The Most Amazing Gaming Chair Made From A Real Car

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you’ll appreciate the benefits of using a gaming chair for those long gaming sessions in the evenings and at weekends. Playing video games has become more than just sitting in an armchair and tapping away at the buttons of a joy pad. Its now an art form and for a few, a way of life and earning a living. You need the right equipment and level of comfort to be able to constantly break the boundaries of your chosen game. Not only that, to enchance your gaming experience to another level, standard products that are on the market just doesn’t wash with some people.

Well this guy went one step further and combined his love for gaming and cars by making his own awesome gaming chair out of….



Yes that’s right, designer David Gawthorpe used his design and engineering skills to create the most perfect gaming chair there could ever be. He not only created an awesome looking piece of gaming equipment, but he also created the ultimate gaming experience, especially for those who love driving games like GTA5 and F1.


But you might need to sit down on another chair altogether when you hear the price of this gaming chair. If you want to get your little ass in this beast, you will have to cough up almost $13,000. But I think it’s totally worth the money to get this uber geeky experience.

What is this gaming chair made of?

Quite simply, it’s a real life Mini Cooper that has been lovely renovated and turned into a gaming chair, and it’s everything a hardcore gamer could ever want in a gaming chair. It is just stunning!


Playing Gran Turismo in this chair must be pretty amazing as you not only have a genuine car seat to sit in but also sub woofers, speakers in every corner, a steering wheel and pedals.
If you think that’s badass, it also boasts a remote controlled smoke machine, a small fridge at the back, iPod dock and headphones. Then there’s the 500-watt amplifier, strobes and lasers.

Gaming doesn’t get much better than this. Well it does I suppose if you have a Ferrari chair.

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