The Best Gaming Chairs 2021: Compared & Reviewed

Whether it’s PC or console gaming, one can’t deny the fact that gamers spend hours upon hours lazing on a chair or couch. However, these ordinary seating solutions aren’t always up to the task, as more often than not will gamers complain about aching hindquarters or backs.

That’s where top gaming chairs come into the picture – these specially-designed seats come with features that provide gamers with the comfort required for extended gaming sessions.

From basic office-based designs to more advanced, niche concepts that claim to provide the best benefits for health and posture, these gaming chairs are arguably a no-brainer option for gamers and even ordinary people who have back problems.

But first – just what sets gaming chairs apart from their normal counterparts?

What Are Gaming Chairs?

While gaming chairs can resemble office chairs, the two usually have more differences than similarities. Gaming chairs for computers and consoles were first introduced to the mass market by car seat manufacturer DXRacer in 2006. Using their knowledge in providing luxury car brands with specialized racing seats, the company became the leading premium choice for enthusiasts and casual gamers around the world.

The best gaming chairs take the weight of your upper body (head, torso, and arms) instead of letting your spine take the brunt of it all, effectively easing your posture and offering relief when gaming for extended periods of time.

While gravity still affects you the same, the weight is now absorbed by a padded backrest, usually equipped with neck and lumbar cushions to provide the main support. Gaming chairs also provide an adjustable platform with height, recline, and armrest mechanisms to allow users to tweak it to their desired comfort level.

With gaming being a major reflection of a sedentary lifestyle, protecting your overall health and wellness with an innovative solution like a gaming chair isn’t up for debate at all.

What is the Best Gaming Chair?

ProductReclinerGamer TypeOur Rating
Best Overall
X-Rocker Wireless Pro H3NoConsole4.8
Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0YesPC4.8
Homall Gaming Recliner ChairYesConsole4.3
VERTAGEAR SL5000YesPC & Console4.9
Vitesse Gaming Recliner ChairYesConsole4.3
NITRO CONCEPTS S300 Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.8
Best Under $300
Vertagear S-Line 2000YesPC & Console4.8
X Rocker G-ForceYesConsole4.6
Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair YesPC & Console4.5
KARNOX Legend TR Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.9
Best Under $200
Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1NoConsole4.3
Furmax Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.3
OFM Essentials Collection Gaming ChairYesPC4.4
VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.5
Best Under $100
Big Joe Dorm Bean BagNoConsole4.0
JUMMICO Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.3
Ace Bayou V RockerNoConsole4.4
JL Comfurni Gaming ChairYesPC & Console4.3

Finding the best computer or console gaming chair need not be a challenge. We’re rounding up our top picks in terms of ergonomics, comfort, and quality for gamers of all shapes and sizes in our comprehensive list below!

X-Rocker Wireless Pro H3

For our brothers and sisters in the console army out there, the X-Rocker Wireless Pro H3 is one of the best Xbox or PS4 gaming chairs. Unlike most PC gaming chairs, this unit provides an immersive gaming experience thanks to added features like 4 built-in gaming speakers and vibration motors.

It boasts 4.1 channel audio with speakers situated on the headrest and a powered subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s Audio Force Modulation technology for that all-around sonic atmosphere. Because of this innovative design, it may arguably be one of the best gaming chairs with speakers around. 

It also has a tri-motor vibration setup that syncs with the music or in-game sound bass frequencies to provide a full-body sensation. It sports a wireless receiver that can connect with any source with a headset or RCA outputs, with a side control panel that has the volume/bass controls and I/O jacks for your convenience. You can even connect with multiple X-Rockers for that comprehensive sound experience.

As for ergonomics and comfort, the X-Rocker Wireless Pro H3 has lumbar support with a slight angle and is equipped with full back cushioning, a headrest, and gunstock arms that accommodate your natural body shape for maximum comfort over extended periods of gaming.

It also sports a rugged upholstery-grade vinyl lining that can be cleaned effortlessly by wiping down, thus extending its service lifespan by a significant amount. If you’re looking for the best gaming chair for PS4 or Xbox One gaming, this option is hard to pass up.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0

Bringing in the big guns for PC gamers is Secretlab’s Titan 2020 Prime 2.0. The brand has been gaining popularity for its innovative gaming chair designs, with this particular model accommodating heavyset and tall users with ease.

It has a premium grade aluminum wheelbase, specially formulated to withstand the weight of the user while resisting corrosion and other forms of physical and chemical damage. Additional ribs help reinforce the structure while keeping everything lightweight and mobile.

Moreover, the Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 sports class 4 hydraulic pistons to accommodate a wide range of heights, and is the best in class in terms of consistency, stability, and safety. This allows users to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground to avoid hanging feet which may result in poor blood circulation to the lower body. 

