The Best Computer Tool Kit in 2021: Guide & Reviews

If you have a personal computer at home, don’t take chances when it comes to keeping it running like clockwork and invest in a computer repair kit now.

Most people believe that doing maintenance work on a computer is daunting, discouraging them from attempting the task and opting for professional help instead. This is not the case actually, as computer hardware isn’t as technical as people paint it out to be. Just learn the ins and outs of a system unit, and you’re good to go. A personal computer is basically just glorified LEGO for grown-ups, a hobby you’ll eventually get to enjoy in the same manner after several assemblies or tear downs.

Knowing how to repair or upgrade your gaming PC is a great skill to have, not to mention how you can save a couple of bucks by doing the job yourself. But you just can’t make do with regular home tools, can you? This guide will attempt to list down some of the best computer tool kits that you can purchase for your maintenance needs.

ProductNumber of PiecesOur Rating
ORIA Precision 86 in 1 Screwdriver Set864.7
WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Tool Kit624.6
XOOL 140pc Electronics Repair Tool Kit1404.8
Floureon 38-piece Precision Screwdriver Set384.4
Royace 119-in-1 Screwdriver Kit1194.6
GANGZHIBAO Precision Electronics Repair Tool Kit904.5
No products found.854.7
Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set704.4
Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-146 Computer Tool Kit1464.7
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit644.7

What Does An Effective Computer Tool Kit Have?

Buying a tool kit for your computer will require some consideration if you’re gonna want to do something productive with it. From getting the job done, to protecting yourself from injuries, the right tool kit does not compromise. Not all tool kits are created equal, hence we’re laying out the groundwork on what to look for among the wide selection available online.


A good screwdriver can take you a long way in the world of computer repair and maintenance. Ensure that the screwdriver has a handle with a good and comfortable grip. It is also advantageous to choose a magnetic one as lining up screws in the confines of a tight or crowded computer case can be challenging. It also makes screw retrieval easier.

Furthermore, you will benefit from one that has removable/interchangeable bits, allowing for multiple applications to be handled by a single screwdriver. Also, screwdrivers are handy when building a computer, allowing you to short a switch pin connection while testing components outside the case. So having a pc building tool kit with all types of little instruments will definitely come in handy.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

It’s quite tricky working with electronics as you need to take extra care not to accidentally discharge static electricity on them. This can cause irreversible damage, which is why a preventive measure such as an anti-static wrist strap is necessary when working on a computer. This discharges any kind of static electricity buildup on your body to a safe ground point, away from your precious components.

Needle-Nosed Pliers

These slender pliers are perfect for working with narrow and tight spaces within the computer’s chassis. Pliers are effective tools when you plan to work with small jumpers for applications like BIOS/CMOS resets, which is almost impossible to do with fingers alone. You can also use it to pry out small connectors that have lodged into ports.


Much like pliers, tweezers act as an extension of your fingers when reaching in for tiny components, like CMOS batteries and screws. The claws help in providing a more stable grip, while the spring-loaded design provides a counteracting force to keep them open while not in action.


While you might have adequate lighting in your work area, the nooks and crannies of a computer case can still hinder your vision. A flashlight is a great way to illuminate the insides of your case, especially when plugging in connectors to motherboard pins. Plus points if it’s a head-mounted unit.

Diagonal Pliers

Diagonal pliers, more commonly known as wire cutters, are important if you need to cut wires or strip insulating material from them. This can be useful if you want to convert fans by having them plug into the motherboard instead of the power supply, and vice versa.

The Best Computer Tool Kit 2021

ORIA Precision 86 in 1 Screwdriver Set

Starting the tool kit rundown is the ORIA Precision 86 in 1 Screwdriver Set, which is pricier than most on this list – but quality doesn’t come cheap, does it? In our opinion, this is arguably second of not the best pc tool kit from this list.

The main star of the show is the precision screwdriver setup that comes with 60 varieties of magnetic driver bits for different applications ranging from computer repair to smartphone servicing. As said above, ORIA did not skimp on quality as the screwdriver is made of chrome-vanadium steel, maximizing durability to provide years of reliable service. The screwdriver has a comfortable non-slip grip as well, allowing you to work with ease in low-clearance situations.

Aside from vital tools like ESD tweezers and a cleaning cloth, the ORIA 86 in 1 set also comes with an anti-static wrist strap. This allows you to work safely with electronic components, especially if your work area involves a carpet.

The kit comes organized in a compartmented nylon bag to keep things neat and tidy, as well as adding portability to your arsenal.

WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Tool Kit

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, we have the WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Tool Kit. It features a screwdriver with 56 magnetic drive bits for various applications, which is great for versatility as it doesn’t limit you to computer-based repair and maintenance. It is crafted from aluminum, which makes it lightweight yet durable, and sports a soft rubber handle which improves grip and comfort over long maintenance sessions. But this isn’t the best part of this screwdriver.

What makes the WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Tool Kit’s screwdriver special is its extension attachments that can help you reach deep into the recesses of your computer. You get two extensions, one solid shaft variant, and one flexible variant. This makes nooks and crannies blocked by heatsinks and other obstructions accessible by your screwdriver.

