Are Hyper Scape Skins Worth It?

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s battle royale game is a futuristic shooter with a high skill ceiling. The game is fast-paced with a lot of futuristic elements. The game also boasts different characters you can choose to play with.  Modern games all come with customizability. This gives gamers an option to personalise their in-game avatar and add … Read more

How to Fix High Ping in Hyper Scape

Ubisoft’s latest is a highly futuristic battle royale game set in the 2050’s. The game is a mixture of style and high-octane combat packaged with all-new weaponry and hack for players. You capture a golden crown and hold it for 45 seconds to secure the win. But on the way to the crown, you face … Read more

What Are the Best PC Specs to Run Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s battle royale game set in the 2050’s. Being a futuristic shooter, there is a lot of emphasis on visual elements to add to the visionary, dystopian world the game creates.  The weapons, the hacks and the echo system are all visually fantastic and defy your conventional expectations of a battle royale … Read more

How to Find The Perfect Hyper Scape Sensitivity: Aim Like a Pro

Ubisoft’s Hyper scape is a futuristic battle royale game where squads battle in a low-gravity metropolis of a dystopian city to capture a golden crown. The game implements many futuristic weapons and hacks to enable players to experience combat as it might be in the 2050’s.  With a major focus on vertical motion dynamics, the … Read more

What’s the Best AR in Hyper Scape? Ripper vs Hexfire

Battle Royale games usually become a battle of weapons. When players scrounge the map for weapons, they make snap decisions on their loadout and this decides the outcome of battles, the style of play and engagement range with the enemy.  Most players in FPS games go with a rifle with a heavy damage short-range weapon. … Read more

Hyper Scape Hack Abilities Overview

Hyper scape – Ubisoft’s battle royale offering is a fast-paced, intense and futuristic first person shooter which offers players an immersive experience of movement combined with combat. This game offers high vertical mobility and great weapons set in cities of the future.  The game implements interesting elements to spice up the traditional aim down the … Read more

Hyperscape Echo System vs Warzone Gulag: How They Compare

Hyperscape, Ubisoft’s battle royale game is exciting and fun to play. With a focus on futuristic warfare, the game takes players through skyscrapers and jump pads, propelling them to new heights in FPS combat.  The main objective of the game is to find, take and hold the golden crown for 45 seconds. The catch is … Read more

What’s the Best Pistol in Hyper Scape? D-Tap vs Riot One

Hyperscape is the battle royale game launched by Ubisoft. Set in the conceptualized metropolises of the 2050s, the game offers players a combat experience like never before. With futuristic weapons, hacks and dynamic multi-axis movement, gamers will have a blast flying around skyscrapers and shooting enemies.  Because the game is set in the future, the … Read more

How Does Weapon Fusion Work in Hyperscape?

Hyperscape is Ubisoft’s official entry into the highly coveted battle royale game mode. It is a futuristic shooter set in the 2050’s carrying host of attractive additions to the already popular format. With a focus on futuristic combat, weapons and abilities; this game offers fans of the genre something different.  The makers of Rainbow Siege … Read more