For comfort, the chair has an integrated adjustable lumbar support that you can tweak by turning the knob on the side of the backrest, providing superior back support and comfort without the need for a separate cushion.

Meanwhile, a full-length reclining backrest not only offers ergonomic support but can also be tilted all the way back for maximum comfort should you decide to doze off on the Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0.

Build quality is top-notch with its own patented PU leather. This faux material claims to be four times more durable than its synthetic counterparts in terms of flex capabilities and abrasion resistance without sacrificing its ultra-comfortable, soft feel.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

If you really don’t fancy the racing aesthetic of the previous suggestions, the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair resembles a home couch with the necessary features to make hours upon hours of gaming a viable scenario.

This recliner is perfect for console setups as it doesn’t really have the contours for desk-based gaming. As such, you can just laze around on its sprawling structure without worrying about toppling over.

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair has a plush cushion armoring its frame thanks to the high-density, ultra-soft foam that can accommodate user weights of up to 265 lbs. This is lined by a layer of high-quality PU leather that is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and can be easily maintained to retain the material’s integrity and extend its service lifespan.

The chair also has an innovative reclining design that offers three angles – from an upright 90° position to full-tilt 180° laid back – allowing you to adjust based on your comfort level or specific applications. This is augmented with an adjustable footrest to fit your needs, whether you want to plant your feet on the ground or completely lie down.


One of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the business is the GT Omega Pro Racing Gaming Chair. This value pick from GT Omega boasts an orthopedic design with deep sides, back, and shoulder layouts that accommodate your torso with anatomical correctness for that optimal level of fit and comfort even when gaming for hours. A removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are also included for additional support and comfort.

It follows the standard office chair layout that can accommodate most body types with no problems, but you also get the required adjustability thanks to its gas spring cylinder mechanism for full tilt tension and height control, which will help the chair easily fit under most standard gaming desks.

You can even recline the backrest from a conservative 85° to a whopping 190° – all without toppling you over! It also sports 4D-rotating armrests to provide your arms with optimal comfort. As for aesthetics, it follows the sleek racing look of pioneering models and is offered in several color accents. 

A steel tube frame construction keeps users afloat, supported by a sturdy aluminum base. These work together with the reinforced PVC frame to accommodate gamers who weigh up to 264.6 lbs, so you won’t have to worry if you’re veering towards the heavy side of things.

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair even protects your flooring as it doesn’t come with a wheelbase or rollers. Instead, it has four fixed feet with non-marking pads that both protect itself and the floor from drag streaks. 


While most gaming chairs only strive to give you comfort and the occasional aesthetic boost to your gaming setup, the VERTAGEAR SL5000 ups the ante by providing gamers with a seating solution that promotes good posture as well. It features an ergonomic design that takes the human anatomy into account, providing full neck, shoulder, and back support thanks to the high backrest implementation.

Adjustability is no problem either, with the backrest providing up to 170° of tilt and the 4-point cushioned armrest allowing movement in four different directions for your preferred optimal arm position.

It is also one of the most convenient to assemble, with pieces coming together seamlessly with a slide-in design that only needs one person. The VERTAGEAR SL5000 boasts a durable steel frame, a rugged 5-star alloy base, and a high-density foam lining to carry the weight of the user without compromising stability and safety.

All of this is covered in premium-grade PVC faux leather that looks good, is comfortable, and easy to maintain, not to mention being resilient to abrasion for a longer service lifespan.

For mobility, the VERTAGEAR SL5000 sports the PENTA RS1 Caster wheels, which are inspired by racing designs and are coated with PU material for smooth travel on any surface without causing damage and leaving streak marking.

Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

Another console-oriented option comes in the form of the Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair. Seeking inspiration from racing designs without abandoning the whole chunky-is-comfy profile. It does have that premium gaming aesthetic to it, complete with a modern headrest and lumbar support design. 

It doesn’t lag behind in ergonomics either, with the headrest, lumbar support, and footrest working together to take the weight of your body. This is further optimized by the three reclining modes that range from 90° to a full 180°. You can adjust this with a simple rocking motion for that hands-free functionality.

A high-resiliency sponge provides the cushioning for long hours of gaming without discomfort or numbing. This is protected by the durable skin-friendly PU leather that is waterproof and easy to maintain. A large side pocket also allows you to stash your controllers and other gaming essentials by the side.

Setting the Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair up is easy as pie as well, with the straightforward design making it possible for a single person to get it up and running (or you down and sitting) in a matter of minutes.

NITRO CONCEPTS S300 Gaming Chair

You know the Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair is built for hardcore gamers just by how it looks. The tried-and-tested racing design is used here – because why not? It has one of the best build qualities around, boasting a German-engineered steel frame and nylon base that accommodates weights of up to 300 lbs.