The driver bits are also specially designed to work with any electric screwdriver, so if you’re looking to add convenience to your setup, this kit is a great choice to start with. While it doesn’t have an anti-static strap included, the WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Tool Kit offers great value for the money if you want a handy repair implement that’s ready to go any time.

XOOL 140pc Electronics Repair Tool Kit

If you work on other electronic devices like phones, cameras, and drones aside from computers, you’ll find the XOOL 140pc Tool Kit a great choice to pick up. It has a wide array of driver bits, amounting to 120 pieces at your disposal. These range from Philips, Flathead, Torx, and more, allowing you to work with better flexibility without the need for multiple tools at once.

Just like the previous kit, the XOOL tool kit has two extension pieces for the screwdriver to allow you to reach into your computer’s chassis with ease: One solid shaft for deep but accessible points and a flexible shaft to reach obstructed areas with ease.

If you’re worried about corrupting data on your storage devices, the kit has magnetizer/demagnetizer to rid your tools of potentially harmful magnetism, while the tweezer is immune to electrostatic discharge. Oh, did we mention that it comes with a small brush to help you reach the nook and crannies of your computer’s internals? All of these come in an organized go-bag for that added portability whenever, wherever.

In our opinion, it is the best computer repair kit from this list.

Floureon 38-piece Precision Screwdriver Set

It’s not always that you’ll need every bit of a hundred-or-so-piece kit, right? Keep things simple and easy to work on with the help of a basic tool kit like the Floureon 38-piece Precision Screwdriver Set.

As always, computer assembly and maintenance will revolve around one tool: the screwdriver. The Floureon tool kit has a high-quality one going for it, this time being made from stainless steel for extra-durability, stability, and corrosion resistance. It sports a soft gum grip for ease of handling when in use without compromising comfort.

It comes with 28 interchangeable magnetic bits that you can use for motherboard installation, CPU cooler mounting, or graphics card disassembly. Philips, flathead, Torq, and socket sets – basic drive bits but dependable. The tool kit also comes with two handy extension pieces – one solid and one flexible – to help you reach into the deepest, darkest recesses of your computer assembly.

All of these are packed in a durable plastic case with specialized compartments for each tool and accessory – the drive bit rack is labeled for your convenience. If you’re looking for a dependable all-rounder electronics tool kit, the Floureon 38-piece Precision Screwdriver Set is nothing to scoff at.

Royace 119-in-1 Screwdriver Kit

Another contender in ‘the more, the merrier’ category is the Royace 119 in 1 Screwdriver Kit. It provides 98 magnetic drive bits at your disposal: Philips, flathead, Torq, nut keys, you name it, we have it. This is useful if you’re into disassembling complicated components like graphics cards, as these devices sport an assortment of screw types that are rather hard to work on if you only have a barebones screwdriver kit.

It has a high-quality screwdriver body made of rugged chrome-vanadium steel and is covered in a soft rubber grip that has traction frills to improve its anti-slip properties. Two extension pieces are also included, one solid for straightforward but deep parts, and another one that’s flexible if you need to attack at an angle.

The Royace screwdriver kit’s tools are specially designed to allow you to work without worrying about electrostatic discharge, which can cause irreversible damage to electronics if one is not careful.

One thing that sets this kit apart from the previous ones is the inclusion of a magnetic pad. This makes organizing screws fairly headache-free and easy. Just place your screws on the mat – you can even make use of the grid design to further improve screw segregation – and you’re set!

No one likes to leave their tools in a clutter, right? Good thing the Royace screwdriver kit comes in a compartmentalized carrying case that not only adds portability to the utility’s arsenal but also ensures that the tools are safe from harm. Its shockproof properties take care of accidental dropping or impact. Computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices can be serviced with the flexibility that this particular kit packs.

GANGZHIBAO Precision Electronics Repair Tool Kit

If you need an affordable electronics repair kit, this offering from GANGZHIBAO is a mighty great deal to pass on. This kit has over 90 different tools and accessories to choose from, including ones that are vital in computer repair and maintenance.

As per usual, the screwdriver is the centerpiece here. It is made from stainless steel, which is a great material to use due to its inherent durability and corrosion resistance without adding too much on the production costs. The 56 driver bits are also made from the same material and come magnetized out of the box, further improving the ease of doing maintenance by holding screws flush whilst lining up on screw holes or mounting standoffs.

The screwdriver has a decent grip to it but can be enhanced further thanks to a special hole near its base that can be inserted with a lever if screws are dialed in too tight. You also get two extension accessories if you need to reach deeper into your computer’s internal assembly – one solid shaft for tight tolerances and a flexible shaft to reach into screw holes that are obstructed by components like heatsinks.

Another important aspect of this kit is the anti-static wrist strap that helps keep your components safe from electrostatic discharge (ESD) – this is usually the case when preparing your motherboard for assembly, as its exposed electronics are often at the risk of ESD. The tweezers also carry the same anti-static properties so you can work on tiny components virtually worry-free.

