Best Left Backs in FIFA 21

Full backs have become the most important players for a team the way modern day football is played. It is the only position on the team that is expected to contribute both while attacking and defending. In most successful teams across Europe, full backs tend to be the players who cover maximum distances.

Being a modern day full back requires more attributes than an attacking midfielder which was long considered to be the most demanding position. Being a fullback in 2020 and FIFA 21 means that you should be great at crossing, quick, have high stamina and be strong on the tackle. You also need a high defensive and offensive awareness and be ready to transition between the two roles efficiently and effectively. 

Most modern-day fullbacks have to be well rounded players with almost all attributes that footballers have across a variety of positions. Fullbacks play the role of assist providers, defenders, attackers and set piece specialists. 

So, let us look at the best left backs in FIFA 21 to give you an idea of who would be the best fit for your FUT or career mode squad in this crucial position.

Andrew Robertson – 87 Overall

This Scottish fullback from Liverpool F.C. has established himself as one of the most hardworking and talented players in the league. He earned plaudits from the likes of Jose Mourinho who said he felt tired from just watching Robertson. This is testament to how much he works down the left flank for Liverpool, whipping in crosses and heading back to block off attackers.

Be it the record win against Barcelona or dominating former Premier League champions Manchester City – Robertson is often the best player on the pitch for star-studded Liverpool. He’s had 23 assists in two seasons and is only behind his teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold who has 25 in the same period. 

He has a stacked FIFA card this year and is the best player in his position in the world with an 87 overall. With one of the most rounded defender cards in the world, his card makes even the best defender cards look mediocre.

Jordi Alba – 86 Overall 

This Barcelona mainstay is one of Messi’s favorite players at Barcelona. He has been a regular starter at Camp Nou for 8 seasons now and despite a large number of talented Left Back’s in the roster, no one has been able to displace him off the starting eleven. 

Fast, defensively sound and offensively skilled – he ticks all the boxes for a modern day left back. In fact, his mould has been the go-to for many successful teams’ search for a full back. He can contribute in every section of the pitch and can play in a multitude of formations and game-plans. 

His card, like most times in the recent past, is an absolute monster. With his 86-overall in FIFA 21, he has 88 pace and 82 dribbling along with decent passing and physical stats. This will  make him a popular choice in FUT this year.

Alex Sandro – 85 Overall

This Juventus left back has been one of the top players in the position for a few years now. The recent uptick in performance of the Juventus squad is because of the consistency of the starting 11. Alex Sandro is a part of that consistency in defense. 

Fast, strong and excellent going forward – he is the crux of Juventus’ five at the back formation. He marauds down the flanks swinging crosses in trying to find tall CF’s that Juventus tend to use (think Ronaldo or Higuain).

With steady contributions from throughout last season he has received an 85-rated card with a well-rounded set of stats. He will be one of the best players to play with this season. Great stats on the ball, pace and agility will make him tough to curtail. 

Lucas Digne – 84 Overall

This French defender has been a mainstay at Everton for two seasons now. Reliable, smart and physically gifted – he can torment most premier league sides. Technically sound and quick feet make him excellent going forward. His ability to track back and shield the goal defensively makes him a great addition for Everton.

Owing to his seven assists last season, this player has established himself as one of Ancelloti’s main men. This has earned him a glowing FIFA 21 card that looks to be a bargain for player who cannot afford Robertson or Alba. 

With great defensive and physical stats, he will be robust at the back for players who keep their back four intact. For those who prefer attacking full backs, he can make overlapping runs and deliver in deadly crosses to the target men. In FIFA 21 crossing is OP which makes him all the more attractive. 

Álex Grimaldo – 84 Overall

This Spanish full back has been a top-rated FIFA card for several years now. His performances through the seasons for Benfica have been excellent, making him one a sought after transfer target. The only thing setting him back is recurrent injury. In fact, he was not at his best last season. Compared to 2018 where he got 12 assists and 4 goals, he only managed six assists last season. 

But he will still be the best bargain card in FIFA 21 for the LB position. With better speed and attacking stats than Digne, he can be the first choice for many. With the dynamic potential this year – he could go up much higher in ratings making him a great transfer target for budding career mode managers. At only 25, he has an 87 potential.

With great overall stats, his card looks like a world beater this year too. Great pace and defensive stats make him tough to get past while his excellent attacking stat makes him a complete modern day full back. 

Nicolás Tagliafico – 84 Overall

This defender who plays for the extremely talented Ajax side has been one of the top players in his position. This Argentinian Left Back is being scouted by the likes of Manchester City which goes to show his potential and status amongst Europe’s elite clubs.

Built on the mould of the best full backs in the world, he has been chugging along and has recently received the recognition he deserves as one of the top players in his position.

He has the best defensive stats on this list and is solid as a rock as part of a back four. Even better than the highest rated Robertson, he is the main player for Ajax’s backline defensively. But he is no slouch going forward either, with excellent key passes stats per game and had direct contributions to seven goals last season. He has received a two point upgrade in his overall FIFA 21 rating.

Alex Telles – 84 Overall

This Brazilian who plays for F.C. Porto is on the verge of a transfer to Manchester United. One of the most sought after players in the world a couple of years ago, Alex Telles has steadily been one of the top full backs in the world. Porto have managed to hold on to his talents for 5 years now. 

But, after he scored 11 goals last season (highest of any full back in the world) he has become one of the most prolific players for Porto and would fit in with any of Europe’s top clubs easily.

38 assists and 21 goals in 4 seasons in the Premiera Liga, he is the most prolific player on this list. His recent performances warrant a higher rated card but his 84-rated card is stacked attackingly with high pace dribbling and shooting stats. He has the highest shooting stats on this list.

Marcelo – 83 Overall

This defensive stalwart of modern day football has redefined the full back role. With flair, pace and dribbling – he has contributed heavily to Real Madrid’s domestic and European success.

An injury-ridden season last year has led to his downgrade in ratings. At 32, his physical stats are bound to decline the way FIFA rating system work. But his card still looks amazing with great pace, dribbling and passing stats which will make him a great option going forward.

As the pioneering player of the modern full back, he is certain to cement his position as one of the greats of the game. He is 9th on FIFA 21’s list of top LB’s in the world and is the oldest player on the list.

Yuri Berchiche – 83 Overall

This former PSG player has established himself as Athletic Bilbao’s starting LB and one of La Liga’s best defenders last season. Not the most prolific, his contributions come from being a stable presence at the back and an extra attacking option for Bilbao when they burst forward. 

Berchiche’s game revolves around his pace and strength that he uses to break attacking runs from wingers or maraud down the flank to launch attacks or draw opposition full backs to release room for Bilbao’s front men. He is a tactically sound player who is well-rounded in both attacking and defensive sides of the game. 

Though he won’t be the most sought-after player in FIFA 21’s FUT – his card still reads well for his 83 overall. Sharp pace and defensive stats make him a robust option. He could be in line for several TOTW cards this season. 


These left backs are the top in the world according to FIFA 21. They will form the base of your defense and attack. You can build an exciting FUT team with them at the back knowing that you have a solid option in both attacking and defensive scenarios.

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