A durable Class 4 gas piston takes care of height adjustment, bringing it from a default 19” profile to 24” of elevated seating height.

The chair provides excellent neck, shoulder, and back support as well thanks to its special head and backrest design. You also get an extra head and lumbar cushion to add support as desired. As for seat material, this gaming chair provides a soft and comfortable experience thanks to the high-density, open-pore resilient foam which is covered by a durable yet breathable fabric for maximum comfort.

When it comes to tilting functionality, the Nitro Concept S300’s backrest can be adjusted from 90° to 135° – you may think that this is quite a far cry from full reclining models, but it offers up to 14° degrees more tilt thanks to a rocker mechanism that brings the whole chair with it.

Two 3D-adjustable armrests also provide height, angle, and left/right tweaking options to fit your personal preference of comfort. The 2” casters also provide a smooth and quiet operation on any surface without leaving markings and damage in its wake.

Best Gaming Chair Under $300

Vertagear S-Line 2000

First on our list for the best gaming chair under $300 is the Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair, one of the top choices of gamers all around the world.A relatively new brand in the playing field, Vertagear seems to have already perfected the recipe for gaming chairs. It boasts a robust one-piece steel frame with a resilient coating of corrosion-resistant paint to extend its service lifespan.

Moreover, it sports a Class 4 gas piston lift to facilitate height adjustment while accommodating users who weigh up to 240 lbs, augmented by a heavy-duty aluminum alloy 5-point base for added stability.

Comfort is ensured by the high-density Ultra Premium foam lining the gaming chair’s frame, preventing numbness and discomfort over extended periods of gaming. The foam is highly resilient as well, returning back to its original shape when not in use, and boasts a weight support rating of 4lbs per square feet.

It is covered by an equally luxurious PVC faux leather fabric that’s breathable and skin-friendly as well to avoid irritation during long gaming hours while retaining a premium vibe as it is stain and water-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain.

For ergonomics, the Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair features a high backrest that follows the natural contour of the lower back to provide an excellent level of lumbar support intended for hours upon hours of gaming. Added comfort is offered by the memory foam headrest and lumbar pillow that can be removed for your convenience.

The Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair can recline from a standard 80° position to a decent tilt of up to 140°, allowing you to dial in the perfect level of comfort with your preferred recline position. This gaming chair is available in several color combinations to provide users with choices that match their gaming setup.

Mobility is enhanced by the Penta RS1 racing-style casters that are coated with PU material for smooth operation on any floor surface without worrying about scratching or marks. As for installation, the chair sports a slide-in assembly design that only needs one person to build it seamlessly.

X Rocker G-Force

Another great choice for console gamers who aren’t too sold on the floor-type gaming chair is the X Rocker G-Force. Unlike the usual rocker design, the X Rocker G-Force adopts the pedestal-style structure which provides console gamers with that additional degree of tilt and swivel movement in case they need the mobility, as well as improved leg clearance and comfort for tall users.

The X Rocker G-Force boasts convenience and comfort thanks to its wide-bodied frame that is outlined by a plush yet highly resilient foam padding to support the weight of the user without losing cushion effectiveness even after being subjected to countless hours of use.

Moreover, a breathable and comfortable faux leather cover lines the bulk of the chair, as well as the flip-up armrests to prevent discomfort when idling. While it doesn’t feature any reclining functions, this gaming chair has the backrest set at a slight incline for optimal comfort.

Immersive is the name of the game with the X Rocker G-Force, as it supports dual speakers in the headrest region and a powerful, embedded subwoofer in the backrest to provide you with a surround sound experience as well as inherent vibrations due to the bass frequency synchronization for that comprehensive sensory package. Console gamers need not fret when it comes to choosing a viable gaming chair whilst options like the X Rocker G-Force exist.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

For gamers who wish to have more than just a seating solution and want an all-rounder purchase that can do more after gaming sessions, the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair might be for you. It features a rugged alloy framework, supported by a Class 4 hydraulic lift and a heavy-duty 5-point wheelbase that can accommodate users of up to 300 lbs. in weight. 

The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair offers a highly competitive ergonomic design that is on par with other well-known brands as well. The high backrest has an extra-wide shoulder and seat area for gamers with bigger frames, all conforming to the natural shape of the human back to alleviate the stress it experiences during extended gaming sessions.

It sports a high-density shaping foam with a thickness of 4.8” to further promote comfort without losing shape even during constant use. All of these are protected by the light and breathable PU leather lining that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Adjusting the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is easy thanks to the handy lever mechanism that offers 90° to 180°of recline to accommodate your desired position easily, while the 2D PU-covered armrests and footrest can be customized depending on your tilt position.

