A Full List Of Carrion Abilities And How To Use Them

It’s not just a monster’s appearance that makes it scary. It is the raw power and crazy abilities they have that terrify us. Most monsters terrify us with superhuman strength or unheard of abilities. But what abilities would you choose if you were the monster?

Carrion is a new 2D platform game with a twist. You get to play as a flesh eating monster that is trying to make an escape from the bioweapons lab humans used to create it. This Lovecraft-inspired monster is a pulsating orb of flesh with a terrifying mouth and fleshy appendages that do a lot of damage. 

This monster also comes with a host of blood-curdling abilities that you can absorb to create the most scream-inducing super being capable of breaking through most human defences the game throws at you. 

The game is designed to be an intricate and hard-to-solve puzzle and these abilities can be unlocked at certain locations that help you counter various new points in the game and also assist you in combating a variety of weapon-wielding guards.

This comprehensive list of abilities in the game will give you an idea of what you monster is capable of, how to use them and where you can find them. 

Xiphorreah – The Dash Ability

Being a puzzle game, there are many obstacles that you have to cross. But some of them can be broken through with a short burst of speed and strength. Absorbing the Xiporreah DNA will enable Carrion to break through and launch attacks, solve puzzles or gain ground on a gun-wielding enemy. 

Arachnoptysis – Tentacle Menace

This DNA is found within the Military Junkyard. This ability, when absorbed, is crucial to the entire gameplay. This gives you appendages that shoot out to grab, push and activate various objects in the game. Absorbing this DNA gives you a red projectile that could grab enemies above or below you, behind barriers or from any blind spot. This will be used by you throughout the game and it is important that you master it. It is both a combat and puzzle solving ability. 

Photokinesis – Become Invisible and Slip Through 

Absorbing DNA from the container located in Botanical Gardens gives you temporary invisibility. Use the flashing key to activate the ability. Look out for the timer as you get a small window where your monster bends light to become transparent. Also, size affects this ability. You can only perform it when you are small in size. So make sure you have a lot of energy to deposit biomass before you activate it. 

Echolocation: Hunt Smarter

Absorbing the Echolocation DNA located in the first containment unit within the military junkyard allows you to spot humans you can consume. Not all humans can be eaten by the monster to gain HP. So, it is crucial to plan your strategy accordingly. Within an area, there are humans that cause heavy-damage with flame thrower and pistols. In these areas, Echolocation gives you a chance to scout out the ones you can eat to gain HP and launch attacks. 

Pyrophilia: Fight Fire

Found within Botanical Gardens’ Containment Unit, this ability improves your fire resistance. Flame-throwers are heavy damage dealers in the game and using this ability could give you enough time to take them out before they burn through your biomass. 

Hydrophilia: Unlock Waterways

This DNA is found in Leviathan Reef Base. This is crucial to navigate the more water-dominant landscapes (like the Leviathan Reef Base). This allows you to swim through water pathways and reach new areas of the puzzle and discover alternate routes across enemy-dominant areas. 

Harpagorrhea: Harpoon Appendages 

This DNA transforms you into a deadly porcupine-like creature with sharp appendages that can launch deadly attacks. These white-tipped spikes do heavy damage and can pierce through some armoured opponents too. This  excellent offensive tool makes the already scary monster more formidable. This is only available in the final stages of the game to take out the more crowded areas.   

Keratosis: Absorb Damage 

This ability is found in the final stages of the game in the Armoured Warfare Facility. The excess keratin you absorb will be used to create a thick protective layer capable of deflecting a large amount of damage inflicted on your biomass. This ability makes you robust to counteract the more tricky and dangerous defences that humans possess. 

Parasitism: Mind Control

Take your monster to the next-level by giving it one of the most terrifying monster abilities of telepathic control. This cerebral ability can be used to make smart plays. As you head closer to escape, you become far more deadly and this ability is by-far the most thrilling. Use a tentacle to control humans and turn them on each other. You can even fire at other unsuspecting soldiers who have no idea that the monster is acting through one of their own.  

Electrosis: Gift of Life

This mutation gives you a larger health bar. This is a defensive ability allowed to let you absorb more damage and clear turrets and robot guns that auto-detect and fire an extremely fast and deadly stream of bullets on you. 

This game is immersive, cerebral and thrilling. These added abilities will give fans of horror a nostalgic feeling and also give you an awesome combat experience in a 2d platform setting!