Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Guide for 2020

For those who work with computers or love PC gaming, a keyboard wrist rest offer amazing support and comfort for all-day mouse and keyboard stress. While some keyboards and mice try to be ergonomic and comfortable, most do not come with an additional rest cushion. These are made to be ergonomic, comfortable, and supportive so that you do not have the typical cramping and wrist pain without such support.


What To Look For In Keyboard Wrist Rests

Wrist wrests come in all different shapes and sizes. While most people forget about this key support, you can purchase most wrist rests for a relatively inexpensive cost and complete your desktop setup.

A wrist rest may also be called a mouse pad, keyboard pad, or cushion. However, searching wrist rest will bring up most of your options. As you can see, there is no end to different options and brands offering a high-quality rest pad for wrist.


So What Makes A Difference?

The best wrist rests will have these features:

Ergonomic Design

Every wrist rest should look similar. For keyboard rests, the pad is typically long and narrow with rounded edges. It is typically 3- to 4-inches thick as well. The wrist rest for a mouse will be smaller and consisted of a half-circle shape. Your wrist and palm should be able to rest comfortably while using your mouse without any cramping. Otherwise, the cushion is too thick or not properly designed.


Soft Cushion

More resting pads are made from memory foam, but there are also those made from beads, gel, and other types of fill. Memory foam offers the best support because it is forgiving and will mold to your hand’s shape while still providing support. It is also lightweight and keeps its durability for longer periods of time. Gel supports have the added benefit of cool temperatures if you like that sort of thing.


Non-Slip Rubber

As you can imagine, particularly for mouse rests, you need something to keep the pad in place. On the bottom of your wrist pads, there should be non-kid rubber or other suction to help keep the pad in place while you move your hands.


Correct Size

You do not want a wrist rest that is too big or thick as this will cause more issues for your wrist than without the pad. You can look at specifications for each wrist rest pad to see which one will have the most benefits for you.


Money-Back Guarantees and Warranties

Not all companies provide a money-back guarantee, so check before you purchase on what the policy is for those who way want to return the item if it does not work as intended.

Of course there are those who do not believe that wrist rests are all that important. However, if you work with a keyboard and mouse all day, you are likely causing some damage without a resting pad to help support your joints.


Why Use a Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you are using computer every day and are experiencing any pain, it may be because your wrist is not supported properly. Some computer users choose to use a wrist guard, but a simpler option could just be to use resting pads for the keyboard and mouse to even out the angle of your wrist.

Resting pads are made to be comfortable and durable, which means you probably will only need to buy one in your lifetime to complete your computer setup. The investment is well worth it as resting pads can help you prevent problematic stress on your wrist joints, including issues with carpal tunnel syndrome.


The Best Keyboard Wrist Rests 2020: Reviewed

Comfy Mee Premium Memory Foam Wrist Resting Pads

Comfy Mee is a tech brand that got its name for creating comfortable, durable gear like resting pads. These resting pads are made from premium memory foam and feature a sleek, black finish that goes with most desktop computer setups.

The ergonomic design is a little thicker than other resting pads, but the foam is so forgiving that it ends up supporting your wrist better than other competitor wrist pads.

Comfy Mee include both the keyboard rest and mouse rest for one price. You also ge ta lifetime warranty.

Highly rated by customers who use computers every day, the set of rest pads from Comfy Mee is a great buy for the quality and durability.



Gimars Memory Foam Set Wrist Pad Set

Gimars is another name in keyboard design and computer gear that always puts out a great product. The Memory Foam Keyboard and Mouse Rest Support is just as good as competitors but comes with a smaller price tag.

You can purchase Gimars rest pads in three sizes including standard, large, and upgrade standard. Each is made from memory foam and provides a soft, smooth surface to rest your hand upon.

Non-skip rubber grips the bottom of the pads so your hand stays in place and does not cause issues for any gaming. The mouse resting pads also have grooves to help fit your hand butter.

Gimars puts out a solid product with ergonomic design for much less cost. A money-back guarantee is also included in case something breaks within the first year.



Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Resting Pad

Belkin offers a pretty standard keyboard wrist pad that is quite popular and highly-rated. The WaveRest has a gel fill, which his lightweight and forms to the shape of your hand just like memory foam.

You can pick between multiple colors including black and silver. While this pad does not come with a mouse support pad, it priced extremely low so you can purchase a mouse pad separately.