The chair comes with a headrest pillow and lumbar pillow – with the latter offering massage functions thanks to its vibration settings that is USB-powered. If you need that extra lower back comfort and relief, the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is a great deal to grab.

KARNOX Legend TR Gaming Chair

It seems like new players are already overtaking the veterans in the gaming chair industry, with options like the KARNOX Legend TR Gaming Chair being a great choice in the $300 bracket. 

It sports a sturdy 1.8 mm thick steel frame that can accommodate users who weigh up to 300 pounds, augmented by a nylon 5-point base equipped with 2.5-inch PU-coated casters that can glide on most surfaces without causing damage or leaving marks. You also get a Class 4 gas lift to support your weight while adding the convenience of an easy height adjustment.

For comfort, the KARNOX Legend TR Gaming Chair makes use of a high-density shaping foam that’s resilient to deformation. This foam material is rated for 53 kg per cubic meter and up to 8 hours of use without the discomfort that’s usually associated with such binges.

A durable yet breathable mix of PU and suede leather covers the whole chair to improve comfort while extending its lifespan amid constant use, however you should bear in mind that suede is a stain magnet and is harder to maintain than, say, a full PU-covered chair. 

The KARNOX Legend TR Gaming Chair is ergonomically superior as well, with a high molded backrest design to support your neck, shoulders, and back properly, improved by the additional headrest and lumbar support cushions, with an extra measurement boost that can accommodate large body types.

For adjustability, the chair can recline from 90° to 155° to provide you with the optimal position without sacrificing comfort. The armrests are also 4D-adjustable to further improve fit and arm comfort as desired. 

Best Gaming Chair Under $200

Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1

Dropping down to gaming chairs under $200, the Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1 is specially designed for console gamers who wish to sit lower on the floor – matching modern home entertainment setups where the TV is usually situated on a low table or wall-hung at eye-level when you are seated on the couch. But unlike a couch, the Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1 provides an immersive gaming experience thanks to its media-oriented setup. 

For comfort, it uses an ultra-comfortable high-resilience foam that reverts to its original form when not in use for that consistent level of softness for the years to come. This is protected by a heavy-duty layer of upholstery vinyl for maximum comfort and breathability while promoting easy maintenance and preservation.

The headrest is padded for improved head comfort, while the buttocks and leg cushion is optimized to avoid numbing occurring over long periods of gaming. Of course, you get that full rocking motion thanks to the contoured base to allow you to adjust your position as needed.

One of the most prominent features of the Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1 is the two speaker system located near the headrest with a built-in subwoofer that improves the immersive experience by bombarding you with sonic detail in close proximity.

It supports wireless audio transmission as well, so you can do away with all the cable clutter and control everything from the built-in media control by the side. Enjoy a comprehensive console gaming experience with the Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1’s amazing ergonomics and media capabilities.

Furmax Gaming Chair

While it may look too over the top, the Furmax Gaming Chair has the features and functionality to back it up. Durability is ensured with the high-grade tubular steel frame supported by a five-point nylon base for stability.

Mobility is secured by PU rolling casters for smooth travel on most surfaces without leaving a mark. It also sports a rugged pneumatic lift system that can support weights of up to 310 lbs. without automatically adjusting itself due to the load’s stimulus. 

Ergonomics is taken care of with the racing bucket seat designed to maximize lumbar comfort while still keeping the neck and shoulder supported by bearing most of the weight. This is further improved by the headrest and lumbar support pillows if you wish to add more cushioning in those areas.

The thick foam padding is resilient to indentations and is covered by a durable PU leather layer for easy maintenance, although you might find the material less breathable compared to those found on high-end models.

For adjustability, the Furmax Gaming Chair offers up to 180° of backrest recline to facilitate a range of angles from proper seating to laying positions. It even has a functional footrest, something that most gaming chairs lack.

Simply pull it out when you need to transform the chair into a mobile bed to take a break from your extended gaming binge. The armrests can only move up and down, however, which may be a deal-breaker for those with heavyset builds who need the extra movement to customize torso fit.

OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair

For those who aren’t big fans of the whole racing aesthetic, the OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair might work in your favor. It still has modern styling features but without the enthusiast bling of most gaming chairs, allowing it to fit into offices or living rooms without sticking out like a sore thumb.But more than aesthetics, this gaming chair still sports the necessary durability and reliability, offering up to 250 lbs. in bodyweight capacity.

It has a unique ergonomic profile thanks to its contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and cushioned arms that adhere to the human lumbar shape decently, bearing the weight of the shoulders and the back, and alleviating the spine for improved comfort and posture.

The padding itself is reliable and adds a breathable aspect to your setup, augmented by the SofThread Leather lining which is significantly softer than ordinary PU leather and gives the chair a sophisticated feel with its refined texture.

