How to Get Predator Hides in Ghost of Tsushima

If you have played the game for a while, you would by now know that there is no lack of wild animals on the island of Tsushima, and while there is no real benefit to killing deers as they don’t drop any loot when killed, boars and bears do, and that is where you should … Read more

How to Pet a Fox in Ghost of Tsushima

As you play Ghost of Tsushima and are slowly but surely making your way up to the final battle, you are very likely to come across a few foxes out in the wild. As Ghost of Tsushima is a game with many features and hidden abilities, since the community asked, we thought that we should … Read more

How to Kick in Ghost of Tsushima

It’s no secret that you can use quite a range of different weapons and tools to fight against the Mongol forces, but if you are looking to spice things up and make it a little more challenging, quite often, a boot to the body can do the job. If you have played the game already, … Read more

How to Get the Grappling Hook in Ghost of Tsushima

Believe it or not, there are certain tools in Ghost of Tsushima that can give you a great advantage when fighting opponents or simply travelling through the world. One of those is the Iron Hook, which is what today’s blog will be dedicated towards. In this short article, you will discover what the grappling hook … Read more

How to Sleep in Ghost of Tsushima

Since the release of Ghost of Tsushima, the PS4 community has experienced a rather unique feature that many people are unaware of how to do, and as the game quickly approaches 2 weeks since it’s release, the gamers have started to ask questions. What could that be? Simply sleeping. Jin Sakai, one of the last … Read more

How to Get More Darts in Ghost of Tsushima

In this blog post, you will find everything you need to know about darts in Ghost of Tsushima, including what they are used for, the different types of darts, and where you can find them. What Are Darts Used For? The darts are a kind of ammunition used by the Blowgun. Each dart has its … Read more