FIFA 21: Top 15 Strongest Players

As the game of football becomes increasingly quick and physical, attributes like pace and strength are more valued than ever. Physical conditioning and strength training has become a part of the daily training regimen of the player. A string player is harder to get off the ball, wins 1 vs 1 battles easier, can burst through crowded set piece scenarios and dominate opponents using their physicality. 

In FIFA, strength has been a highly valued asset. A team of strong players often retain more possession and have more time to create chances. Teams moulded around strong players also win set piece battles and score from corners easier. In every area of the pitch, strong players make a huge difference for the team. 

Let us take a look at the 10 strongest players in FIFA 21 who can dominate the game for you in FUT or career mode. 

Adebayo Akinfenwa (ST) – Wycombe Wanderers (97 Strength)

This beast has been on the top of this for over half a decade now. The strongest man in football is an absolute unit! Bullying defenders, he scored 10 goals in the league one last year and helped his team secure a promotion to the championship. 

A 6ft.1in (1.85m), this man can terrify even the most experienced defence playing as the main target man. Combined with a great shot and heading accuracy, he could be a good punt for a novelty FUT team or a striker to bring on in the final minutes to get a set piece goal or hold the ball in online games to frustrate opponents.

Daryl Dike (ST) – Orlando City SC (96 Strength) 

This man is fast gaining a reputation of being impossible to mark in the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the U.S.A. This striker is  only 20 years old but is really strong. With a reputation for bullying defences, he can burst through and score from set piece scenarios and also be a handy option for MLS fans in FIFA 21 as a backup striker as he has a high potential. 

Though he is not the hulking mountain of muscle that Akinfenwa is, he is undoubtedly one of the strongest footballers in the world. Tall, quick off the mark and ripped; he can be a handful with the right players on FIFA. 

Aleksandar Vukotić (CB) – Waasland Beveren (95 Strength)

The first defender on the list, this man is a giant. He towers over opposition attackers at 6ft 6in (2.01m). Winning most aerial duels and shoving opponents aside, he can be a great addition to lower rated FUT teams and could be a good punt for a 80-min substitution when your team needs a last minute goal.

Using the make defenders attack option, you could make him push up to the opposition penalty box where he could serve as a great target man. As a silver card, he won’t be very popular amongst a majority of players. But, he could be a great pick for career mode players who are looking to play with lower league teams. As he is only 25 years old, he could be a good back up defender for league 1 or championship level teams.

Romelu Lukaku (ST) – Inter Milan (95 Strength)

This striker has openly expressed his displeasure with his FIFA 21 ratings on Twitter. But, this is one of the most rounded 85-rated ST cards in the world. Still only 27-years-old, this man has been a top striker for several years now. After a great season with Inter he is back to his best form too.

Quick, strong and a great finisher, he will be a top pick for a lot of FUT players. He can play in a variety of gameplans. If you are looking to cross the ball in with pacey wingers, his 6ft 3in (1.91 m) frame makes him a great target man. If you favor through balls and build-up play through the middle, he can chase down through balls and finish well too. Combined with his chemistry with Serie A and Belgium internationals, he is a top pick this year.

Armando Mendez (RB) – Nacional de Montevideo (95 Strength)

This Uruguayan defender looks like he lives at the gym. With a great physique and physical presence, he bullies attackers and defenders alike as he makes his way up and down the right flank.

A great crosser and a powerful defender, he is bound to stop pacey and tricky wingers in their tracks. Cutting inside and shooting is not an option with Mendez because he can just shove you off the ball and throw you off balance. He is 6ft.1in and 24 years old. This makes him a good bet for lower league Road to Glory career mode gameplays.

Obbi Oulare (ST) – Standard Liège (94 Strength)

Oulare is a 24-year old target man who used to play for Watford in the premier league. Now playing at Standard Liège in his home nation of Belgium, he is tall and strong and can win a lot of headers. 

He has one of the best silver striker cards in the game. With 64 Pace and 72 Shooting, he is a well-rounded striker capable of pushing through even the most robust defenses.

He could be a great back up striker option in FUT for lower rated teams and also for lower league teams in career mode.

Tomáš Petrášek (CB) – Raków Częstochowa (94 Strength)

This relatively unknown player who plays in the Polish top-flight is an experienced defender who uses his strength to hold off attackers. With a 67-rated silver card, he can be a good pick for players looking for a tough defender for lower league teams. Combined with a 68 defending stat, he can be a good squad player for championship level teams in career mode. 

Stefan Maierhofer (ST) – Admira Wacker (94 Strength)

This Austrian international and Bayern Munich alumni is a veteran of the game. At 38-years old he is not going to set the FIFA world alight. But it is great to know that even at 38, a player can have a 94-rated strength rating in the game. Great news for fans of Ronaldo.

