gaming chair has a design that fulfills every gamer’s dreams. Featuring a class-r hydraulic gas lift and metal frame, the AKRacing chair is able to support up to 330 pounds. Covered with PU leather, the frame gives you great support for long days in the office or gaming and the lumbar and neck cushion gives you additional support when you need it.

With the 4D adjustable armrests, you can find the ideal position for your elbows and wrists, plus you can recline using the backrest adjustment lever to find a more relaxed position. For those that enjoy rocking, there are 12 degrees of motion allowing you to rock back and forth and the sleek caster and wide base gives you smooth maneuvering when moving the chair.




DOH KS186 IWR USA3 Chair

Featuring 4D, 90-degree armrests that are padded for extra comfort, this is the widest model of the DXRacer PC gaming chairs. It has a sleek ergonomic design giving you the most comfort and was constructed to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. All the accessories have passed a strict quality control test and the imported hydraulic unit has passed international standard tests.

The angle and height of the chair are completely adjustable to any degrees, plus the DXRacer features a full-size frame and a wide, aluminum footrest-shape base. With a resilient armrest surface, you get increased comfort that is pleasant and soft to the touch constructed of high-quality polyurethane.



The Difference Between Console & PC Gaming Chairs

Attempting to use a typical office chair to play console games is a bad idea as well.

Keep in mind that PC gaming and console gaming are two different things altogether, so you may wind up with two different chairs if you do both.

PC gaming chairs, like office chairs, are set up so users can have good posture; gamers are known for many things, but good posture isn’t one of them. Console gaming chairs are generally located on the ground or just barely off the ground, while PC gaming chairs are tailored specifically for gaming and sit at desk height. As with many things in life, it comes down to personal preference.


Types Of Console Gaming Chairs

There are two basic types of console gaming chairs: the rocker chair and the pedestal gaming chair, but there are other types too which are great for gaming but possibly not exclusive to gaming. Here are the different types of gaming chairs that make up the majority of the selection available.


The Rocker

The rocker gaming chair sits directly on the floor, is L-shaped, and is designed specifically for comfort, not posture. The majority of chairs come with headrests, padded backs and even chair arms to rest your elbows. The high-end rocker chairs come with additions like subwoofers and speakers, RCA inputs, wireless receivers, and vibration support—meaning that the small vibration motors will actually sync up with the bass tones of the game.

The most popular rocker gaming chair is the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 and has everything a hardcore gamer could want in a gaming chair.



The Pedestal

Pedestal gaming chairs sit a little ways off the ground and tend to look like the center seat on the USS Enterprise. They have many of the same features as rocker chairs, but if you’re into racing games a pedestal chair is where you should be.

There are companies that build accessories for pedestal chairs specifically for racing; it just depends on how much money you want to spend.

PC gamers have their own little chair niche as well. For them, what may look like an office chair, in fact, needs to be adjustable in many ways, from seat height to armrests to even an adjustable seat that can be moved forward and backward. Back support is also important since office work and PC gaming are entirely different activities for the body.

Ergonomist Melissa Afterman told website PC Gamer that when typing and working at the computer, you need more upright support so that you can maintain neutral spine posture and let the chair support you. But for gaming, she said,

“You may want to recline a little bit to relax your lower back, while still having good support in that position. So a locking backrest and/or some sort of tension control is important.”

For those wondering whether an adjustable sliding seat is a bit overkill, Afterman explained that tall people can get more support behind their legs, and for shorter gamers, it can be set more shallow so they can sit all the way back in the chair.

For those willing to stretch even farther out of their comfort zone, a relic from the 70s has returned with a vengeance: the beanbag. Admittedly, it has no speakers, no RCA inputs, and no headrests or lumbar support, per se. But there is an increasing number of gamers who swear by them.


Racing Style Gaming Chair

Known for their comfort and mobility, PC gaming chairs are easy to spin around because of their wheelbase while some models even allow you to recline and take a nap. This category also includes affordable office chairs as well as expensive professional and expensive gaming. PC gaming chairs usually have sturdy back support, armrests, castors, and several adjustment features. Plus, they also typically have better ergonomics that can be customized to your body type.


