Best PC Gaming Cases – 2021 Edition

Just like the vital components on your gaming PC such as the processor or graphics cards, investing in a top gaming case will benefit you and your PC in the long run – it just happens to hold your whole computer together, no biggie.

Worry not, however, as we’ve saved you the hassle by compiling some of the best PC gaming cases of 2021 – so read along to find out what works best for your needs.

Best PC Gaming Cases: Our Picks

ProductCase TypeMain FeatureOur Rating
be quiet! Dark Base 700Mid-tower caseWatercooling ready4.5
Fractal Design Meshify CMid-tower caseAccommodates up to 5 drives4.9
Phanteks Eclipse P300ACompact mid-tower caseGreat cable management design4.6
Cooler Master Silencio S600Mid-tower casePremium steel construction 4.2
NZXT H200iMini-ITX caseBuilt-in RGB and fan controller4.3
Phanteks Evolv XMid-tower caseInnovative cable management panels4.9
CORSAIR CARBIDE 275R AirflowMid-tower caseCan house six 120 mm fans4.6
Cooler Master Cosmos C700PFull tower caseExcellent watercooling support4.1
Corsair OBSIDIAN 1000DFull-tower caseSuperb watercooling support4.4
Lian Li O11 Dynamic XLMid-tower caseTempered glass front and side panels4.0
Cooler Master H500P MeshMid-tower caseImpressive airflow performance4.5
NZXT H710iMid-tower caseExcellent cable management features4.7
Lian Li Tu 150Mini-ITX caseTool-less design makes building easy4.4
No products found.Mini-ITX caseInnovative vertical design4.7
CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280XMicro-ATX caseThree tempered glass panels4.9

be quiet! Dark Base 700

First on our list hails from the land of super silent cooling solutions, be quiet! The be quiet! Dark Base 700 is a mid-tower gaming case that boasts a modular internal design to improve the building experience as well as the maintenance process. Sitting at a decent price point, this case is a great all-rounder whether you plan to do a straightforward build or opt to do some customization such as a watercooling loop, as it supports up to 360 mm radiators out of the box. It even has an integrated fan controller at the back of the motherboard tray that you can connect your fans to – which can be sped up or slowed down thanks to the 4-level switch on the front panel. 

The be quiet! Dark Base 700 also combines sleekness and flair thanks to its premium metal construction with a minimalist lighting accent, augmented by a full tempered glass side panel to show off your high-end components in style. 


  • Mid-tower case
  • Two Silent Wings 3 140 mm fans included
  • Watercooling ready
  • 3 HDD slots
  • Minimalist RGB lighting accent
  • Built-in dual-rail fan controller
  • Noise-dampened vents
  • Excellent cable management features

Fractal Design Meshify C

There’s no need to throw aesthetics out the window as a tradeoff for airflow with the Fractal Design Meshify C. This compact mid-tower case has all the features you need in a modern gaming chassis. To achieve this, the case completely veers off from a blank front panel design that is often the bane of fresh cold air to enter your PC. As the name suggests, the case uses a full front mesh configuration to maximize the intake of fresh air, which is augmented by the open interior layout that minimizes any kind of obstruction to get the air where it is needed.

But more air equates to more dust, right? Worry not, as the Fractal Design Meshify C has dust filters in every air vent to keep the interior clean, while silence is retained thanks to vibration-dampening cushions on the steel drive trays. As promised, the case doesn’t abandon style thanks to the asymmetric angular mesh front panel putting it on an aesthetic league of its own.

Besides, in our personal opinion, the Fractal Design Meshify C is amongst the best pc gaming cases on this list.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Full mesh front panel
  • Accommodates up to 5 drives
  • Drive trays have anti-vibration grommets
  • Open interior layout for maximum airflow
  • Spacious compartment behind motherboard panel
  • Great cable management features 
  • Easy to clean dust filters

Phanteks Eclipse P300A

There’s really no excuse for getting a gaming PC case that doesn’t have decent airflow in times like these. Fortunately, the Phanteks Eclipse P300A has a healthy allocation of intake vents – as the front panel has been fully converted into a mesh design that allows ample levels of air to enter the chassis while keeping dust out thanks to its ultra-fine configuration.

It’s not the largest case out there, only accommodating ATX motherboards, but the Phanteks Eclipse P300A internals are quite spacious to allow even longer graphics cards to fit just fine. You also get up to 280 mm of radiator support out of the box, though you will be limited to AIO and closed-loop coolers in this one. What makes this case so appealing, however, is the price to performance ratio it brings to the table. For a little over $60, you get all the essential features from premium units twice its price in a sleek, sophisticated chassis that can hold its own quite well.

