How to Beat N. Gin in Crash Bandicoot 4

If there is one thing that is a staple with the Crash Bandicoot series of games, it is the appearance of bosses after a warp zone or themed area. In Crash Bandicoot 4, bosses return with a vengeance after being seemingly sent to a time void for decades on end. One of the returning bosses is everyone’s favorite cyborg by the name of N. Gin.

N. Gin returns as N. Tropy and Dr. Neo Cortex’s lackey and brings with him a giant, rocking robot hellbent in ending the bandicoots’ journey once and for all. In this guide, we are going to have tips on how to beat N. Gin in Crash Bandicoot 4 and attempt to move one step closer to stopping another attempt of Dr. Neo Cortex to take over the world.

The N. Gin Boss Fight

N. Gin is an android who has a penchant for creating robots and weapons of mass destruction. His intellect only rivaling his ambition. In Crash Bandicoot 4, he brings out a creation that will figuratively rock your world. Called the Weapon of Mass Percussion, it is a giant robot drummer that attacks you with high fidelity beats capable of sending Crash or Coco’s brains to cease. In addition to the gargantuan drummer trying to kill you, crazed fans will try and end your journey while the stage is surrounded by a deadly mosh pit ready to swallow you alive.

N. Gin’s boss fight consists of 4 phases and we will be taking a look at how to deal with each phase to help you defeat the maniacal N. Gin.

The First Phase

The first phase of the fight has you facing off with the enemies that will ironically be helping you defeat N. Gin’s Weapon of Mass Percussion. You are also placed in a single long conveyor belt, looking similar to a catwalk of a concert stage.

As you stand on the conveyor belt, crazed fans will come rushing at you from the stage and all you need to is to spin them. When you spin these fans, they will hurtle back to the stage, hitting N. Gin’s sound system. Do this 3 times and N. Gin’s machine will come crashing down, as well as some of his speakers giving you a chance to hit the robot itself. The catwalk will also retract to hide the spikes that would otherwise make approaching N. Gin’s robot impossible.

The speakers will form a set of platforms that will lead you up to the robot and a countdown timer will start, signifying when the robot will come to its own again. Climb the speaker stacks, jump onto the gigantic drum set, and spin the robot’s canopy to successfully deal damage to it and end the first phase of the boss fight.

The Second Phase

The second phase adds another element into this boss fight: the soundwaves from N. Gin’s sound system. It also adds a second conveyor belt into the mix which might seem like it would help you, but it doesn’t.

These soundwaves come in 2 different variations: green and red. Green soundwaves are close to the ground, which you can easily jump over. The red soundwaves float off the ground a bit, giving you just enough space to either crawl under them or do a slide. These soundwaves will be traveling down the from the stage to the catwalks, attempting to hit you. Just dodge around them and you will be fine.

The crazed fans also make a return, so keep a lookout for them and spin them towards the stage to destroy more of N. Gin’s speakers. Just like the first phase, you will need to spin back 3 fans back towards the stage for the Weapon of Mass Percussion to falter, so keep at it until you do so.

Once you have done so, some more speakers will fall onto the stage for you to climb on. Lani-Loli will also make an appearance, making for a light phase-related puzzle to get up to the drum set. Successfully climb up the speaker boxes and hit the Weapon of Mass Percussion to start the third phase of the stage.

The Third Phase

The third phase of this boss fight turns up the difficulty of the second phase by adding a third conveyor belt into the mix and amps up the number of soundwaves coming out of N. Gin’s speakers. The soundwaves will come in much more abundance as well as a bit faster than before so stay alert and get ready to jump and slide to dodge them. The fans will also come in much sparsely as before so always make sure to spin away the one fan that comes at you to save you from dodging a lot more soundwaves than you would want to like.

After spinning back 3 more fans to the stage, it is back to climbing up the drum set to hit the Weapon of Mass Percussion, only this time, some roadies with forklifts will be carrying some of the speaker boxes, creating some moving platforms and a bit of added challenge. Climb the stacks of equipment once again and hit the robot to get to the final phase of the boss fight.

The Final Phase

Frustrated with your advances, N. Gin then just says screw it and turns the stage into a garbled mess of platforms being hoisted up by the mosh pit. There will be 2 types of platforms in this phase, the 5 stationary platforms and some scrolling platforms that might contain fans to spin back. N. Gin will also still be throwing you soundwaves so keep your footing in check in order to have a safe place to land when they arrive in waves.

Upon spinning the third fan back to N. Gin, a group of moving platforms will make their way close to the stage so that you can jump on to the stage itself. Make your way on to the stage and up the phase platform puzzle to deal the final blow to N. Gin’s Weapon of Mass Percussion and bring the machine down to an end.

The N. Verted Mode Version

The N. Verted mode version has the stage sporting quite a bloomy and bright neon aesthetic as you rock out to the boss. The stage does not have much difference from its normal counterpart aside from that as the stage itself is quite symmetrical making the patterns not much different.

Beating N. Gin in the N. Verted Mode version of the boss fight will reward you with the Classic Coco skin, a retro skin that has Coco appear as if she was back in the PlayStation 1 era of graphics.


N. Gin’s boss fight is quite lengthy and a bit of a challenge, making it quite the introduction to Crash Bandicoot 4’s boss fights. It is, however, very flashy and sports a great song to rock to while you beat down on N. Gin and his giant robot drummer. Definitely one of the best introductory boss fights in any of the mainline Crash Bandicoot games.

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