Armchair/Ottoman Style

The armchair style gaming chair gives you quality and design along with practical functionality. This is a chair you can’t usually swivel in, but is usually made with bonded leather and high-density foam for comfort and support. Ottoman style gaming chairs often come with ample storage under the base of the seat for storing all your gaming peripherals or accessories. Some even come with built-in speakers


Racing Simulator/Cockpit Gaming Chair

A racing simulator type of chair, also known as a GTracing chair tends to be more expensive than other gaming chairs. They often come in all-in-one packages that include features like flight joysticks, monitors, and racing wheels. The cockpit-style gaming chair gives the enclosed feeling of being behind the wheel or in the plane cockpit, great for racing or flight simulators to really take the experience to the next level. These are the most elaborate of the gaming chairs categories and the GTracing chairs are often highly customizable or adaptable to bring significant improvement to the external elements of your gaming experience.


Inflatable or Soft Cushion

Inflatable or soft cushion gaming chairs will come with a comfortable flocked surface. These chairs are great for indoor use and usually feature a removable seat cushion. These are great gaming chairs for kids, usually close to the ground and often usable from a variety of angles. They also double up as great chairs for watching movies. Most inflatable, beanbag or cushion style gaming chairs are at the cheaper end of the budget scale, with minimal features but plenty of comfort.


The Best Gaming Chairs for Console Gaming 2020

We’ve put together a comparison table of the best gaming chairs for those playing on PS4, Xbox One or any other console. We will then take a deeper look at some of the best and what you can expect from each price range.


Product Features Rating Price
Homall Computer Executive Leather Highback Gaming Chair PC Gaming Chair

Adjustable head pillow and spring cushioned seat

PU leather and mesh fabric material
4.9 out of 5 Stars $
Merax Folding Lazy Gaming Chair with Armrests Armchair Style cushioned gaming chair

Several reclining positions

Linen fabric and removable cushions
4.0 out of 5 Stars $
Merax Swivel Rocker Gaming Chair Pedestal Gaming Chair

100% polyester with cotton fabric cover

Foldable for easy storage
4.5 out of 5 Stars $
X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair Pedestal Gaming Chair

Two speakers and subwoofer buit in

Convenient control panel with audio inputs and sound control
4.0 out of 5 Stars $$$
Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair Rocker Gaming Chair

4 built in speakers for immersive sound

Vibration motors sync with bass tones for real immersive gaming
4.1 out of 5 Stars $$
Ace Bayou X Rocker Rocker Gaming Chair

Built in 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer and control panel

Bluetooth and USB connectivity
5.0 out of 5 Stars $$$
N Seat Executive Computer Headrest Gaming Chair PC Gaming Chair

PVC Leather material

Adjustable height, lumbar and head supports and arm rests.

360 degrees of rotation
4.0 out of 5 Stars $$$$
Rocker Pedestal Wireless Gaming Chair Pedestal Gaming Chair

Two speakers and a subwoofer built in, using 2.1 AFM Tech

Can combine multiple chairs together.
3.9 out of 5 Stars $$$
DOH DM166 Ergonomic Executive Chair PC Gaming Chair

Extra high backrest and adjustable armrests for customizable support

24-month warranty on parts and lifetime warranty for the frame
4.5 out of 5 Stars $$$$
Openwheeler Advanced Simulator Chair Racing Simulator/Cockpit Gaming Chair

Compatible with PC and all gaming consoles

Gearbox can be mounted on either side

Steering wheel not included
4.8 out of 5 Stars $$$$$
GTR Simulator - GTA-F Model Racing Simulator with Adjustable Seat Racing Simulator/Cockpit Gaming Chair

Precision-made supports for your gaming peripherals

Steering wheel and controls not included

Monitor stand can hold up to 3 monitors for extra wide viewing
4.8 out of 5 Stars $$$$$
DXRacer Sentinel Racing Chair PC Gaming Chair

The ultimate level of comfort and luxury

Extra high backrest and ergonomic design
5.0 out of 5 Stars $$$$$


The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs (Under $100)

Low-end gaming chairs cost around $100 or less. These models rest directly on the floor and do not have legs. They are basically cushions that offer gamers a better seating arrangement than the bare floor. Low-end gaming chairs are great to give as gifts to people that spend time playing their systems sitting on the floor with no support. For devoted gamers, unless storage is an issue, most of the chairs that fall into this group are outdone by an office chair and an inexpensive external sound system.

