How to Equip Tools in Hammerting

Equipping tools in Hammerting can be a nuisance because it is not automated. You will have to manually equip tools to each of your dwarves so that they can do specific tasks that can only be done with a certain tool. This is also applicable to weapons for fighting monsters in the cave. This guide will show you how to equip tools and strategies you can do for better management in Hammerting.

Crafting a Stone Chest to Store the Tools

This guide about storing resources has been covered here. You have to set the stone chest to store tools specifically and have your dwarves deposit them in this specific chest for better ease of access. Since the inventory equipment screen for dwarves is still buggy, you will equip the tools right from this stone chest and it is also a quite efficient way of storing these valuable items for your dwarves because they will be switching tools a couple of times especially when you only have a few dwarves at the start.

Equipping Tools From the Stone Chest

Once the tools have been deposited in the stone chest, you can right-click a specific tool you want to be equipped and go to the “Equip Item” tab, and select a dwarf to equip it with. Each dwarf will have 3 equipment slots and they start off with the 3 basic tools. You will need to unequip one to equip any other tool you want.

Equipping Tools From the Inventory

You can also equip tools from the inventory of where the tool is located. If you have crafted a tool from the Small Smithy, you can check the inventory tab from the Small Smithy and find the tool you have just crafted. Right-click the tool and choose the dwarf to equip it on.

Quick Tool Management Strategy

For better management in the late game when you have multiple dwarves already, you can omit switches these tools and have specific dwarves work permanently with the tools they have. For example, you can have a dwarf with a Cook’s Ladle tool and be the main chef for your whole base.

That specific dwarf will be the only one who can use the Cook House and you can unequip some of his other tools so the dwarf can focus solely on providing food for the deliveries and other dwarves. If that dwarf literally only has the Cook’s Ladle tool, that dwarf will only cook and manage resources for the base.

This is great if you do not want to switch and adjust the Job Broker tool consistently. This strategy is like a lazy way of managing multiple dwarves with what they can do instead of adjusting them every time on what you will need prioritizing.


While Hammerting is still in early access, there will be some hiccups down the road and this is just one strategy you can use to better manage your base especially in the early game. Everything can change and it depends on which tier you are in. Exploration is extremely difficult in this game when you are managing so many other things already.