Best KSP 45 Loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The KSP 45 is a burst-fire SMG that makes its way to the beta of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. The unique thing about this SMG is that it is currently the only SMG that is not fully automatic, making it an SMG that is quite effective at range.

In this guide, we will be looking at this unique SMG and how it plays into the meta being the only SMG that offers burst-fire. We will also be looking at the loadouts that will make this gun shine.

The Pros of the KSP 45

Being the only SMG that has burst-fire as its firing mode, it places itself in a unique spot where the KSP 45 is actually quite competent when combatting at a distance. It also makes its accuracy second to none when it comes to SMGs because of its burst-fire mechanic as it makes recoils a lot more manageable than full-auto SMGs. Damage is also on the high side for this SMG making it a force to be reckoned with.

The Cons of the KSP 45

Despite its accuracy being above average, it still suffers from being an SMG, meaning that its range and effective damage range is quite low. Also, despite its damage being relatively high as well, the burst-fire mechanic might be a hindrance to its full potential as fully automatic SMGs can dish out more rounds than the KSP 45 can hope to.

KSP 45 Loadouts

Gunfighter Wildcard Options

Attachments that would increase fire rate are what we are aiming for here as we want the KSP 45 to be manageable as well as keep up with its other SMG rivals. Other stats we would want to increase are damage as well as range stats like effective range damage so that we can build upon its burst-fire mechanic.

Optics: Quickdot LED / Kobra Red Dot / Visiontech 2x / Axial Arms 3x

The scopes applicable to the KSP 45 are quite a lot because it can work in both close-range as well as distance shooting. The Quickdot LED is the scope you would choose if you want no magnification, and it would be an upgrade over the stock iron sights as it gives you a better crosshair to look through.

The choice between the Kobra Red Dot, Visiontech 2x, and Axial Arm 3x is pretty much up to your preference in magnification, just remember that going for higher magnification scopes will make you more vulnerable when you look down the scope because of the decreased field of vision.

Muzzle: Sound Suppressor

An absolute beast of an attachment, the Sound Suppressor effectively renders you invisible in the minimap when you are firing making stealth kills so much easier to execute. It guarantees to confuse a lot of enemies as to where the bullets are coming from which is priceless. Take note however that it reduces the KSP 45’s effective damage range, but it is a small price to pay for the stealth that it brings.

Barrel: 10.8” Paratrooper

The 10.8” Paratrooper barrel attachment effectively makes the KSP 45 an assault rifle in spirit, increasing both muzzle velocity and effective damage range by a whopping twofold. This is another attachment that is a must for the KSP 45 for it to wreak havoc in areas that it struggles in.

Underbarrel: Foregrip

The Foregrip underbarrel attachment helps in maintaining a steady firing line for the KSP 45’s burst-fire mechanic as it reduces vertical recoil, something the KSP 45 suffers from because of the forced 3-round bursts.

Body: Steady Aim Laser

The Steady Aim Laser helps with quick aiming as it increases hipfire accuracy with no real cons attached to it, making it more of an assistive attachment instead of an essential one. You can do without this if you decide to go for the Law Breaker Wildcard, which we will be talking about later.

Stock: Sprint Pad

The Sprint Pad attachment is easily one of the most helpful attachments in this build as it increases sprint out speed by quite a lot, making you a lot more slippery when moving around the map or escaping from a firefight.

Magazine: Salvo 50 Rd Fast Mag

Because of the burst-fire mechanic of the KSP 45, you would want a magazine that both increases your ammo count per magazine as well as one that has a fast reload speed. Introducing the Salvo 50 Rd Fast Mag, the magazine that basically does both of those stats in spades. Although it comes with decreases in control stats as it increases recoil, the perks it brings are just too good to ignore.

Handle: Quickdraw Handle

Another attachment to help us with our speed stat, the Quickdraw Handle makes pointing and shooting a breeze. And with the KSP 45’s burst-fire mechanic, it will make snap aiming, and staying on the target just a lot easier.

Law Breaker Wildcard Options

The Law Breaker wildcard actually fits the KSP 45 very well because it already excels in a lot of areas, therefore the reduction of attachments from 8 to 5 is an easy choice to make. There are essential attachments that make the KSP 45 infinitely better like the 10.8” Paratrooper, but other attachments are throwaways for it that you are better off picking an additional primary arm to complement the KSP 45’s strengths.

The KSP 45 excels in mid-range combat, so picking a close-range primary arm like the Type 841 SMG is a safe bet. If you want to be a distance shooter, pick up a sniper rifle like the LW3-Tundra to make yourself as stealthy as possible when you have the KSP 45 equipped with the Sound Suppressor attachment.


The KSP 45 is definitely an SMG that sets itself apart from its other SMG counterparts, therefore having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. In turn, it gives players the option to be a more tactical SMG user as the burst-fire mechanic rewards players that pick their shots rather than those who rush in and go full rambo on the opposition.

It is also one of the few guns that is naturally better to pick the Law Breaker Wildcard because of the immense strengths it brings to the mid-range. Its attachments are crazy good but there are some attachments that can definitely be replaced by a primary firearm to do better. The KSP 45 is truly a versatile SMG that knows its place.