This class of gaming chair at least provides some type of seating support. They are usually flexible and small, so users can store them easily. Their size also makes them ideal for smaller rooms. Because of their low price, relative to other gaming chairs, they are the best gaming chair option for younger children who may tear, break or spill food or beverages on them. Their low price makes them accessible to people who have a tight budget or do not want to invest heavily into gaming accessories. Some models come with a matching sound system. Although, the sound system’s quality may leave its listeners desiring more punch.

One drawback to the design of gaming chairs in this price range is that, due to their low position, gamers may experience neck strain after extended use. This especially applies to gamers who are using monitors more than three feet off of the ground. Also, the lack of legs may make tall users uncomfortable. Of the low-end chairs that have sound systems, the audio quality generally is not impressive. It does little more than position the speakers closer to the gamer’s ears. Although, this can serve a useful purpose for gamers who want to hear their game’s audio clearly without disturbing others.


Homall Computer Executive Leather Highback Gaming Chair

The Homali Highback Gaming Chair features a seat cushion that uses the Spring Plus System and a head pillow that is adjustable and removable. With the tilt locking mechanism, you can adjust your angle from 90 to 160-degrees providing you will a comfortable and supportive experience on those busy working and gaming days.

It is constructed of PU leather and mesh fabric collocated materials that has a pure black design. With the sturdy metal star base and adjustable gas spring cylinder, this chair is able to hold up to 300 pounds. This ergonomically and orthopedically designed gaming chair will give you solid support and comfort on those long days of gaming.




Merax Folding Lazy Gaming Chair with Armrests

For greater comfort when gaming, the Merax Armrest Gaming Chair features padded armrests and a detachable pillow. The arm bracket has an innovative design for gaming enthusiasts that gives you more comfort while you are playing. When you feel yourself getting tired after playing for a long period of time, simply adjust to one of the preferred reclining positions, or you can even adjust the cushioned seat to fold out like a bed.

Whether you are playing games or just reading, you will find the perfect position from the foam cushions and linen fabric that gives you greater support and superior comfort. This is also an easy to store chair that conveniently folds up when you are done with it.




Merax Swivel Rocker Gaming Chair

The Merax Swivel Rocker Gaming Chair is made of 100 percent polyester and features a cotton knit fabric cover. This is a great chair to relieve back fatigue after you have been seated playing games for hours. With its steel frame and padding, you get a comfortable experience whether you are watching TV, reading, or playing games. With the 360 swivel features, this gaming chair is easy to move to find the perfect position. Plus, this is a fully foldable chair that is easy to store.




Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Mid-range chairs are a step up from low-range chairs. Gaming chairs in this class cost from $100 to $200. This group of chairs comes with legs, but they still sit lower than regular office chairs. They are the best gaming chairs in terms of value for avid gamers and feature improved audio. Some vibrate in sync with gaming events.

The fact that mid-range chairs come with legs attached eliminates the likelihood of neck strain that is caused by viewing a high-mounted monitor for long periods. They typically feature armrests which adds to the user’s comfort. These ergonomic improvements alone make it worth stepping up to the mid-range class. The sound system of chairs in this class is a considerable upgrade compared to its low-end cousins. This is a nice touch that can greatly enhance the user’s experience with a healthy dose of bass.

A big plus with this type of chair’s audio is that its design positions users in the sound systems sweet spot so that the user can enjoy the best listening experience possible. With a little ingenuity, gamers can combine their gaming chair’s stereo sound with their monitor’s audio to create a makeshift surround sound experience.

