How to Get Mountain Lore in Hammerting

Accumulating Mountain Lores to spend on research is the best and main way to progress and unlock new items and structures. Mountain Lores are also hard to come by because of the amount you need for each research compared to Trade Lores. This guide will teach different ways on how to get Mountain Lores in Hammerting.

What Are Mountain Lores?

Mountain Lores are used to research and unlock new things and structures in the Arcane Lore. Most researches are usually paired with Trade Lores and you would need both of them in abundance if there are missions you cannot complete yet because you have not yet unlocked the materials or structures used to craft a particular item.

There is more than one way to get Mountain Lores that were not indicated in the tips or help menu on the upper right. This article will go through them in detail next.

Ways to Get Mountain Lores

Mountain exploration

Exploring the unexplored areas in the mountain will get you Mountain Lores. This is a double-edged sword in the early game because you would want to be strong enough to explore the deepest areas of the mountain. It is best to explore horizontally by digging in one direction with a length of 4 tiles vertically. Only explore until you get as many Mountain Lores you need for a certain research tier in the early game.

Avoid engaging large clumps of monsters as they will kill your dwarf almost instantly if they are alone fighting. These are usually rat holes and other sorts of randomly generated monster locations. While the resources you see on the floor can be tempting, it is best to be prepared first and have multiple dwarves explore this particular area.

Crafting land surveys in the Arcane Workshop

Crafting a land survey will reward you 1 to 3 Mountain Lores for each craft. They are crafted using the Arcane Workshop. You will need 2 beams and 4 granite pillars to craft the Arcane Workshop and you need a dwarf to prioritize crafting in the Arcane Workshop if you have a lot of tasks queued up.

The land survey will need 1 dwarven map, 1 copper ingot and 2 granite chunks each. To craft the dwarven map, you will need to craft parchments first using the same building. Parchments cost 2 hides each and this is usually farmed through completing missions and fighting monsters like rats in the mountain. While hides are not easy to get, you will still find them from time to time and you can use some of it to gain more Mountain Lores through crafting land surveys.

You can choose to place a stone chest near this Arcane Workshop to store hides closer to the building so the dwarves do not need to go back and forth to the nearest hide and place them one by one in the Arcane Workshop. You can learn more about item storage or containers here.

Once you have crafted a land survey, they automatically turn into Mountain Lores with a range from 1 to 3 each. Do not bother looking for them in the Arcane Workshop’s inventory as they will not be found there.


One thing to note is that hides are quite scarce and heavily depend on delivery missions and exploration as well. Since hides are used to craft these land surveys, there are also other uses for these hides and you should avoid using them all just for land surveys. This game is extremely detailed and eventually, you will explore more parts of the map once you get the hang of things especially in base management.