How to Change Character Color in Party Animals

Party Animals is a game about cute and cuddly animals beating each other senselessly for supremacy. These animals range from different breeds of dogs and cats to a mythical unicorn, differing in shapes and colors. Things can be a bit chaotic during these fights since a lot of things will be flying around, including the animals themselves.

What is great though is that Party Animals also allows for a bit of customization since you can change every character’s color or coat so that you can further differentiate yourself from the pack if everyone wants to be a certain type of animal.

In this guide, we will be looking at how to change the color of your characters and how you can use this feature to assist you a bit in certain game modes.

How Do You Change Your Character’s Color?

Changing your character’s color is simple enough: during the character select screen, you will have 60 seconds to cycle through the several different animals to choose from. There is a total of 12 characters to choose from so variety is definitely something that is not missing.

Once you have chosen an animal to your liking, simply press the Up or Down buttons and you will begin cycling through the various colors a character will have.

Finally, once you have finalized your character and color, press the Ready / Unready button and you will lock in your character. Simple as that!

Just be a bit hasty with it as no two players can have the same color and character, so if you have a preferred skin, you will miss out. This rule does not apply to team games though, which could be useful if you want to be uniform with your teammates.

Stand Out or Blend In

Skins have always been an indicator of your preference in style and a great way to express yourself. It is also a great way to just have fun and play as something different from time to time so that you do not get bored looking at the same avatar every game. It is not different in Party Animals, as the amount of colors each character has is quite a handful.

Some of these palette swaps are also quite clever as it changes the breed of the animals with the different coat patterns and fur color without having another character slot. Some of them are fun too like the shiny golden cat one, mimicking the lucky cat figurines found in Chinese culture.

On the other hand, they can also be somewhat useful if you want to have a more uniform way of playing the team game modes such as Snatch Squad and Fight Club. In team games, you can opt to pick only one character and color, or you can be a bit different by choosing different characters but have the same color.

This implementation of picking the same colors for team games or picking different colors when you are playing solo games is definitely a lot easier when you play with friends as coordinating with people you know is always easier than just playing with randoms in public lobbies.


Party Animals offers quite a lot of choice for the rather limited amount of customization it has. Although the game does not have dedicated skins yet like hats and costumes to dress your characters up in, the amount of colors you can change your character to is plenty enough that there will be a combination or two that will surely catch your eye and make you gravitate towards to.

At the end of the day, just have fun with all the fun colors and adorable characters the game offers and switch it up while you fight, throw, and climb your way to victory when needed to keep it fresh!

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