So, if you are looking for arguably the best pc gaming case without spending hundreds, the Phanteks Eclipse P300A is just right for you.


  • Compact mid-tower case
  • Affordable ATX case option
  • Excellent intake mesh panel
  • Decent water cooling support
  • 2 x HDD, 2 x SSD
  • Great cable management design
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Tempered glass side panel

Cooler Master Silencio S600

For those who want the best performing gaming PC but are irked at the slightest rise in decibel levels when the fans start to ramp up, a silent solution like the Cooler Master Silencio S600 can work well for you. This mid-tower case prioritizes noise suppression above anything else, sporting a layer of sound and vibration dampening material that lines the top, front, and side panels of the case. This is further enhanced by two included 120 mm Silencio fans that have rubber cushions to minimize vibration and have a unique blade design to facilitate high air pressure without the noise.

One might think that its enclosed design seriously hampers airflow and aesthetics, but the Cooler Master Silencio S600 has taken that to account thanks to the modular panel design. You can remove the sound suppression panels for improved airflow, as well as replace the steel side panel with a tempered glass variant. Its front panel vents even have a recurved design that directs air at an optimal path even when the steel front door is closed.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Sound dampening panels keep PC silent 
  • Premium steel construction 
  • 4 x HDD, 5 x SSD
  • Supports radiators of up to 280 mm in length 
  • Comes with regular tempered glass side panel
  • Reversible front door mounting system
  • Recurved vents provide maximum airflow even when restricted 

NZXT H200i

For those who have little real estate to work with, or just want a portable gaming solution that still crushes laptops any day, the NZXT H200i is a viable case for your needs. While significantly smaller in size than most gaming cases, this mini-ITX chassis doesn’t let up in terms of features and functionality. Crafted in an all-steel construction, the case can accommodate even beefy water block-equipped graphics cards just fine. It even allows up to 240 mm radiators to be fitted without problems, beating larger cases in terms of water cooling capabilities.

And of course, you won’t be short of RGB functions with a built-in RGB and fan controller that you can access using CAM software. Cable clutter is virtually nonexistent in the NZXT H200i as well, thanks to its preinstalled cable channels and straps.


  • Mini-ITX case
  • Built-in RGB and fan controller
  • CAM software support
  • Impressive water cooling support
  • Decent airflow 
  • Full tempered glass side panel
  • All-steel construction 
  • Minimal footprint 

Phanteks Evolv X

If you’re feeling a bit feisty and want to challenge yourself with an eccentric build – or you just want to make the most out of one gaming case – the Phanteks Evolv X might have what you need. The main selling point of this case is its ability to squeeze TWO systems inside it – which is kind of hard to believe at first, knowing that it comes in a standard mid-tower form factor. 

One of the best features of the Phanteks Evolv X is its sheer accommodation for water cooling, allowing up to 420 mm radiators to fit in with ease. It even has a handy radiator bracket with an integrated fill and drain port to facilitate an easy maintenance process on your custom loop. To improve aesthetics as well as airflow, the case has cable management flaps to tidy up that eyesore nest of wires that can obstruct the path of air.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Accommodates two units in one case
  • 10 x HDD, 9 x SSD
  • Innovative cable management panels
  • Supports up to 420 mm radiators
  • Radiator bracket and integrated drain/fill port for easy water cooling maintenance 
  • Integrated RGB accents
  • Comes with 3 Phanteks Premium 120 mm fans


With RGB and gamer aesthetics being all the rage in the market right now, minimalist builds are a breath of fresh air for those who want no-nonsense functionality. It’s a good thing that cases like the CORSAIR CARBIDE 275R Airflow exists. This particular unit cuts out all the unnecessary bling for straightforward functionality, and to be honest, it works really well for the case’s overall look.

It sports a geometrically-etched front panel to provide an optimal level of airflow, augmented by allowing six 120 mm fans (with three included out of the box) to be installed along with support for a 360 mm radiator. Not the best platform for custom loop enthusiasts out there, but it can surely work if one is dedicated enough. As for storage support, you’ll have room for two HDDs and four SSDs – pretty decent for a compact mid-tower. 