Adjustability is on the low side, however, as the OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair doesn’t have a full recline function and only tilts when you put your weight to it, but you can vary the height with the gas piston lever to your desired setting.

The arms cannot be adjusted either, although they can be stashed to move them out of the way with the flip mechanism. That being said, the OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable options around without the overpowering vibe most gaming chairs give off.

VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair

We’re throwing some love the way of our tall gamer brothers and sisters out there, with the VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair. It has a durable integrated steel frame, a reliable gas piston, and a rugged 5-point wheelbase with smooth-rolling casters that can accommodate weights of up to a whopping 400 lbs.!

To match this, the chair has 21.9” seat width, a 33.5” backrest, and up to 22.8” in height adjustment to accommodate users beyond 6’ in height, making it the best gaming chair for big guys on this list. 

For ergonomics, the VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair has a high backrest design with contours that hug the torso naturally and is assisted by a detachable padded headrest and lumbar cushion to improve comfort and promote proper posture. It also features a cold-cure memory foam padding that resists indentations well while providing comfort. The seat cushion is almost 5’ thick to allow heavyset builds to sit without issues at all.

Adjustability comes aplenty as well, with a 360° swivel function, a reclining backrest that can go down to 155°, and 3D-adjustable arms that can move forward/backward, right/left, and up/down. With this, you can customize the chair’s fit to an optimal setup that is both mobile and comfortable. For the big and tall gamers out there, nothing comes close to the value for money that the VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair brings to the table.

Best Gaming Chair Under $100

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag

Gaming in front of a TV doesn’t always require you to go for standard gaming chairs like recliners, as the significantly lower line of sight can often provide poor viewing angles. Thus, solutions like the Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag are often preferred by console gamers due to the more comfortable, grounded stance it offers. This beanbag-type gaming chair is constructed from the patented SmartMax fabric.

This material is resilient to stains, abrasion, is water-resistant, and is relatively easy to maintain. It features a double-stitching pattern with two safety locking zippers, which remain safety locked until it’s time to refill the bag.

Speaking of filling the Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag up, it makes use of its patented fluffy UltimaX Beans. These bean fillers take care of supporting your weight and are highly resilient while providing maximum conformity to your body shape.

You can purchase UltimaX Beans separately if you feel the need to top up the beanbag or replace worn-out filler material. Unlike most gaming chairs with mechanical parts that are usually prone to failure, this model relies on pure cushioning design to provide you the maximum comfort during long gaming hours. 

While it doesn’t sport wheels, the Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag has a built-in handle to allow you to drag it to your favorite spot with ease. It even has a spacious side pocket for you to stash your remote, console controllers, and other gaming essentials that you need to have quick access too. A mesh tumbler pocket also accommodates drinks for that handy potion of replenishment when you don’t plan on standing up at all.

JUMMICO Gaming Chair

Most people equate cheap items as low-quality products that break easily. Not the JUMMICO Gaming Chair, though, as it may be an affordable option for gamers. It boasts a rugged construction thanks to the durable solid steel frame to accommodate the user’s weight without hitches even for the years to come, supported by the 5-point nylon base with silent casters for smooth rolling operation on any surface.

It also sports a highly-resilient foam padding that reverts to its original shape when not in use, albeit not as soft as those of pricier models. This doesn’t diminish the level of comfort offered by the chair, though, as it is protected by upholstery-grade PU leather that’s resilient to stains and abrasion, and is breathable as well to maximize comfort, especially during warmer months. This gaming chair can accommodate user weights of up to 280 lbs.

As for ergonomics, the JUMMICO Gaming Chair sports a medium profile backrest that provides decent coverage of the head, neck, and shoulder area, while the lumbar section is curved to adhere to the natural shape of the human back to improve comfort over long gaming sessions.

But as far as adjustability goes, you only get 3.75” of height adjustment, with the chair assembly itself only supporting a rocking mechanism instead of a true tilting function. 

All things considered, the JUMMICO Gaming Chair is a solid option if you’re a bit tight on the budget. If you’re willing to overlook some of its shortcomings (which really aren’t that big of a deal), this chair provides the comfort and support you need for hardcore gaming.

Ace Bayou V Rocker

Another entry for our console gamers out there, the Ace Bayou V Rocker is one of the most affordable multimedia gaming chairs that offer excellent ergonomics while adding immersive features along the way.

Made for people who prefer floor seating, the chair comes with an optimal rocker design that provides the perfect balance of comfort and adjustability. It features oversized cushioning for improved lumbar support, augmented by the high-density foam and breathable vinyl mesh that can accommodate user weights of up to 275 lbs.

