How to Manual Save in Hitman 3

Saving might be a common and easy thing to learn but there is a lot of thought the goes into it when you want to challenge yourself. Any mission on any difficulty except the master difficulty will grant you unlimited saves.

With the master difficulty, you only have one save available and this does not include autosave. This guide will show you a clean-cut way on how to manual save in Hitman 3 and give you tips on where to use it on master difficulty.

Manual Saving

To manual save your current progression while on a mission, you can just open the in-game menu or press “Esc” if you are playing on the PC. When the in-game menu is open, you can find the save tab immediately as it is the first option available.

You will choose where to save it among all the manual save slots you have and you cannot overlap these saves with autosave slots as they are separate. If you are playing at a difficulty (casual or professional) where you have unlimited saves, it is best to use it every time you are about to enter a hard encounter.

This is because the autosaves are more dependent on mission checkpoints rather than autosaving each progression you go through. In this case, every time you find a new weapon, item, or collectible you want to keep, make sure to save so that you do not have to repeat it again when you fail and load an autosave.

A good example of a good manual save is when you enter the server room terminal in the “On Top of the World” mission. You can easily save it before entering it as sabotaging the servers will trigger an alarm if you fail. This will prompt the penthouse guards to move inside the server room and it might be hard to hide from them but it is possible. If you fail at this point, you can easily load and do it again from when you manually saved it.


As mentioned before, autosaving is mostly done on checkpoints during a mission. This is when you start progressing through significant objectives and does not account for everything you could have explored while on your way to completing those said objectives.

There is no reason to disable the autosave feature but you can disable it from the Options tab in the main menu screen of Hitman 3.

Master Difficulty – One Save

The master difficulty is one of the hardest difficulties in any game. This is especially true if you are also playing the mission for the first time on this difficulty. You only get one save and you will repeat the mission endlessly until you find the right time to use that save so you can progress further.

You can treat this save just like how speedrunners use their saves to practice certain areas so that they can master it. In this case, you do not need to be extremely fast but you should use the save to master the earlier parts of the mission and save immediately after finishing a difficult section of the mission.

Once you have saved the game at that point, continue going through the mission and play as flexible as you can as you already have a save point to fall back on. Practice the next section and once you mastered it, you can repeat the mission again and this time, you can use the manual save at the end of the 2nd difficult section of the mission. Rinse and repeat so that you will eventually end up near the end of the mission and you can finally flaunt that master difficulty trophy.


Saving on master difficulty might be a preference but for any difficulty outside of master should use this feature as many times as possible. There are so many hidden things and challenges to complete while going through a mission and having a ton of saves at different points of the mission will definitely help you in the long run especially if you are the completionist type of gamer.

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