  • Mid-tower case
  • Minimalist design
  • Slotted front panel for improved airflow
  • Can house six 120 mm fans
  • Decent water cooling support (up to 360 mm radiators)
  • Tempered glass side panel showcases PC’s internals
  • 2 x HDD, 4 x SSD
  • Three 120 mm fans included 

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Do you want to go balls to the walls for your gaming PC build? The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P has a full-tower form factor that can house the largest E-ATX motherboards and beefiest graphics cards while simultaneously supporting a custom loop without breaking a sweat. We must warn you that this case carries a hefty price due to its premium construction and a plethora of features that can benefit enthusiasts and modders well.

One of the best selling points of the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is the versatile layout of its internal structure, accommodating inverse, chimney, and full custom configurations with ease. It also boasts some of the best water cooling support in modern cases, with a flat radiator bracket allowing for the universal mounting on the top, front, and bottom of the frame while accommodating radiators of up to 420 mm in length. You can show it all off with the curved tempered glass panel that also preserves the case’s contours.


  • Full tower case
  • Versatile internal layout for multiple system configurations
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • Excellent water cooling support
  • Accommodates radiators of up to 420 mm long
  • Curved Tempered glass panel
  • Improved cable management system
  • Front I/O has USB 3.1 Type C plus four USB 3.0 ports

Corsair OBSIDIAN 1000D

Another heavyweight graces our list with its presence – which is terrifyingly overwhelming, to say the least. Enter the Corsair OBSIDIAN 1000D, a full tower case in a league of its own, as Corsair branded it with the “super tower” classification due to its sheer size. This allows the chassis to accommodate two full systems in a single solution – one E-ATX and one mini-ITX to maximize the case’s cavernous internals.

Watercooling support in this full tower is top-notch as well, accommodating an impressive 2 x 480 mm radiator for the front panel along with 18 fans that you can set to a push-pull configuration for maximum cooling performance. The Corsair OBSIDIAN 1000D makes this process hassle-free thanks to the innovative telescoping radiator trays that can conveniently pop in and out when needed. Front-panel I/O also comes aplenty with two USB 3.1 Type-C and four USB 3.0 ports for improved connectivity.


  • Full-tower case
  • Can fit two systems in it (E-ATX and Mini-ITX)
  • Superb watercooling support
  • Can mount up to four 480 mm radiators and 18 fans simultaneously 
  • Accommodates 5 x HDDs, 6 x SSDs
  • Corsair Commander Pro RGB and fan controller included 
  • Robust front I/O connectivity 
  • Tempered glass front and side panels

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

For those who aren’t too keen on getting their hands hurt or are too lazy to be bothered with managing cables after building a gaming PC, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL is for you. This mid-tower case gives up some height by adding width – and for a good reason. It means the power supply no longer mounts on the bottom and instead utilizes the extra back panel space to do so. Thanks to the modified back panel compartment, it now offers extra room for cable mess when you don’t want to dedicate most of your time in tying them up.

It’s also one of the most aesthetically-oriented mid-towers around, with a full tempered glass front and side panel to showcase the latest hardware and their RGB features without fail.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Tempered glass front and side panels
  • Spacious internals
  • High-quality aluminum structure 
  • Decent water cooling support, accommodates 360 mm radiators 
  • Easy to build in thanks to improved cable management design
  • Hot-swappable hard drive system
  • 4 x HDD, 11 x SSD

Cooler Master H500P Mesh

One can’t deny how airflow directly affects the performance of a gaming PC, especially when the machine is in full throttle. Do yourself a favor and keep things cool in the heat of battle by going with the Cooler Master H500P Mesh. This mid-tower case improves fresh air intake performance by replacing the usual closed front panel design with a fully-breathable mesh panel that is augmented by two massive 200 mm fans that come included with the case.

Furthermore, the spacious internals provide a viable water cooling platform to start on, adding support for radiators up to 360 mm in length on the top and front panels. Even while going the performance-boosting route, the Cooler Master H500P Mesh doesn’t completely abandon aesthetics thanks to its grey-tinted tempered glass and vertical mount for the graphics card.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Impressive airflow performance thanks to full mesh front design
  • Comes with two 200 mm fans at the front panel
  • Decent water cooling support
  • RGB controller and splitter included
  • Vertical mounting for the graphics card
  • Clear grey-tinted tempered glass to showcase internals
  • Improved cable management features

NZXT H710i

If there’s one brand that refreshed the standard case designs in the market, it’s NZXT. While never really abandoning the tried-and-tested rectangular chassis layout, the brand has made it a priority to go with designs that accentuate the once-boring rectangular body shape. A great example of this is the NZXT H710i, one of the brand’s latest and greatest mid-tower offerings.