Like the best gaming chairs in the low-end class, users can emulate a mid-range chair with a quality office chair and an external sound system. Another drawback to mid-range chairs is that they are not easily stored. They are full-sized pieces of furniture that need space. The last consideration is that these chairs are expensive. If a friend or younger sibling damages or stains it, users may find it hard to swallow. This isn’t really a drawback, just something to be mindful of. If you’re going to invest in one of the best gaming chairs, consider it’s environment. There is no point in a substantial investment if it’s going to sit in a room with kids and be covered in Crayola and Chupa Chups in a matter of days.


X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

The X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair is designed not only to immerse you fully into your game but to keep you comfortable for those long gaming sessions. The built-in speakers and subwoofer use 2.1 AFM Technology to really bring the audio to life. The audio controls and inputs are all situated on a convenient control panel, in reach of your sitting position.

The pedestal style base provides tilt and swivel action, and the seat itself is ergonomically designed to keep your posture good, and alertness sharp. The X Rocker 5142201 is one of the best gaming chairs for those that really appreciate good audio to match the graphics in their games, without compromising on comfort in the slightest.




Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

If you enjoy new technology, the X Rocker Pro Wireless Audio Gaming Chair features the ability to feel the music while you listen to it. It includes four speakers and a subwoofer that utilizes the innovative Audio Force Modulation technology by Ace Bayou. Through open space inside the X Rocker, AFM uses ported power subwoofers and speakers to increase the sound quality and your experience.

The X Rocker Pro features the ability to sync vibration motors with the bass tones giving you a powerful full-body sensation. You also get extra stability with the fixed-position gun-stock arms and the heavily padded headrest and backrest that will keep you comfortable for hours at a time. With a control panel that includes independent vibration, bass, and volume control, you can connect your audio source with other X Rockers for multi-playing capabilities. The built-in wireless receiver and transmitter allow you to send audio through RCA or headset outputs to your gaming chair.




Ace Bayou X Rocker

With function as well as style, the Ace Bayou X-Rocker gaming chair allows you to wirelessly connect your media devices using Bluetooth. You can get into your game using the chair’s subwoofer and integrated speaker system. You will also enjoy all the additional features like flip-up armrests, a Polyester backrest, polyurethane, RCA and headset outputs, and independent volume and bass controls. The Ace Bayou X Rocker is compatible with Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, home theaters and more.




Best Gaming Chairs Under $400

High-end specialty gaming chairs cost $200 dollars or more. They are in a class reserved for those who have a disposable income to spend on entertainment. Users of high-end gaming chairs will normally have a dedicated area for the equipment such as an entertainment or family room. Manufacturers design some of these units specifically for one game genre while others function as a general purpose chairs.

The best gaming chairs models in this class receive rave reviews for the comfort they offer during long gaming sessions. Gaming chairs in this price range offer users a gaming treat. The systems feature amazing sound systems and feedback vibration that totally immerse users in their games. Their price, combined with their functions, offers gamers the best value for their dollar.

Some high-end gaming chairs are very specialized and typically limit what genre of games they work with; some chairs function with flight simulators and others with driving games. Users need a dedicated space for these units because they are over-sized and difficult to move. Unless users use the units for an ongoing period they are often nothing more than showpieces.


N Seat Executive Computer Headrest Chair For Gaming

Incorporating ergonomic principles, the N.Seat Gaming chair gives you superior support and comfort while dramatically improving your gaming experience. Specifically designed for those that sit for hours at their computers. The N.Seat provides great comfort with a stylish and ergonomic gaming chair. It features high-quality construction with a padded seat, back, and armrest. These features help to relieve pressure and distribute your weight over the chair’s surface making sitting for long period of time more comfortable.

The multi-functional mechanism also features a lock with a tilt adjustment and controls that are easy to reach. Constructed out of PVC leather with a carbon fiber accent, the Pro 600 gaming chair has a luxurious look. Plus the chair has 360 degrees of rotation and has a height adjustment feature with a built-in gas spring. The five high strength PVC casters ensure that you have stability during intense gaming moments and movements, and the lumbar support cushions and memory foam increase your gaming experience while preventing neck and back pain. This is a worthy contender in its price range for the best gaming chairs.




