Best AK74u Loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The AK74u is the premium Sub-Machine gun (SMG) in Call of Duty Cold War. It has quickly grown to become one of the most popular guns in the game. In a game with 13 different primary weapon options with a variety of functions, this unassuming weapon has taken top plaudits and cultivated a strong opinion of being a versatile and powerful weapon.

The best aspect of COD Cold War is the variability and customizability of each weapon. All primary weapons have 5 available attachment slots that can help you modify various aspects like range, rate of fire, sound, magazine size and grips. 

The SMG’s are often considered close range weapons with recoil over long ranges making them a poor choice for distant engagements and one-tap kills. Then how has this gun become a fan favorite? We will analyze the best loadout for the AK74u and find out which attachments maximize its potential and make it a deadly weapon. 

Opt for the Gunfighter Wildcard

The Gunfighter Wildcard allows you to increase the number of attachments for your primary weapon to 8 from the default 5. This is crucial when you play with SMG’s as it allows you to plaster over some of the weaknesses, making it a deadly weapon. If you are a SMG player, we suggest that you opt for the Gunfighter perk.


Scope: Millstop Reflex sight / Quick Dot LED

Muzzle: Sound Suppressor

Barrel: 9.5″ Paratrooper

Body: Steady Aim Laser

Underbarrel: Foregrip

Handle: MIKE Force Rear Grip / Quickdraw Handle

Stock: Tactical Stock

Magazine: 40 Rd Speed Mag

We have opted for the Millstop Reflex Sight for the AK74u as it provides a small crosshair dot that allows for greater accuracy and precision when aiming down the sights. You could go for the more traditional COD scope ‘the Quick Dot LED’ too. It has a small and accurate crosshair too but takes away a bit of stealth. In certain scenarios, it can telegraph the angles you are holding with the red laser trail. But it is a small price to pay for laser-guided precision.

Quickdot LED is the traditional choice but reduces stealth.

The 9.5″ Paratrooper Barrel combined with the Foregrip on the underbarrel improves the SMG’s accuracy over medium and long ranges. This also increases the velocity of the bullet, which makes it damaging at longer ranges. The 9.5” Paratrooper offers +100% increase in muzzle velocity and +100% increase in damage range.

pros of the 9.5″ Paratrooper make it a must have

The sound suppressor allows for improved stealth in close range engagements. When you fire near an opponent, you usually show up as a red dot on their screen. But with the suppressor, this is hidden. This allows you to hold unexpected angles and get more kills.

The Steady Aim Laser body attachment helps improve reflex shots and hip firing accuracy. The dust-proof direct diode laser makes the rifle dust-proof and gives your SMG a +21% increase in hip fire accuracy. The reason we didn’t opt for the SWAT 5mw Laser sight despite its +36% increase in hip fire accuracy is the -9% decrease in aim speed. The main advantage of a SMG over rifles is the fast aiming and movement speed. By not restricting aim speed but still gaining significant hip fire accuracy, we found the Steady Aim Laser to be the superior attachment.

Steady aim laser body increases hip fire accuracy

Improved speed is the reason we went for the tactical stock too. It gives you a +10% increase in movement speed when aiming down sights. This gives you an advantage over opponents who hip fire. They cannot catch you easily as you are quicker in side-to-side strafing. The MIKE Force Rear Grip Handle also increases aiming speed by 18 percent but decreases sprint speed by 5 percent. A small price to pay for quicker, more accurate shots. 

The Fast Mag gives you a +30% percent reload speed which could help you get out of tricky situations better. But the 40 Rd Speed Mag, along with a 30% increase in reload speed also gives you +33 % increase in magazine size, ammo capacity and starting ammo. But the 40 Rd also comes with a 10 percent increase in horizontal recoil which might put a few players off. But for experienced COD players, this is a good bargain as the advantages are many. Vertical recoil is often a source of problems in this game but horizontal recoil is easy to control.

This is the best mag for a SMG

Plus, the Foregrip we add to the SMG gives it a 10% decrease in horizontal recoil which negates the 40 Rd Speed Mag’s con.

We believe that the combination of these attachments gives you the best option to maximize the potential of this weapon. SMG’s are handy for beginners and are deadly in the hands of pros. These attachments give it the range and damage of a rifle while giving you the mobility and hip fire accuracy of an SMG. The absolute best of both worlds.