How to Eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant in Hitman 3

The first mission in Hitman 3 starts off in Dubai with a mission called “On Top of the World”. This will start you off with a scenic route and shows you the best elements of this version’s Hitman title. While there are many different paths you can take to finish the mission, this guide will show you the shortest route on how to eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant in Hitman 3.

On Top of the World – Dubai

The mission starts you off on one of the steel beams outside the windows of the skyscraper. The path here is pretty linear as you go through and parkour your way inside the skyscraper. Follow the steel beam path and drop down to a pipe.

Head forward and go climb the steel beam up. You will jump to a platform after climbing and you will need to hack the window to open it with your camera. Head inside after unlocking and opening the window. Infiltrate the area and follow the path and up the ladder.

Exit through the room and through the blue curtains and you will find yourself inside the lobby. Head left towards the stairs and you will see an event ongoing as people are all gathered in the middle to listen to the owner.

While looking towards Al-Ghazali (the guy giving a speech), head right and find the terminal. There is a light green marker indicated on top of the terminal so you can easily find it. Interact with the terminal and find out the alternate route to the server room.

You will then need to go through the staff area and head back near the stairs where you came up from. Instead of going down, keep going to the right. There will be a new marker you can follow and it will lead you straight to a locked door or the entrance of the staff area.

The code will be 4706 for the keypad to unlock the door. You will need to disguise your way through as this is a restricted area. Open the vacuum to distract the nearby staff personal and wait for one to come.

Subdue the personnel and you can drag the body and hide it near the locker to the right side. There will be another staff personnel in a call and you can subdue him immediately and drag the body to the locker. This time, before you drag the body, you can use his disguise and change your outfit to blend with the staff personnel inside.

If you opt not to use the disguise, there will be two more staff personnel in the next hallway and you should wait for them to separate from each other. If you have the disguise, just head left and open the next door you see. You can grab a wrench beside the entrance of this door if you want to eliminate the guard inside.

Use your camera and open the window to climb up the skyscraper again. You will end up hacking another window to enter the higher floors once you reach the platform. Keep moving forward and find the room that says storage room. You will see another personnel here and dispose of him with the wrench on the table.

Steal his disguise to change your outfit again that lets you blend in with the personnel on this floor. Enter the server room from this area and interact with the terminal in the middle. Sabotage one of the servers and you will prompt an alarm that sends two armed guards towards the location. Just hide and wait for them to go away.

You will have a new objective after this as you will need to get a server room keycard. Follow the marker and subdue the target to obtain the server room keycard. Head back to the server room and use the server room keycard. Sabotage the server with the red letter “R” on the word OMAR. Each server has a different letter marked red on the word OMAR.

Access the terminal again and re-arrange the meetings to setup Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant in the same room. Follow the current objective first and find a penthouse guard to steal a disguise from. Head towards the penthouse floor or the new marker indicated on your objectives. Find the secure room button inside the room. It is just under the counter behind your targets.

After pressing the secure room button, it will force a lockdown protocol and the TV will open up. You can wait for all the roleplay to finish before eliminating Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant. There is also a kitchen knife on top of the counter where you pressed the button. You can pick it up for a more brutal finish.

Kill them before Carl Ingram deactivates the lockdown as it will alert the guards to enter. Hide Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant’s bodies inside the container inside the penthouse room. You can just safely walk around with your penthouse disguise and head towards the exit after the lockdown protocol finishes.


Just at the start of the mission when you enter the skyscraper lobby, there will be many alternative ways to finish the mission and most of them will just be a longer path but end up having the same objectives once you get to the server room. This is the beauty of Hitman 3 as there can be many different paths to take albeit easier or harder routes.

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