How to Get Past Lasers In Carrion

2D platform games are always a lot of fun to play. From the days of Mario, we have been engrossed by the genre. But Phobia Game Studios offering gives the genre an almighty twist. 

Play as a gnarly monster that has only one sole purpose – devour humans and grow biomass. This game offers fans of the horror gaming genre a new experience of playing as the monster instead of running away from it. 

Set in a world of dungeons, labs, traps, and portals; this platformer offers high-octane combat that has never been seen before in the genre. Humans in the game have several counter-measures to try and stop you from wreaking havoc. One such pesky roadblock are the lasers in the game. 

These lasers in the game go across pathways. They are green, they are mean. You want to avoid them at all costs and the only way to do this is go past undetected. Lasers often guard important save points, collectibles, charging points and save points. So it is crucial to learn how to get past them undetected. 

  • Learn Photokinesis :
    To do this successfully, you’ll have to learn a new ability. To do this you need to get to a nuclear reactor and absorb a  new ability called ‘Photokinesis.’ This ability gives your monster the ability to bend light around it, making your character invisible. 
  • Left Trigger Makes you Invisible :
    Once you absorb the DNA, you get to trigger the new ability using the LB button on your console. The downside is that this ability has a timer bar and can only be used for a minimal amount of time before you go and find a transformer and recharge your electricity. 

So when you stumble across a laser, proceed cautiously and use Photokinesis only for the duration where you get past the laser. Once you are through, let go of the left trigger to save your electric charge. 

Lasers trigger door mechanisms and shut you off from progress into new areas of the map. This means that not setting them off is an important piece of the puzzle. It will help you solve tricky areas and play with more stealth and avoid the epsky flamethrowers with shields that are so hard to get past and do a lot of damage. 

The Leviathan Reef Base area is full of laser trip-wire mechanisms that require you to have this ability to counter it. Also remember that the ability only works when your monster is in the green bar region for size. Once you gather a lot of biomass and reach the yellow meter, you can no longer perform this ability. 

But fret not. This game is a well-designed and intricate puzzle with several pools of water where you can store excess biomass. If you encounter a laser and are too big to go invisible, just find the nearest pool, deposit biomass and get past the laser. You can just eat a few lab technicians to gain back you bulk and dash through walls and barriers again. 

Also, this ability is an excellent attacking tool. If you encounter an area with a lot of flamethrowers and pistols, use this to sneak underneath them and launch your spider tentacles and kill them quickly. You could also use this to sneak past them and hide where they can’t detect you and pick them off one by one. But don’t forget to find transformers to recharge your energy bar at regular intervals.