How to Eliminate All ICA Agents in Hitman 3

With the death of Grey by the ICA agents, you start near the gas station in the middle of nowhere in Berlin. This mission, Apex Predator, starts when you first contact Olivia and you will be directed to your new objective which is to eliminate x/x ICA agents.

There are only 5 of them but it is rather difficult to dispose of the last 3 as you need to sneak around a lot to eliminate them undetected. This guide will teach you how to eliminate all ICA agents in Hitman 3.

Apex Predator – Berlin

The Apex Predator mission 3 starts you off in the middle of the road with a gas station in front of you. Your first objective is to contact Olivia. You can search the perimeter to find some tools, weapons, and clues.

Go towards the car with the broken railing on the side. Continue heading down to the forest and you will see a dead man with a combat knife stuck straight to his chest. Grab the combat knife and proceed down to the forest until you enter a cutscene with Olivia.

Eliminate the ICA Agents

Just after the call with Olivia, your objectives will change and you will need to eliminate ICA agents to finish the missions. You will see the first ICA agent right in front of you and you can deal with him easily as he has no backup.

Keep going towards the mass of people and proceed left near the silo. You can pick up more tools here and head back to where the people are gathered. Head straight and go right until you see another silo. Since the gate is closed, you will need to jump over the wall on the right and keep concealing yourself as there are hostiles nearby.

Keep going straight and hide in the bushes and you will see the next ICA agent, Agent Thames. Just like in mission 1 and mission 2, you can dispose of hostiles and acquire their disguise. Get rid of Agent Thames’ body and proceed to where the white van is located. Keep moving forward and you will see a locked door in front. Use your crowbar to open it and you will see hostiles inside.

Since you have a disguise now, they will not be alerted. Keep going straight and you will see a person on the phone. Climb the crate on his left and shoot all the cameras you see once you climb up the hallway. Head towards the door on the right and it will be open.

Enter the warehouse door and dispose of the first hostile you see near the laptop. Change your disguise to the biker you just eliminated and hide his body afterward. You can dump his body outside the stairs after you go to the door on the side to go to the next floor.

Once you reach the next floor, you will see the next ICA agent near the door and you can dispose of him immediately before another biker shows up. Keep disposing of the body outside the stairs along with the bikers you find inside.

Keep going straight and enter the next room. You will see a hunting rifle placed in this room with a good view of the other surrounding buildings. Just take the hunting rifle and head back to find the next staircase to go up to the next floor.

Keep going to the next room until you find a different path that leads you down another flight of stairs leading you to the rooftop. Keep proceeding forward as the path is very linear. Head to the room on the left as you enter the rooftop. Head to the stairs inside the room and go down to the club.

Once you are inside the club, keep going straight and go left at the end of the room to find another flight of stairs leading you down to where the party is. As you head down, you will see the next ICA agent you need to dispose of near a bunch of people in the club.

Wait for the agent to move out and follow him. The ICA agent will meet up with another ICA agent near a bridge and wait for them to separate. Once they separate, go inside the room and find some distractions. The ICA agent will remain on the bridge but keep an eye out for guards patrolling.

There are a lot of hiding spots available including a box where you can hide inside. Wait until the ICA agent on the bridge is alone and dispose of him. If you are having a hard time, you can use more distractions to lure more people out and subdue them one by one and hide their bodies.

If you get compromised, you can hide inside the interactable boxes you find until you are not compromised anymore. Head down to the club and blend with the crowd. You will find the last ICA agent in this area.

Keep blending in with the crowd until he heads out to another room and follow him until he goes up a floor from the club. There will be fewer people here and you can distract the ICA agent by throwing stuff to the floor. Eliminate him when you have the chance if not, rinse and repeat.

Once you eliminate the last ICA agent, locate the exit marked but be careful as the guards are still searching for you. If you get noticed while eliminating the last ICA agent, you can hide inside one of the interactable boxes. The exit is just through the fence where you entered from at the start. That ends the Apex Predator (Berlin) mission.


This mission is heavier on stealth by a lot compared to the first two missions and it is a great practice for future missions to come. It is also a good idea to learn which disguise to use as there are many available but only some are useful for certain entry points.

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