Rocker Pedestal Wireless Chair For Gaming

For a new experience in gaming, the X Rocker Pro Series features interactive audio that allows you to feel your music instead of just listening to it. You become part of the experience whether you are playing a game, watching a movie, or listening to music. With two hidden speakers and a subwoofer hidden in the headrest, the X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal features Ace Bayou’s innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology. This is one of the best gaming chairs in terms of features for bringing immersive atmosphere to your games.

The speakers and subwoofers are incorporated by AFM into the open space within the X Rocker magnifying the sound quality and intensifying your experience. You are also elevated by the X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal base letting you swivel and tilt for hours of comfort. The gunstock arms not only look awesome but also provide support while the control panel features separate volume and bass controls, plus output and input jack so you can connect your audio source. This built-in wireless receiver includes a wireless transmitter that can send audio from any source that has RCA or headset outputs.




DOH DM166 Ergonomic Executive Chair

Perfect for long periods of use, the DOH DM166 Executive chair allows you to maintain incredible comfort for long gaming sessions. With a deeper seat and high back, the Drifting Series is more comfortable than a typical office chair with low backs that make it impossible to rest your neck. Plus, you can lower the DXRacer seat a few degrees giving you a great position for a power nap.

The armrests can also be adjusted to varying positions helping to relieve kyphosis and slanting shoulder issues that can result from wrist and shoulder fatigue when using your mouse for a long period of time. The iron base is star-shaped creating a completely stable stand that you can safely move around. The DOH DM166 provides incredible comfort and convenience with modern styling.



Best Gaming Chairs Over $400

The top end of the gaming chair food chain is reserved for only the finest chairs. In this price range, you will usually find high-end PC gaming chairs and racing simulators. The PC gaming chairs in this price range are usually larger, more robust and harder wearing than their cheaper counterparts. These chairs are both comfortable and built to last. Racing simulators or cockpit style chairs, on the other hand, might not be the most comfortable, but they carry the price tag because of the features they bring for truly immersive gaming.

The racing simulators are often housed in a frame to which you can add pedals, steering wheels and gearboxes, as well as a number of monitors for wide angle gaming. Here are some of the most highly rated available in this range.


Openwheeler Advanced Simulator Chair

Offering comfort and stability that isn’t easy to find, the Openwheeler Racing Seat Simulator features a simple design that uses high-quality materials making it a unique addition to any video game or steering wheel platform. Together with the chassis, the supreme racing seat gives you the sturdiness you need for complete game control while sitting in an incredibly comfortable position.

The gear shifts can be mounted on either the right or left hand of the simulator allowing for versatility, and you have total adjustment control along with the lightest overall weight. The Openwheeler Advanced Simulator Chair is designed to accommodate the Logitech G920, G27, and the G29 Driving Force Race Wheel. and it works will all gaming consoles.




GTR Simulator – GTA-F Model Racing Simulator with Adjustable Seat

The adjustable GTR Simulator gives you effortless comfort. GTR Simulator has improved upon the GTA model with better functionality and adjustability. With the GTR Simulator, the focus is on the driver, featuring a short distance between the gear selector and the steering wheel. The GTA-F cockpit combines sporty style with comfort that sets this chair apart from all the others on the market.

Featuring a sculpted profile that is aerodynamic in design. Providing stability and a modified chassis, pedal plate, and steering that gives you a sporty ride with improved handling. This is a fully adjustable chair that can capture every turn in a stimulating experience. It really is one of the best gaming chairs for bringing the race to life in your home.




DXRacer Sentinel Racing Chair

Constructed under strict quality standards, the DXRacer gaming chairs give you the ultimate level of comfort and luxury. Originally created to improve the experience of playing video games, this is also a great chair to work and relax in too. Unlike other office chairs, the DXRacer chair features a higher backrest that supports your entire spinal column and 3D armrests that are straight and protect your wrists and shoulders.

