Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 2020

Spotify is my favourite music streaming app and I use it regularly, in fact since the Spotify App was added to the PS4 I get to use the app even more.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a different way of navigating around our favourite web apps without using a mouse. Many people are quite happy to navigate their way around apps by using a mouse; selecting menus to perform tasks, and clicking or double-clicking here and there.

For those of you are comfortable with navigating apps with keyboard shortcuts you will be pleased to know that Spotify has a ton that will have you control-clicking quickly around the software in no time at all. While some of these shortcuts are the same as you’re already used to (e.g copy is control-C or command-C, and paste is the same with v), here are the shortcuts you will need for both Windows and OSX.

Check it out below.

Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

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