How to Use and Unlock Emotes in Outriders

Emotes are a fun thing to have when it comes to multiplayer games. Luckily, Outriders has this feature on their coop shooter-adventure game. It is available at the earliest time possible but you need to unlock the new ones since you are only stuck with the basic emotes. This guide will show you how to use emotes and how to get new ones in Outriders.

The Emote Button Key

The Emote Wheel is opened by pressing and holding the “V” button and you can mouseover the emote you want to use. To customize this wheel to use and include more emotes that you want, you need to press “I” and open the inventory screen. Once the in-game menu is up, just press “L” to change to the customization section of the menu.

You will see the banners and emotes tab from here and just switch to the emotes tab. Here you can see the emotes you have unlocked and every emote available in the game. Most of them will be locked so you will need to unlock these emotes first before being able to put them in the Emote Wheel.

How to Unlock Emotes

As you can see from the emote list, they are unlocked through accolades. Go back to the hero menu by pressing “L” again. Swap to the accolades tab and browse through the “Teamwork” category. You will see a ton of achievements to unlock emotes. Each achievement or accolade unlocks a specific emote and you can hover over each of them to see what kind of emotes it unlocks.

Square Enix members also get a free “Slick and Smooth” emote. It is easy to get since you only need an account. They also have a ton of games that you might have already played so you might have an account already.


The game is looking good enough that it will last for a long time. This will mean that more emotes will be coming with more updates so always make sure to hit the customization emotes tab to check if there are new ones out. If you are not into chatting with random people, you can definitely communicate with them through emotes.

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