How to Find All Containment Units in Carrion

What makes playing as a monster so much fun? It is a combination of the destructive potential combined with the superhuman skills on offer. A lot of video games, over time, have let us explore different monster horror archetypes. But Developer Digital’s Carrion seemingly has it all.

For a 2D platform Horror game to explore a variety of combat abilities is almost unheard of. But this is exactly what Carrion delivers. A series of intricate maze-like puzzles that can be solved with a host of unique monster abilities – what more could a horror fan want? This combined with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack and engaging game sounds make Carrion worth the play. 

But how do you get all these abilities? Different monster abilities are found in different sections of the game. You absorb the ability DNA from a Biohazard container which is well-hidden across various sections of the map. 

To find them, you have to solve a lot of movement-based puzzles and also know where to look. This guide will explain how you can get to each of the nine containment zones in the game to maximise the destructive potential of your flesh-eating monster. 

Containment Unit 1 – Location: Military Junkyard 

Drop down the shaft and head left once you enter the Junkyard. After a brief battle, head down to the Hazardous Waste Landfill and head downward through the silver pipe on the ground.

After you squeeze in, you go through the door with the red light on the far right corner of your screen and head upwards. Kill the two shield wielding soldiers and head through the door they are guarding. 

Containment Unit 1

You have reached the first containment unit. Navigate to the Hazardous Waste container, break it open and absorb the DNA to gain a new ability. But remember that you need the dash ability (Xiporreah) to reach this location as there are a few barriers to break. So progress past Military Junkyard and then go back for this containment unit once you’ve learnt Dash. 

Containment Unit 2 – Frontier (Overworld)

Climb across the roof to reach the other side of the passage. Drop down the tunnel into the steel pipe and enter the caves below.

Travel through the cavern to the left and when you reach the up-down fork, break through the wooden barricade on the floor and drop down the vertical shaft. You will then drop into a pool of water. Swim through to find the door with the red light signalling a containment zone. 

Containment Unit 2

Break through the toxic waste container and absorb the DNA to acquire the Polycheiria ability which gives you another prehensile tentacle that can grab, move and activate various objects in the game. 

Containment Unit 3 – Uranium Mine

Getting to this area requires a more advanced monster. Once you have acquired the Arachnoptysis ability (spider like webs to grab and move) and Photokinesis (Invisibility to get past lasers) heat to the Uranium Mines. 

First head down the first shaft all the way down to the small pool of water. Head right and deal with a few humans. Then head to the far-right corner of the screen and instead of moving up the shaft when you play through, head down the shaft on the right through the steel pipe. 

Containment Unit

You will drop into a pool of water. Head left and you will find a circuit board. Use this to charge up your photokinesis and navigate the two laser setups on either side of the board. Once you navigate this maze and reach the bottom, you will find the container with the DNA and acquire Electorsis. 

Containment Unit 4 – Botanical Garden 

You can only collect this when you are halfway through the game as you need the Parasitism ability and Hydrophilia. 

Enter Botanical Gardens and head to the left bottom corner of the area. Drop down the tunnel into the chamber with many always. Again travel left and till you reach a pool of water and a narrow waterway. Travel through it and use your Parasitism ability to take control of the guard and use him to open the passage on the left that leads to the containment unit 4. 

Containment Unit 4

Use your parasitism again to unlock the gateways to get the Pyrophiolia ability which gives you added protection against flamethrower wielding soldiers. 

Containment Unit 5 – Leviathan Reef Base

To reach this unit, you need Keratosis to shield against the heavy fire you will be under. Along with this you will need Hydrophilia as well, as the Reef Base is an underwater environment. 

Head into the steel tube on the right and swim right till you reach the power generator. Circle around to the left and head down the thin steel pipe and drop into the waterway below. Swim across to reach the containment unit.

Containment Unit 5

Here, swim through the narrow gateways and reach the room on the top right of the area. Activate the lever and head to the top left to activate another lever and open up a pathway to the container. You can absorb the Pyrophilia DNA here. 

Containment Unit 6 – Science Headquarters 

Equip yourself with photokinesis and Herpagorrhea and head on to Relith Science Headquarters to find the sixth containment unit in Carrion. 

Take out the soldiers and head right towards the Biomass pool on the far right corner. Break the barrier with your barbs and you will gain access to the containment unit. Locate the power generator and trigger it. Then take the door in the centre, trigger the lever on the top right and head back to the biomass pool in the previous screen to the left.

Containment Unit 6

After making a deposit and shrinking your biomass. Head back to the final screen and take the steel pipe to head downwards. Get past the laser using your invisibility. Trigger the next lever to disable the lasers. Head back to the biomass pool and reabsorb it. Go back to the final screen and break through the barrier to the container. 

You get an Electrosis DNA which will improve your HP bar levels. 

Containment Unit 7: Nuclear Power Plant

Arm yourself with Photokinesis, Keratosis and Harpagorrhea. Head to the power plant and head to the area with the multiple red lights. Navigate through this area and you will find the pool. From here on, head right. 

Go to the right top corner of the next game screen and you will find a big pool of water. Dive through and go through the pipe. You will reach another chamber with a vertical drop which will take you to the 7th containment unit. Shrink in size with a biomass deposit and solve the puzzle using your invisibility power. 

Containment Unit 7

You will find the container with the Electrosis DNA that will give you a higher life meter allowing you to absorb more damage. 

Containment Unit 8 : Armoured Warfare Facility 

Head upwards armed with your Keratosis shield. Then head right at the topmost level to find a power generator. 

Head back down and break through the barrier with the Keratosis shield spike to break through the barrier after you charge yourself. Head right to find the container with the DNA material to get another Electrosis upgrade. 

Containment Unit 8

Containment Unit 9: Bunker 

Arm yourself with invisibility and head onto the region called Bunker on the map. 

Here, you will head right and go up to the left to reach an upward slope. Head into it to deposit biomass in a pool. Come back to the first screen and get past the laser using your invisibility. 

Containment Unit 9

Navigate the landscape and keep heading downwards to the right to find the containment unit door past the guard. Kill him and head inside to find the container at the far right corner of the screen. You will get the Polycheiria ability and get a third prehensile tentacle. 


This comprehensive guide will help you navigate through every tricky point to max out the monsters abilities and really fly though the latter stages of the game and escape the clutches of pesky humans to freedom.