While he may not be the most sought after player for FUT and career mode gameplay, it is impressive to note that this 6ft 6in striker has played at 18 different clubs in his 19 year professional career. These include Milwall, Bayern Munich, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Red Bull Salzburg and 1 FC Koln. 

Felipe Carvalho (CB) – Vålerenga Fotball (94 Strength)

This tall Uruguayan center back plies his trade in Norway’s top flight. Aggressive and built, he is a menacing presence on the field. With a decent silver card in FIFA 21, there is not much special about him except his strength rating

He has decent pace for a CB with a 70 score and also a decent defender for RTG gameplays for lower league teams across Europe.

Sebastián Coates (CB) Sporting CP (94 Strength) 

This 6ft 5in centre back who is a former Liverpool player wowed fans with a wonderful bicycle goal for the Merseyside outfit. Since then his career has hit a plateau with a transfer to Sunderland and subsequent move to Sporting CP in the Portuguese top flight. 

Now in his sixth year in Portugal, the 29-year-old has established himself as one of the club’s starters and is also one of the most prolific CB’s in the world in terms of scoring goals. He scored 6 goals last season in all competitions, mostly from set pieces where he uses his height and strength to tower over opponents. 

His gold card is well-rounded with 83 Defending and 86 Physicality with an 81-overall. This could make him a good back-up option or cheap starter CB for South American dominant FUT teams. 

Pape Abou Cissé (CB) – Olympiacos (94 Strength) 

This Senegalese defender is one of the tallest players on our list with 6ft 6in height. Combined with his immense strength and brilliant 75-rated Gold CB card, he could be the dark horse defender this year in FUT. 

Blessed with great pace and strength, he can mark most forwards of world football with relative ease on FIFA 21. 76 Pace, 73 Defending and 86 Physicality makes him an awesome pick for CB in both career mode and FUT. Being only 25, he can grow to a 79 rated player with some training. 

Kalidou Koulibaly (CB) – Napoli (94 Strength)

The best rated player on our list, Koulibaly has one of the best CB cards in FIFA 21. With an 88 Overall, his performances have earned him a 79 Pace, 89 Defending and 86 Physicality rating this year.

Being one of the most consistent defenders in recent times, Koulibaly has been scouted by top clubs in the past few years. The Senegalese defender has opted to stay in Italy and dominate the Serie A. His pace and strength make him hard to get past. Not many players in world football can win a 1 vs 1 with him. 

This also makes him one of the most expensive players to buy in the game. But investing in a defender of his quality will solidify your back line and ensure you rake up those clean sheets.

Geoffrey Kondogbia (CM) – Valencia CF (94 Strength) 

Kondogbia is a bona fide beast in world football. This 27-year-old has had a prolific career, plying his trade in the French, Spanish and Italian top flight. Currently a regular for Valencia, he uses his trademark strength and passing ability to shield the back four and start off attacks. 

Also a regular for France, he has established himself as one of the best CDM’s in world football drawing comparisons to Patrick Viera. He is still only 27-years-old but boasts of one of the most rounded 79-rated midfielder cards in FIFA 21. 

He is a steal on FIFA 21 and won’t be too expensive compared to the more prolific midfielders. But has 74 Shooting, 77 Dribbling, 75 Passing, 79 Defending and 88 Physicality. This makes him a complete midfielder who can dominate the game with his presence and skills. 

Niklas Süle (CB) – FC Bayern München (93 Strength) 

This 6ft 5in centre back is on the top of world football. A champions league and Bundesliga winner at 25, Sule is already a mainstay in the competitive and stacked Bayern side.

Even though he missed most of last season with a knee injury, his card has not received a big downgrade. He has gone from a 85 rated CB in FIFA 20 to a 84 rated player in FIFA 21. 

Despite the downgrade, his card is one of the best defender cards in the game. He will be a mainstay in a lot of top FUT teams as he has a high potential and being a German international, can link up well with a lot of top players in terms of team chemistry. 

Willy Boly (CB) – Wolverhampton Wanderers (93 Strength) 

This French CB is one of the toughest defenders in the premier league. Playing for an enterprising Wolves side, he has established himself as a no-nonsense defender who does not give the opposition an inch of space to exploit. 

He uses his 6ft 5in frame in the highly physical Premier League to torment quick and talented forwards who have a tough time scoring against Wolves. He is one of the main reasons Wolves finished 7th and conceded fewer goals than Premier League giants like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea. In fact only the top 3 clubs conceded fewer goals than Wolves.