The Ace Bayou V Rocker gaming chair sports two forward speakers by the headrest with a subwoofer that makes use of a wireless transmission system to improve your gaming experience via its immersive sonic output.

Apart from that, the side-mounted control panel has everything you need conveniently laid out: bass and volume control, a headphone jack, and various input/output jacks in case you need wired capabilities. This is one of our number one picks if you’re looking for the best PS4 gaming chair or Xbox One gaming chair.

Storing the Ace Bayou V Rocker is easy as pie, as it folds conveniently so you can tuck it away without running out of real estate for other items. It is lighter than most gaming seats as well, weighing at about 30 lbs. for improved mobility and portability when needed.

JL Comfurni Gaming Chair

While we are treading the affordable end of the spectrum in this list, the JL Comfurni Gaming Chair doesn’t give up some of the features found in mid-range to high-end gaming chairs – for example, it provides a true tilting mechanism that offers 90° to 170° of adjustment, which is even more than most gaming chairs can offer.

It also sports 2D-adjustable armrests that can move up/down and left/right for you to find that lateral sweet spot. It also has a decent gas piston that facilitates height adjustment, ending in a heavy-duty 5-point base with reliable smooth-rolling casters. This configuration supports user weights of up to 300 lbs.

For ergonomics, the JL Comfurni Gaming Chair has a high backrest with decent contours for improved neck, shoulder, and lower back support. You even get extra support thanks to the adjustable headrest and a lumbar cushion to improve the level of comfort while gaming for long sessions. It has a wider back compared to other models, but the seat is a bit small, which may pose a problem for bigger users. 

Comfort is taken care of by the high-density foam that’s resilient to becoming misshapen to ensure consistent cushioning performance in the long-term. Moreover, a rugged PU faux leather lining protects the chair from stains and scratches while maintaining that breathable profile for maximum comfort even during warm days.

For those who prefer the racing recliner design over anything else, the JL Comfurni ranks as one of the best cheap gaming chairs around.

Best PC Gaming Chairs

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Racing Style ChairPU leather and mesh fabric upholstered face

Armrest angle & Seat height adjustment and recline function
4.1 out of 5 Stars$
Flash Furniture Executive Gaming ChairCoil spring cushioning

Integrated headrest and lumbar support
4.0 out of 5 Stars$
Office High Back Recliner Computer ChairMetal star base, comfortable armrests, and tubular steel frame

Max weight - 250 lbs
3.9 out of 5 Stars$
Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Swivel Chair360 Degree Swivel, 90 to 180 degree backwards movement, can be lying down

Headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
3.4 out of 5 Stars$$
OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair (White)Master series white gaming chair supports up to 350 lbs

High back ergonomic design with removable lumbar support and headrest
4.1 out of 5 Stars$$
KingCore Multi-directional Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing StyleWeight:40 lbs & Weight Capacity:250 lbs

Tiltable Seat with Adjustable Back Locking System
4.1 out of 5 Stars$$
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NE Newedge Edition Office Chair ReclinerInlaid Color Bar Base with latest footrests, conventional tilt mechanism

Patent race car seat breathable material
4.6 out of 5 Stars$$$
DXRacer OH/RV131 Racing ERGO Seat, Ergonomic Gaming ChairExtra high backrest to comfort the neck and back

Lifetime warranty on frame and 24 month warranty on parts
4.0 out of 5 Stars$$$
AKRacing Backrest Gaming ChairAdvanced ergonomic design

Integrated steel frame

Provides support for long gaming sessions
4.9 out of 5 Stars$$$
DOH T929 NR Ergonomic Executive Chair4D Adjustable armrests

Lumbar and headrest cushions included

Extra high backrest
4.6 out of 5 Stars$$$$$
AKRacing Backrest Recliner Gaming Chair12 degrees of rocking motion

Superior ergonomic design

Industry leading warranty
4.9 out of 5 Stars$$$$
DOH KS186 IWR USA3 Chair4D, 90-degree
padded armrests

Full-size frame and a wide, 360-degree swivel aluminum base

300 lbs max weight
5.0 out of 5 Stars$$$$

Best Console Gaming Chairs

Homall Computer Executive Leather Highback Gaming ChairPC Gaming Chair

Adjustable head pillow and spring cushioned seat

PU leather and mesh fabric material
4.9 out of 5 Stars$
Merax Folding Lazy Gaming Chair with ArmrestsArmchair Style cushioned gaming chair

Several reclining positions

Linen fabric and removable cushions
4.0 out of 5 Stars$
Merax Swivel Rocker Gaming ChairPedestal Gaming Chair

100% polyester with cotton fabric cover

Foldable for easy storage
4.5 out of 5 Stars$
X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming ChairPedestal Gaming Chair

Two speakers and subwoofer buit in

Convenient control panel with audio inputs and sound control
4.0 out of 5 Stars$$$
Rocker Wireless Gaming ChairRocker Gaming Chair

4 built in speakers for immersive sound

Vibration motors sync with bass tones for real immersive gaming
4.1 out of 5 Stars$$
Ace Bayou X RockerRocker Gaming Chair

Built in 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer and control panel

Bluetooth and USB connectivity
5.0 out of 5 Stars$$$
N Seat Executive Computer Headrest Gaming ChairPC Gaming Chair

PVC Leather material

Adjustable height, lumbar and head supports and arm rests.

