Best QBZ-83 Loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The QBZ-83 is a fully automatic assault rifle making its debut in the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War beta. It is quite an agile AR but the trade-off is that its accuracy is a bit lacking thanks to its terrible recoil and bullet spread.

In this guide, we will be looking at what could make the QBZ-83 your AR of choice amid the plethora of ARs available in the game and check out the best attachments you can equip to it to create the best loadout.

The Pros of the QBZ-83

The QBZ-83 is the quickest AR you can get right now when it comes to mobility as well as handling. If you find yourself in a firefight, you will definitely come out on top against other AR users as your move speed and aim speed will trump theirs. This also means that you can maneuver your way out of the way easier than with other ARs. This makes the QBZ-83 quite the formidable AR in close-range skirmishes.

If you find yourself wanting to weave your way in and out of fights, or just prefer a quicker playstyle, then the QBZ-83 just might be for you.

The Cons of the QBZ-83

Although the QBZ-83 is a monster at close-range, it will suffer in combat that has a bit more distance because of its poor accuracy. Its recoil is pretty abysmal and its hipfire spread is also pretty bad, having to force you to go down the iron sights or scope just to have a more accurate tie hitting targets.

Saying this, the QBZ-83 may as well be an AR that is not to be used by new players as its learning curve is higher than average.

QBZ-83 Loadouts

Gunfighter Wildcard Options

Attachments that increase your accuracy stat will be the main order of business here as we will be turning the QBZ-83 into a formidable AR, not only in close-range where it already excels, but also in mid-range. In turn, this will make handling the QBZ-83 much easier.

Optics: Microflex LED / Kobra Red Dot / Visiontech 2x

We start off with a variety of scopes that would go well with the QBZ-83, and these scopes will all come down to preference. The Microflex LED is one you would use if you just want a better crosshair than that of the stock crosshair as it does not have any magnification.

The Kobra Red Dot and Visiontech 2x scopes are where magnification perks come into play. If you think you can handle the QBZ-83’s recoil, go for more magnification. Just take note that this will hinder your close-quarter effectiveness.

Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56

There really is no other option in the muzzle attachments other than the Muzzle Brake 5.56. It helps in reducing the vertical recoil of the QBZ-83 with no cons attached to it. Pretty much the perfect muzzle attachment for the gun.

Barrel: 16” Paratrooper

Although it takes a huge chunk out of your speed stat by reducing both sprinting move speed as well as aiming move speed, these are negligible cons as it increases your damage output by quite a lot by increasing the gun’s muzzle velocity. It also makes the QBZ-83 a lot more capable at range by increasing your effective damage range by a hearty 100%.

Body: Steady Aim Laser

There is no real choice other than the Steady Aim Laser in the body attachments as it increases hipfire accuracy, something the QBZ-83 severely lacks in, with no cons attached to it.

Underbarrel: Infiltrator Grip

An incredible underbarrel attachment for the QBZ-83, the Infiltrator Grip boosts base move speed, shooting move speed, as well as aiming moving speed, effectively turning the QBZ-83 into an oversized SMG.

Magazine: Vandal Speed Loader

Piling on to the speed of the QBZ-83, the magazine of choice would be the Vandal Speed Loader as though it decreases aiming speed by a bit, it is better to have yourself stocked up on ammo quickly due to the nature of the gun where you will be using it in close skirmishes.

Handle: Warden Tight Grip

The Warden Tight Grip effectively renders the con of the Vandal Speed Loader moot as the increase in aim speed overshadows it. It also increases aim flinch stability, further helping the accuracy of the QBZ-83.

Stock: Tactical Stock

Further boosting the speed stat, we are equipping the Tactical Stock to make us a lot more slippery when using the QBZ-83 as it increases the aiming move speed.

Law Breaker Wildcard Option

With the Law Breaker wildcard, you can equip a different primary weapon as your secondary weapon, so if you think that the QBZ-83 might not be scratching the more mid- to far-range combats, you can always use this wildcard to supplement its weakness with a sniper rifle like the LW3-Tundra or a more capable tactical rifle.

As for attachments, just look at the Gunfighter loadout section and decide which 3 attachments you can live without as the Law Breaker wildcard only allows for 5 attachments. Decide whether you want to increase the capability of the QBZ-83 or just further its speed stat to ridiculous levels to have both a monster of a close-range AR as well as a ranged secondary weapon.


The QBZ-83 is an interesting AR as it can pass as an SMG with the right attachments. Saying this, it might be an AR that could be a bit too unwieldy for newer players, but its speed is just unparalleled making it an incredible gun for close-quarter combat.