Best MP5 Loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The MP5 is the traditional close-range combat Sub-Machine gun (SMG) in Call of Duty Cold War. The weapon offers players a decent speed boost. It is a great option for players who like to be mobile and out flank opponents to get in close for kills. This weapon has very basic SMG functionalities but it can be upgraded to become a close-range beast in the game with just a few attachment tweaks.

The availability of 5 attachment slots for every weapon in the game can help you modify various aspects of the weapon like range, rate of fire, sound, magazine size and grips. This 

The MP5 has very limited range. It becomes rather ineffective over medium and long ranges because of the low muzzle velocity and vertical recoil. We will try to counter this using attachments. For MP5 faithful’s, these attachments will drastically improve the weapon. For maps with a lot of closed spaces and indoor combat, this improved MP5 will be a great choice. 

Perks: Flak Jacket + Tracker + Ninja 

While playing with a weapon that is deadly at closer ranges, it is crucial to maximize your ability to be stealthy and move up close to the opponents. In our tests, these perks allow you to blow through enemy explosives while being quick and quiet to get in behind enemy strongholds on the map. 

The Flak Jacket Perk allows you to take more damage from enemy explosives. This allows you to push through Molotovs or grenades without having to track back fearing severe damage. The Tracker perk allows you to see enemy footsteps on the ground and also marks the position of an enemy after you engage. If you die in a gun battle, your team now has information on their radar as to where the enemy is situated. 

The Ninja perk is crucial for SMG players and especially when you are using the MP5 as your primary weapon. It is essentially the Dead Silent perk from previous editions. Your sprint is much less noisy which allows you to be stealthy. 


Scope: Quick Dot LED

Muzzle: Sound Suppressor

Barrel: 10.8″ Paratrooper

Body: Steady Aim Laser

Underbarrel: Foregrip

Handle: MIKE Force Rear Grip / Quickdraw Handle

Stock: Sprint Pad

Magazine: 40 Rd 

The ‘Quick Dot LED’ is the best bet for SMG’s as they have a small crosshair and has a laser that helps you when you fire from the hip. It has a small and accurate crosshair too but takes away a bit of stealth. In certain scenarios, it can telegraph the angles you are holding with the red laser trail. But it is a small price to pay for laser-guided precision.

The 10.8″ Paratrooper Barrel is the best barrel attachment for the MP5 as it helps cover for some of its weaknesses. Being a rather short range gun, the +100% increase in muzzle velocity and +100% increase in effective damage range allow you to engage and kill opponents much further away too. This gives you a fair fight against rifle wielders and with a faster fire rate and movement speed, you could win most battles. 

If the 20% reduction in aim movement speed from the Paratrooper barrel is a concern, you could go for the 9.9” Extended. This gives you a smaller bump in damage range but does not reduce your aim speed. 

The Quickdraw Handle, however, increases your MP5’s aiming speed by 9 percent. This counters the 10.8” Paratrooper’s con a little while allowing you to maximize the weapon’s range. This way, you can get the best range output for the MP5. 

The sound suppressor allows for improved stealth in close range engagements. When you fire near an opponent, you usually show up as a red dot on their screen. But with the suppressor, this is hidden. This allows you to hold unexpected angles and get more kills.

The Steady Aim Laser body attachment helps improve reflex shots and hip firing accuracy. The dust-proof direct diode laser helps keep the rifle dust-proof and gives your SMG a +21% increase in hip fire accuracy. 

The reason we didn’t opt for the SWAT 5mw Laser sight despite its +36% increase in hip fire accuracy is the -9% decrease in aim speed. The main advantage of a SMG over rifles is the fast aiming and movement speed. By not restricting aim speed but still gaining significant hip fire accuracy, we found the Steady Aim Laser to be the superior attachment.

The Sprint Pad is a great attachment for the MP5. It gives you a +18% increase in your sprint out speed which enables you to storm spawns better. The MP5 is the perfect weapon for this. While your teammates hold down key areas, you can try and rush the enemy spawn and get plenty of kills and tag a few enemy locations for easy assists too.

The 40 rd drum magazine is the best magazine attachment for the MP5. It gives your weapon a +33% ammo capacity, +33% starting ammo and +33% magazine size which makes sure you do not run out of bullets and don’t have to reload often. The Foregrip attachment gives the MP5 a 10% decrease in horizontal recoil making the weapon much more accurate at close ranges and indoors.

The MP5 is a great weapon for more mobile players who rotate through the map picking up kills or storming the enemy spawn or pushing enemy holds to try and displace enemies while getting a few kills. This weapons role is to give the wielder more mobility and speed to out strafe and rush rush opponents. We think that this combination of attachments allows you to maximize the potential of this weapon.