How to Perform Drag Back in FIFA 21

Skill moves are an essential part of FIFA. They will allow you to bypass defenders and other opposing players with ease when timed well. There is one particular skill move that I have been using recently which I absolutely love, not because it’s easy to do but rather because it is so unpredictable and effective.

The great thing about it? It’s not even a 4 or a 5-star skill move, so don’t worry, you won’t need to be looking for any cheap 5 star skillers in order to execute this skill move. Funny thing is, it is actually a 2-star skill move which means that you can even do it with your best young players and even some of your strongest defenders.

Can you guess the skill move? If not, I will help you out. It is the drag back. So, if you want to learn how to perform drag back in FIFA 21, continue reading this article to find out more.

Executing the Drag Back Skill Move

I know that I said above that the drag back skill move isn’t the easiest. To be fairly honest, it is not that hard to pull off once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is hold RB or R1 (depending on the platform that you are using), and then push the left analog stick away from the direction that your player is facing at the time.

Keep in mind that in order to execute the drag back skill move with the goal to create a scoring opportunity, you need to position the player accordingly.

The drag back skill move not only allows you to create chances and enter empty spaces but can rather help you avoid dangerous oncoming tackles, or to simply make a fool out of your opponent. It’s pretty flexible. Feel free to use the drag back as you wish.

With time, you will notice how the skill move becomes much more natural to use and you will hardly need to think about it.

Why Is the Drag Back So Effective?

The drag back has been one of the most popular skill moves for years, and still remains very relevant in FIFA 21. One of the reasons why I believe it is even more important in FIFA 21 than any previous version of the game is because pace and dribbling in particular are the meta this year. This means that even if you have one of the fastest cheap strikers that cost you only 800 coins, chances are that they can pull the drag back skill on a defender, create a chance, and run into an open space. Then, you could create a chance and score a goal, provided you know the best ways to score on FIFA 21.

This means that you don’t need to have an expensive player in the likes of Neymar or Ronaldo to be a great attacker. Rather, even your cheap starter team will be able to do the job just as well.

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