How to Craft Hard Tacks in Hammerting

Increasing energy and morale can be tiresome especially at the start of a playthrough. Hard tacks will be the first and most efficient way to combat this issue. This guide will teach you how to craft hard tacks and also teach you other ways they are used for in Hammerting.

What Are Hard Tacks Used For?

Hard tacks are the most basic and standard rations for your dwarves. It can restore a dwarf’s energy by 350 and also restore morale by 150. While there are other ways to increase energy and morale, hard tacks are the easiest way to do so. Hard tacks are also used for delivery quests and you will encounter a few of these right at the start.

Crafting Hard Tacks

Here is a run through on how to craft hard tacks in the early game.

Researching Grains & Milling

To be able to start researching for Grains & Milling, you have to research Subterranean Farming and Cooking first from the Arcane Lore. You will need a total of 5 Trade Lores and 22 Mountain Lores to research all of these. Trade Lores are harder to get and you can check out this guide here to make it easier.

Building a Cave Farm

You need 2 granite slabs and 2 crushed granites to build a Cave Farm. This will be needed to craft wheat and water, where both of them are key ingredients to crafting hard tacks. Try to build your Cave Farm near the middle of your base so that it is easier to access because you will have your dwarves running back and forth from this area.

Building a Cook House

The Cook House will need 4 copper ingots and 4 granite slabs to be constructed. These resources are easy to acquire and you should have this structure up and running in no time. You will need a dwarf equipped with a Cook’s Ladle to be able to use the Cook House for anything.

Crafting a Cook’s Ladle

This means that you need to craft this in the Small Smithy first and equip it on a dwarf. The Small Smithy will be unlocked only after researching Blacksmithing from the Arcane Lore. You will need 4 copper ingots to build a Small Smithy and it will be efficient if you place this near your Small Foundry and Small Quarry.

The Cook’s Ladle will need 1 ladle bowl and 1 handle to craft. These will cost you around 2 ingots to craft and you can finally equip it on a dwarf to start cooking some hard tacks and anything involving the Cook House.

Crafting hard tacks

Hard tacks will need 1 flour and 1 water to craft. You can use the gloom flour that is crafted in the same Cook House as the ingredient. The water is crafted from the Cave Farm as previously mentioned. The resources needed to craft hard tacks are easily mass-produced so you can craft as many hard tacks as you can. These are mainly used for quest deliveries which are usually in bulk and also to increase your dwarves’ morale and energy.


It will always be nice to have a storage filled with these to supply your dwarves with unlimited energy and morale. You can have a stone chest to store hard tacks exclusively for better management. Crafting a ton of hard tacks will never hurt because you can easily sell the excess for coins. As long as you have the resources to maintain these buildings, there will be no problem at all.