How to Use Killjoy – Valorant Agent Guide

Killjoy Valorant Agent

Killjoy is one of the best sentinels in the game with her abilities having a mix of Cypher’s defensive ability and Raze’s offensive abilities. This guide will aim to teach you how to use Killjoy in Valorant with detailed strategies about all her abilities. How to Use Alarmbot The Alarmbot is used to distract enemies … Read more

How to Heal in Grounded

Grounded is a survival game where you will be constantly trying to fend off bugs and insects. It can be tough and you will find yourself needing to heal or you will always be at a disadvantage. This article will teach you ways on how to heal in Grounded. How to Heal There are only … Read more

How to Get First Place in Fall Guys

Have you played a couple of games already and have had no luck in getting first place in Fall Guys? Well, if you are wondering how to get first place in Fall Guys, in this article, we will give you all the relevant tips and tricks to put you above the rest so you can … Read more

How to Get Kudos in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a fun and quirky battle royale game, developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, that lets you compete in a series of mini games with 59 other players. The premium currency in this game are called Kudos and there are various ways on how to get Kudos to set … Read more

How to Set a Respawn Point in Grounded

The way you set a respawn point in Grounded is similar to other games of the same genre. It is what makes it challenging and making the playthrough unique every time. Learning how to set a respawn point in Grounded is simple and can be done early in the game so you do not have … Read more

How to Get Grub Hide in Grounded

Grub Hides are an essential resource in Grounded. It is only used for a handful of items but some are quite important for surviving in Grounded. This grub hide guide will talk about the details on how to farm for them and what they are used for. How to Get Grub Hide The only way … Read more

How to Get Clean Water in Grounded

Getting clean water in Grounded can be a daunting task because of its scarcity at times. There are a handful of water sources in the game but most of them are not clean water. This guide will help you learn more about clean water and its difference with dirty water in Grounded. How to Get … Read more

How to Get Past Soldier Ants and Explore Ant Hills Safely

If you are reading this blog, you have probably tried to explore Ant Hills in Grounded but have miserably failed due to the Soldier Ants that occupy and defend the surrounding area. So, if you want to find out how to get past soldier ants and explore Ant Hills safely, then continue reading as we … Read more

How to Stop Ants From Stealing in Grounded

Have you noticed that some of your stuff is going missing within the game? No, you probably haven’t lost it on the way or dropped it somewhere by mistake. There is a little creature within Grounded that has surprised the community. Which? The ants. While they seem friendly at first, you will later start to … Read more

A List of All Bugs in Grounded

Being one of the biggest survival titles of 2020, Obsidian’s Grounded is set in someone’s back garden where you, as a shrunk down character to the size of an ant will be challenged to survive against a series of bugs that will be after you and your loot when you least expect it. So, regardless … Read more

Valorant Ascent Map Guide: Attacking, Defending, Callouts & More

In tactical shooters, the map becomes a main player with heavy influence over outcomes. It can either be an obstacle or an advantage. This solely depends on the team’s understanding of the nuances of the map and the logic behind various decisions the map designers made.  As every FPS gamer knows, it is crucial to … Read more

Are Hyper Scape Skins Worth It?

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s battle royale game is a futuristic shooter with a high skill ceiling. The game is fast-paced with a lot of futuristic elements. The game also boasts different characters you can choose to play with.  Modern games all come with customizability. This gives gamers an option to personalise their in-game avatar and add … Read more

A Guide to the Dune Desert Biome in Satisfactory

The fourth starting area in Satisfactory which is the Dune Desert. It is made to be Satisfactory’s hardest difficulty and is only for the most experienced pioneers. This guide will discuss all the challenges as well as the advantages involved when starting in the Dune Desert biome. What is the Dune Desert Biome The Dune … Read more

A Guide to the Northern Forest Biome in Satisfactory

Northern Forest

Satisfactory’s third starting area when starting a new game. There are only 4 starting areas you can start a game with. This guide will be all about the Northern Forest biome and all the details surrounding the area. The Northern Forest biome is located in the middle of the world map. What is the Northern … Read more

A Guide to the Rocky Desert Biome in Satisfactory

Satisfactory’s second starting area in the game. Perfect for new pioneers and a more relaxing playthrough for experienced pioneers. This guide will feature all the details involved in the Rocky Desert biome. What is the Rocky Desert Biome The Rocky Desert biome is almost the same as the Grass Fields biome in terms of terrain … Read more