360 degrees of rotation
4.0 out of 5 Stars$$$$
Rocker Pedestal Wireless Gaming ChairPedestal Gaming Chair

Two speakers and a subwoofer built in, using 2.1 AFM Tech

Can combine multiple chairs together.
3.9 out of 5 Stars$$$
DOH DM166 Ergonomic Executive ChairPC Gaming Chair

Extra high backrest and adjustable armrests for customizable support

24-month warranty on parts and lifetime warranty for the frame
4.5 out of 5 Stars$$$$
Openwheeler Advanced Simulator ChairRacing Simulator/Cockpit Gaming Chair

Compatible with PC and all gaming consoles

Gearbox can be mounted on either side

Steering wheel not included
4.8 out of 5 Stars$$$$$
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Types of Gaming Chairs

Modern-day gaming has been so sedentary that creating seating solutions has become a serious state of affairs in the last decade or so. Catering to two main platforms – PC and console – gaming chairs are categorized into different types and provide a variety of features and functions for the aforementioned platforms.

Racing-style Chairs

This is the most widely-used design of gaming chairs available today. Sporting a mix of the regular office swivel chair’s functionality and a racing car’s bucket seat, racing chairs are often highlighted by their adjustability features. They are known to provide backrest recline, height and armrest adjustment, seat tilt, and swivel functions so as to provide the user with their own custom fit while being extremely mobile thanks to its caster wheels.

It also boasts an ergonomic seat design that conforms to the natural shape of the human back, providing support for the neck, shoulders, and lumbar area and is often assisted by extra support cushions by the headrest and lower back. The racing variant may be the best ergonomic gaming chair among them all in terms of design.

Rocker-style Chairs

Specially built for console gaming, rocker-style chairs sit lower than racing models to compensate for the usual home entertainment setup, which takes into account the lower position of a TV relative to the floor. These chairs often prioritize comfort more than posture, explaining the plusher cushioning and often-oversized support sections that adorn them.

There is little to no adjustability in rocker chairs, often limited to the armrests to provide a stable platform for your arms to settle on. This is due to the rocking functionality that eliminates the need for tilting mechanisms to be included in the design. 

This type of gaming chair is designed for maximum immersion as well, sporting built-in speakers and subwoofers to provide a surround-sound setup that doesn’t need to be wired in, with a handy control panel by the side to allow you to adjust the volume and bass, or provide you with added audio input/output connectivity when needed. Some even have vibration motors embedded in the cushioning to recreate in-game events like the earth shuddering or explosion shockwaves.

Pedestal-style Chairs

Pedestal gaming chairs present a middle ground for the racing and rocker variants, mainly equipped with the body of a rocker but the base of a racing chair. It offers improved comfort especially for taller people as their legs can now be properly angled and set on the floor, unlike a rocker where you are forced to squat or cross your legs when sitting.

Moreover, due to it being attached to a pedestal base, you can now rock and rotate the chair at the same time, providing easier 360° access around your gaming setup. These have no casters, however, considerably limiting your directional movement.

It may or may not have the immersive speaker setup of a rocker chair, however, so be discerning when choosing if you should need that specific feature in your arsenal.

Inflatable or Cushion-style Chairs

Resembling the modern couch, inflatable or cushion-style gaming chairs are all about comfort, thanks to the generous amount of padding its design allows for. These chairs may look bulky, but their filler material – usually air or synthetic beads – make them easy to move around.

Their shape is usually defined by the filler material, making cushion chairs quite loose and require the need for added cushion support to improve ergonomics. Cushion-style variants are often the best gaming chairs for entry-level console gamers.

Gaming Cockpits/Simulators

While not exclusively a gaming chair type per se, gaming cockpits and simulators can be considered as such due to the massive popularity of racing games at the moment. Due to innovations in the game developer community, racing games are getting much closer to their real-life counterparts in terms of simulation, especially graphics and vehicle physics. As such, the demand for dedicated racing simulation setups has been on the rise in the past five years or so.

Racing cockpits/simulators basically mimic the stance and setup of a race or rally car, complete with steering wheels, shifters, and pedals – some even feature a completely motorized cockpit with realistic suspension rebound and terrain handling. As such, these specialized units are some of the most expensive gaming setups to come by. 