You can also use the GANGZHIBAO tool kit for other devices like watches, phones, consoles, and more. All of these come packed in a well-organized portable Oxford bag for added convenience when needed.

No products found.

There is strength in numbers, they say. The AUTOXEL Pro Tech Toolkit clearly takes that saying to heart, offering a decent 85-piece kit that has more than enough to get any computer maintenance and repair job done.

The screwdriver is made from chrome vanadium steel for maximum durability and strip resistance and comes with 64 different tips to give you the necessary flexibility for different applications. It comes with a single extension shaft to allow you to reach into nooks and crevices that are otherwise inaccessible with the bare screwdriver unit itself.

While most screwdrivers come with a static body and rely on rubber grips to initialize torque, the AUTOTEXEL’s screwdriver has a metallic grip that rotates independently from the body, allowing you to screw in more effectively. The bits are naturally non-magnetic, but the kit comes with a magnetizer/demagnetizer tool to take care of screw retention when needed.

Other highlights of the kit include the anti-static wrist strap to protect your computer’s parts from electrostatic discharge while working on them, and a magnetic pad to keep screws and other small components intact – nobody likes losing screws while in the middle of a vital repair job. These come in a neat handbag that you can lug around if you do computer repairs for a living.

No products found.

Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Ever dreamt of becoming a professional computer technician? Arm yourself with the Kaisi 70 in 1 precision tool kit and you’re halfway there. This comprehensive electronics repair kit comes with the necessary tools that are vital in computer maintenance, ensuring that you’re set for troubleshooting or repair from the get-go.

The screwdriver and its 56 different tips are made from premium stainless steel for the ultimate reliability while working, resisting corrosion and stripping effectively. Its tips are magnetic out of the box for added security while placing your screws down, and come in variants like Philips, flathead, Torx, and pentalobe, among others.

The grip isn’t the best out there, but this is balanced with the help of a hole by the screwdriver’s base that you can insert a lever on to help with torque generation. It also comes with a solid and flexible extension shaft for added accessibility in spaces with tight tolerances or obstructions.

The ever-helpful anti-static wrist strap protects your components from electrostatic damage while working on them, which can often brick electronics if one isn’t too careful. All of these come packed in a rigid case with distinct compartments, while portability is taken care of by the handy zipper bag.

Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-146 Computer Tool Kit

If you only want the best computer tools for the job, you’re gonna have to shell more for a premium set like the Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-146 Computer Tool Kit. As the name suggests, it has over 146 pieces that not only provide you with a comprehensive computer repair experience but adds versatility for smartphones, watches, and other electronic devices as well.

While this kit is packed to the gills in terms of screwdrivers, the main unit it comes with is crafted from premium materials for maximum durability and reliability. You can swap out bits for various screws like Philips, Torx, and hex standards, which come magnetized out of the box to improve screw and bit retention when mounting or removing them from your computer’s internals.

It comes with the essentials we listed above as well, making the kit one of the most reliable choices for the job. Insulated needle-nosed pliers, a wire stripper, an anti-static wrist strap, and even a flashlight – the Rosewill RTK-146 kit is a jack of all trades. If you’re a bit advanced in the electronics field, the soldering iron and solder pump combo is a great bonus to have for those intricate circuit applications. Heck, it even comes with cable ties to help you tidy your computer’s wiring configuration to improve airflow performance in the chassis.

Added functionality comes with the crimping tool, which provides you with a basic solution to networking needs in case you run out of premade LAN cables. All of these come packed in a handy carrying case that you can stash easily in your car if you need to do maintenance passes on your friends or relatives.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Another premium king in the computer tool kit field is the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. While it doesn’t come cheap, the quality and performance you get with this option is second to none. Vouched for by legitimate tech influencers like Linus Tech Tips and Gamers Nexus, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has all the bells and whistles needed for your computer maintenance and repair sessions.

This kit has one of the best removable bit screwdriver setups around, crafted from top-grade materials and CNC-machined to perfection. The screwdriver unit has an ergonomic handle design that provides more torque thanks to the swivel cap implementation and can accommodate up to 64 different magnetized bits like Philips, flathead, Torx, and Hex – you name it, it has it. You also get a flex extension shaft to provide access in spaces with tight tolerances or fixed obstacles.

Working with electronics requires great care to be taken in order to avoid accidental electrostatic discharge. As such, the kit comes with a high-quality anti-static wrist strap with a coiled cable to drain any static electricity buildup on your body. It also comes with blunt and angled ESD-safe tweezers that help in picking up fragile electronic components without risking being shot by static electricity.

All of these come organized in a rigid plastic case + tool roll combo. The case houses the screwdriver unit and its respective bits, which are labeled to avoid confusion, whilst the tool roll accommodates other tools and accessories with its specially designed pockets and compartments. Not only does this ensure a neat workplace, but adds portability to the picture as well.


Keeping your personal computer running in top condition doesn’t really require that much. Once you get the technical know-how down to a tee, all that’s left is getting a good tool kit to carry out the plan. Do away with the hassle of having to deal with multiple tools – as these only result in inflated maintenance costs. Instead, get a precision tool kit that has the fundamental accessories needed, saving you space, time and resources in the long run.