If you are looking for a nice keyboard support that offers amazing support, then you the Belkin keyboard wrist support is perfect for your setup.



GRIFITI Fat Wrist Pad

Everyone loves a new design. Grifiti does just that with a thinner wrist rest that supports yet does not push up the palm like other competitors. Grifit’s design incorporates the style of a mechanical keyboard.

The resting pad is thinner and yet still supportive. Made with black nylon, it has a non-skid base and promotes ergonomic support for your wrist and palm.

This is a softer keyboard support that really does not form to the shape of your hand. However, the look and style of the wrist pad matches up to most keyboards and will support your wrist at most angles.



Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Pad

Kensington has been making computer products for over a decade. The latest is the Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Rest. If you have never seen this fun support, then you are in for a real treat.

The Kensington Gel Keyboard Wrist is a little different. It matches pillow softness and comfort with the support of a hard gel.

The design is also incredible. Shiny and fun to play with, you may take some stress relief from squeezing this key pad like a stress ball when you are at work. You can pick between red and blue colors for this keyboard rest pad.

This keyboard pad is extremely durable and fun, but it can get very dirty. You will likely need to clean it a lot to ensure that it does not lose its color and get covered in debris.



Glorious PC Gaming Wrist Pad

If you are a gamer, then this is the best keyboard wrist rest for you. Thin yet super durable, this pad features a 17.5-inch long shape and matches a full size mechanical keyboard.

This resting pad has a dual lock anti-fraying stitched frame so that it remains in great condition and stays in place no matter what game you are trying to beat.

You can also hand wash this resting pad. It has a silky smooth surface and foam fill interior.

For just a keyboard resting pad, the price is a little bit much, but it is nice that you can wash this pad unlike other competitors. The sleek black design look is also pretty cool.



Aelfox Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Pad

Most keyboard wrist rests so far have featured a black design, but Aelfox puts together a sharp light gray version. This is an ergonomic keyboard wrist pad and mouse pad set that helps support your wrist and prevent wrist problems.

It is made from medical-grade memory foam and offers great resilience so that you are not always sinking into the foam. Rather, the foam supports the form of your hand as you work and play on the computer.

On the bottom of the keyboard wrist rest, you have non-slip rubber so that your pad stays in place. You can also upgrade the size of the keyboard pad if you have a larger keyboard.

This set is a little bit more expensive than others, but it offers a pretty value with ergonomic design and premium memory fill,


Pretty See Adjustable Computer Arm Support Mouse Pad

This high-end design from Pretty See is an awesome value for those who want less clutter on their desktops but still like to have the support. This compact, comfortable computer arm rest helps prevent a lot of problems from carpal tunnel syndrome to joint pain.

Many gamers use this pad to reduce tension as well. With the ergonomic design, you can avoid bulky pads on your desktop and have something that supports your whole arm as you work.

This is a great purchase for any computer programmer working all day on the computer. You should note that it has a max fit for a table of 45 centimeters in diameter.

The computer arm support is a new way to think about resting pads. With this pad, you are supporting your arm and saving your from a lot of warm and poor angles.



HandStands Ergonomic Wrist Rest

This is a beaded wrist cushion from HandStands. This brand offers a few different tech gear styles. The keyboard wrist pad is about as long as your typical keyboard or 17.5 inches long. It is filled with beads that shape and support your palm and wrist.

Affordable and lightweight, you might find that the keyboard wrist rest can slip a bit. It also not easy to wash.

Compared to other keyboard wrist pads, this one is a little overpriced for the value. Others are offering two-for-one on wrist pads and keyboard pads for the same price as this keyboard only option.



LingsFire MemoryFoam Mouse Wrist Keyboard Pad

These wrist pads are very ergonomic and feature a groove down the center where your wrist can sit gently in memory foam. LingsFire claims that it can be used as a keyboard rest, but really this is designed as a large mouse rest.

Made from memory foam, gel, and ABS, it has a lightweight design that is incredibly durable. The shape bounces back to the form of your hand and allows you to sit comfortably while writing long essays or working on new applications.

This mouse wrist pad might not be the choice for you if you are a gamer. It is a little bit bulky and can limit mouse movement.


Final Verdict

Picking the right wrist rest pad depends on the style and temperature that you want. If you want to go with gel fills or partial gel fills, then your keyboard rest will constantly be cold. Some materials are harder to clean than others.

The best option would be to go with a set of both as well. This is why the Gimars set stands out in terms of quality, price, and value.