The internals might seem cramped at first glance, but the case can host two 360 mm radiators with ease, although you might experience some challenges when doing a custom loop in it due to the large cable management bar next to the motherboard tray. But aside from that minor roadblock, the NZXT H710i has some of the best internal layouts to promote a neat and airflow-optimized build.


  • Mid-tower case
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Allows the installation of up to two 360 mm radiators
  • Excellent cable management features
  • Included Smart Device V5 RGB/fan controller
  • Can mount graphics cards vertically
  • 4 x HDD, 5 x SSD
  • Tempered glass side panel

Lian Li Tu 150

Laptops may prove to be the most portable gaming solutions around, but let’s face it, they’re nowhere near PCs when it comes to sheer performance. Invest in a mini-ITX system instead, with the help of a chassis like the Lian Li Tu 150. This case boasts a premium feel thanks to its machined aluminum exterior along with a full tempered glass side panel that clip on and off easily thanks to the push-pin mechanism.

While component options are limited by the downsized real estate, the Lian Li Tu 150 can still accommodate graphics cards up to 320 mm in length and tower air coolers up to 165 mm in height. But what makes this case truly portable is the addition of a retractable magnetic handle that facilitates an easy transit process no matter the situation.


  • Mini-ITX case
  • Easy to carry thanks to retractable magnetic handle
  • Tool-less design makes building easy
  • Decent airflow
  • Supports 320 mm graphics cards and 165 mm tower coolers
  • Streamlined cable management
  • 1 x HDD, 1 x SSD
  • 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 Type C ports

No products found.

No products found.

While most of the current case offerings focus on bringing aesthetics to a whole new level, there’s also a niche for those who want subtlety in their home or office setups. As such, a small form factor solution like the NZXT H1 proves to be handy in these applications. It features a vertical design that looks more like a chic speaker unit than a gaming PC, allowing it to blend well with minimalist environments. 

What makes the NZXT H1 special from other mini-ITX cases is the inclusion of essential components like a 650W 80+ Gold power supply, a 140 mm AIO cooler, and a PCIe riser card (allows vertical graphics card mounting). With this, you won’t have to bother looking for specific parts that can fit inside its unique form factor configuration.


  • Mini-ITX case
  • Innovative vertical design
  • Pre-routed cable channels
  • Included power supply, cable riser, and AIO cooler
  • Decent airflow thanks to the dual-chamber design
  • Tool-less SSD tray
  • Supports 305 mm/2.5-slot graphics cards


While ATX systems remain largely popular these days, the micro-ATX standard is quickly catching up due to its smaller demand for space as well as boasting a cornucopia of competitive choices that easily trade blows with their ATX counterparts. The CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280X accommodates micro-ATX systems without gasping for breath, a problem mini-ITX owners are all too familiar with. 

Its dual-chamber design makes it easy to build inside, along with improved cooling options and cable management features to keep things neat, and to leave airflow unobstructed. This makes the case viable for water cooling, allowing you to install three 240 mm radiators (top, front, bottom) and up to six 120 mm fans. You also get to showcase your gaming PC’s posh internals thanks to the three-panel tempered glass layout that bares everything to the world. 


  • Micro-ATX case
  • Dual-chamber design (improves airflow and aesthetics)
  • Supports up to three 240 mm radiators and six 120 mm fans
  • Three tempered glass panels for maximum viewing potential
  • Two Corsair LL120 RGB fans and a Lighting Node Pro controller included 
  • Fully filtered vents 
  • 2 x HDD, 3 x SSD
  • Impressive airflow for a small case

Factors To Consider In Buying a Gaming Case

When deciding on what case to buy, start with the basics first. Does it fit your motherboard? Graphics card/s? Fans? Space is one of the most important aspects to consider when getting a gaming case, as this will dictate what components you can fit inside.

Another important factor that has a big impact on how your gaming PC performs is airflow. More than having a spacious interior, a case should have proper ventilation – either by way of intake and exhaust vents or specialized structures that induce an optimal pathway for air to cool the components and make its way out without allowing hot air to pool inside the case.

Last but not least is aesthetics. Admit it, you’d want to game more if your PC looked like it was the hottest gaming machine in town. And we’re not just talking about RGB and all that craze. Even simple things like accents, contours, and paint jobs can make or break a case’s looks.