With a sturdy metal five-point base, you can adjust the chair’s height with the include gas spring to meet the height of your computer or office desk. Featuring a full-size frame and round aluminum base, the DXRacer has an adjustable backrest and integrated headrest, plus a lumbar cushion for added comfort.



Other Brands To Consider

If there is nothing here that gets you all warm and tingly inside, there are two other brands that we would be amiss not to mention here. The first – Noblechairs  – is a steadfast competitor, and the second – Secretlab, specifically with their Omega and Titan gaming chair range – is an up and coming hero, both of which are sure to feature more prominently in the future.

There are three series of chairs at the heart of Noblechairs range, and those are Hero, Icon and Epic. The manufacturing of these chairs is based in Germany, and German engineering is exceptional. Build quality, ingenuity, practicality, and efficiency are all things you can expect from the noblechairs brand. You can whet your appetite fully on the Noblechairs website, but here is an example to get you started.

Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair – Office Chair – Desk Chair – PU Leather – Black
  • Every element of design has been carefully considered
  • 330lb weight capacity
  • Practical and efficient engineering. Sexy too.
  • 4D armrests and 135 degrees of tilt reclining.
  • Cold foam and steel core
  • Aluminum base

Secretlab is very much a direct to customer brand. They are very much a global brand, operating across the North Americas, South East Asia, The UK, Europe and Australasia. They first appeared officially in 2015, and have since developed partnerships with several eSports teams and stand-out professional gamers.

Secretlab has three main series of chairs that they specialize in, the Throne Series, Omega Series, and Titan Series. Each is designed with different features, weight and height capacities. The Omega and Titan Series gaming chairs are also available in NAPA real leather as an alternative, luxurious covering. The Throne Series is effectively the heavy-duty series with the largest weight and height capacity. This is Secretlab’s best gaming chair for big guys

In addition to these the series of gaming chair, Secretlab also have a range of high-end office chairs with their NeueChair Series. The NeueChair range is meshed back, ergonomic office chairs with exceptional build quality. If you want to buy any of these extremely well produced, comfortable chairs, you need to visit the Secretlab site directly. You won’t be disappointed.


How To Choose The Right Gaming Chair for You

This is a situation where you don’t just log onto eBay and order up a chair. Finding the best gaming chair, or at least a comfortable gaming chair is a personal thing; what’s comfortable for one person will be horrendous for another. So take the time and physically check out available chairs.


Synthetic Leather – With the same look as leather, synthetic leather is made from a synthetic plastic. This is an easy to clean material and, as long as you catch spills right away, you shouldn’t have any problems with staining. Like regular leather, synthetic leather can tear and rip, so make sure to take care of it. It can also become hot when left in the sunlight, so finding a model with perforations or breathable holes will keep you cool while you sit in it.

Cloth – Cloth chairs tend to be less expensive, and they are the least easy to keep clean. Because of this, this type of chair tends to be the least recommended.

Weaving and Mesh – You will find that most office chairs have a weaving or mesh material which is breathable and can mold to your shape when you sit in it. Unlike synthetic leather chairs that use molded foam for support, a mesh chair uses gravity and tension for the best ergonomic balance.



Dual Caster – This is the most common caster type for gaming chairs. The dual casters spread out your weight onto both wheels protecting both the floor and wheels from a single point of pressure.

Hardwood Caster – Made of rubber and polyurethane, hardwood caster wheels guarantee that your floor won’t suffer from dents and scratches as you roll around. When looking at different chair models, choose the soft-wheeled type if possible.

Carpet Casters – When rolling around on a carpet, choose a chair with hard wheeled casters which help keep the casters from tangling and cut through the carpet fibers.



Fixed – Inexpensive chairs tend to have features that are less adjustable and the armrests usually are the first feature to suffer. If a chair has fixed armrests, they will be set at the height of an average sized person, so if you are taller or smaller, you will need to choose a chair with more adjustment options.

Height Adjustable – Just above the fixed-position chairs, chairs with height adjustable armrests let you position the armrests in the z-axis. Most people will find that to be sufficient, but others may find it too wide or too small.