Best Gaming Chair Brands

When it comes to choosing the best console or computer gaming chair, the uninitiated won’t come looking for specifications or features. It has been an unspoken rule for consumers to refer to a brand first before even planning to do some digging regarding a certain gaming chair’s features. As such, a brand’s reputation in the market can make or break their chances of securing new clients and patrons. 

That being said, some of the best brands in the business all have one thing in common: they offer the best features and functions for their specific target market. If you have the money to burn, premium brands like Secretlab, Vertagear, Maxnomic, and Noblechairs have some of the best user reviews in the market at the moment. Pioneering company DXRacer also scores quite high, although the aforementioned brands have already overtaken them due to frequent product innovation.

For those constrained by a tight budget, brands like AKRacing and GTRacing have good value for money options by using cheaper materials in their products, allowing them to retain the most sought-after features which are often skimped out on by no-name brands. That being said, these tier 2 brands also have decent high-end offerings that can go toe to toe with the absolute best in the scene.

Of course, if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty, doing your own share of research can go a long way. Digging through forums and boards is a good way to start, e.g., searching for the best gaming chair according to Reddit can provide you with the necessary information on specific brands or models.

How To Choose the Right Gaming Chair

Whether you are looking for the a PC, PS4 or the best gaming chair for Xbox One, there is no “one size fits all” – as it’s more of a “different folks, different strokes” affair. Indeed, when it comes to personal preference in terms of ergonomics, a gamer has to find that sweet spot to cater to long gaming hours. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for your very first gaming chair. 


Knowing what a specific gaming chair is made of can greatly help in your assessment of whether a specific model is fit for your needs. Some important things to look out for are frame construction, padding, and lining fabric.

Most gaming chairs, especially racing-style ones, are equipped with steel frames to accommodate greater body weights while retaining structural integrity, but some no-name brands offer plastic/steel hybrids to cut down on production costs. Look out for the maximum weight rating of these chairs to make sure that you fall within it for safety purposes.

Padding also contributes to the overall comfort of a gaming chair, augmenting the contours of the frame to accommodate bodies of different shapes and sizes. It is advantageous to get a unit with high-density foam padding that is resilient to deformation. It ensures that the foam retains its shape when not in use, as well as its cushioning properties.

Lastly, the lining material protects everything on the main body of the gaming chair. It holds the padding in place, as well as providing a contact surface for the user – which determines the level of comfort depending on what it’s made of. Most gaming chairs opt for synthetic leather, which is easy to maintain and is considerably durable. Some come with perforations to improve breathability and comfort in warmer climates as well.

Cloth variants are also available and come at cheaper prices. While they are more breathable thanks to its natural porosity, maintenance can often be a challenge as they are prone to staining. For maximum comfort in hot weather, mesh-type materials provide the most ventilation among these variants.

These rely on tension to provide maximum ergonomics and comfort when gaming. But just like cloth-lined chairs, mesh types tend to be hard to keep clean as the absorbent padding is exposed constantly.


Chair ergonomics make gaming chairs stand out from the rest – boasting designs that claim to help improve posture while providing an optimal level of comfort for gamers. This can come in the form of high backrests, wider shoulders, oversized seat paddings, leg rests, additional support cushions. Since every one of us is built differently, it is important to find a chair with neck and lumbar support that complements your body shape and size. 

 As we’ve said earlier, there is no universal fit for gaming chairs, so choose your preferred ergonomic setup wisely to aid you as you dedicate hours to your favorite games.


One thing that gaming chairs capitalize on, especially racing-types, is the ability to be adjusted, whether it is to improve fit or add sedentary functions, such as laying down or provide rocking motions. This involves backrest tilt, armrest adjustment, height adjustment, pivoting capabilities, and rocking allowance. Wheels or casters also help greatly if you need to access certain parts of your gaming crib without standing up.


It goes without saying that your gaming chair of choice should match your setup. Desk-oriented chairs like racers are the way to go if you’re searching for the best computer gaming chair. As for consoles, a rocker or beanbag-type would be the best choice if you plan to game on a PS4 or Xbox One. Of course, going for speaker-equipped chairs can also improve the immersive experience for home theater setups. 

This is very important, especially for cockpits and simulator-types which are designed to work with specific genres like racing. Using these chairs for normal PC or console gaming can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and awkward.

Our best advice is to invest in a gaming chair that works best for your needs, putting emphasis on ergonomics and features that provide an optimal level of comfort and functionality for extended gaming grinds and sessions without compromising value for money.

In the end, if you are a console player, you might as well take a look at the best gaming couches available on the market today to make your gaming experience a lot more comfortable.