4D Adjustable – Despite its name, 4D adjustable just means that you have x, y, and z-axis adjustments, plus the ability to set the armrests at an angle. A chair with 4D Adjustable Armrests will be able to give you the most flexibility. Pedestal or PC gaming chairs are the most likely to have this feature.


Head Support

You will find that most PC gaming chairs and many others, are high-backed and have head support. They also often have headrests or adjustable pillows that can be positioned for the ideal place for your torso height. Office chairs will usually have a mid-back and won’t feature extra headrest support, which isn’t necessary unless you plan on sitting in it for extended periods of time.


Lumbar Support

There is some variation of lumbar support in almost every chair. This can be focused in the lower back on some chairs that can be angled to support your posture while others include an additional pillow that can be adjusted for your height. There tends to be more variety on offer from PC gaming chairs when it comes to lumbar support.

What sites like Amazon do that is helpful is list reviews of the product. Make sure that the chair you choose not only feels good but has a good reliability record and customer service. Check to make sure the manufacturer lists all the materials used; if you’re spending a lot of money on a chair, make sure it will be useful for years to come.



If you’re a console gamer, make sure that the chair you pick is compatible with your console. Most chairs nowadays are compatible with all major systems, but double-check just to make sure especially if it’s a deal that looks too good to be true—and if you already have a huge stereo system that cranks out a wall of sound, you probably won’t need to spring for a chair with a subwoofer and internal speakers.

With some time, research, and a decent amount of cash, you too could be the proud owner of a dedicated gaming chair. If you put as much effort into picking the best gaming chair as you do at gaming, you should have an excellent purchase that will serve you for a long time.


The Emperor 200 is for gamers with way too much cash!

For those gamers who don’t mind spending a small fortune on their gaming set-up, where money is no object, then check this gaming chair out.


The Emperor 200 is the ultimate in custom-made gaming chairs. It’s the Ferrari of gaming workstations and comes in at the same price as a top of the range BMW 3 series!!

If you have a spare $44,750 in your pockets and you want some serious gaming fun, then the Emperor 200 is the gaming chair for you. It’s made by the awesome guys over at Modern Work Environment Lab in Canada.



The gaming chair is loaded up to the gills, as you can imagine it would be for the price. It has a three-monitor display that comfortably bends over the user so that it falls seamlessly into their line of sight.

There are also three 24 inch LED touch-screens, air filtration system so that you are constantly breathing in clean hair and keeping your lungs nice and clear, and mind focused. Then to make this chair even more awesome, the Emperor 200 also has light therapy built into it, which gives gamers an unbelievable gaming experience as well as a load of vitamin D, so they don’t even have to break and get some sun rays!

It’s not surprising that some of the features on the Emperor 200’s is similar to what you would find in a top of the range car. It has motorized seat adjustments, and a badass THX surround sound system to enhance your gaming sessions even more! Some might say that the Emperor 200 is a bit overkill for your normal gamer, especially with the air filtration features. Is it really necessary to breathe in clean and filtrated air while you play video games?? Is it really needed to have a light therapy system as well?. Save yourself a fortune and step outside in the sun every so often.

Fear not for those who can’t afford such gaming luxury. There are cheaper alternatives out there. Meet the Emperor 1510. It’s still an amazing piece of kit, even though its a fraction of what the Emperor 200 costs. $6200 will land you the stripped down version of the Emperor 200, mainly because there is no air filtration system nor is there any light therapy. But what you do get is LED lighting and a rather loud BOSE speaker sound system, which is still good.

Here’s some specs for the Emperor 200:

  • Hand built to your exact requirements (which will presumably increase with use)
  • Touch screen control center
  • Air filtering system (in case of smoke or crisp crumbs obscure your vision)
  • Light therapy (because you’re not going outside mate)
  • An Italian leather, fully adjustable seat
  • Up to 3 27″ LED screens and a variety of computer spec options
  • Bose sound system


OK, yes, that last section is mostly tongue-in-cheek. But it is a real product!

For those of us with budgets in the 3-figure range – rather than 5-figures – there are a huge variety of high quality gaming chairs for both PC & consoles in this guide.

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