The Best Gaming Couch 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

While you can game from any couch, sofa, or bean bag, not every place you can sit is ideal for gaming. A gaming couch, even if not designed with gamers in mind, should be easy to adjust, comfortable, and allow you for a clear view of the screen.

Additionally, you want to offer the same to your friends when playing multiplayer and co-op games, as it will add to the overall enjoyment of the game. This includes the distance between your eyes and the gaming monitor or gaming TV both when you are leaning forward and laying back.

Finally, while a gaming couch is more suitable for console gamers, some might decide to use it with their PC. In that case, you will want to have some features to keep your keyboard and mouse in a good position as well as your game controller.

ProductReclinerSeatsOur Rating
Intex 68575VM Inflatable Corner CouchNo34.0
Floor Gaming Chair Lazy SofaNo24.1
Modern Faux Leather Convertible FutonYes2+14.2
Convertible Linen Splitback FutonYes24.2
Homelegance Faux Leather Low-Profile Love SeatNo24.5
Rivet Goodwin Modern LoveseatNo24.2
Ashley Party Time Power Reclining SofaYes2+14.6
360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor ChairYes14.8
Homall Gaming Recliner ChairYes14.6
X Rocker Pedestal Extreme IIIYes14.8

What Is a Gaming Couch?

A gaming couch is designed to make gaming more comfortable, but not just that, it also helps you to raise your game by providing indirect assistance.

Direct assistance is typically something within the game that assists with the player’s ability to win or score high. For instance, a tool that helps a player shoot with more accuracy is something that provides direct assistance. Another example might be armor that provides greater defense. Let me break that down a little.

Indirect assistance means that something that provides ancillary assistance by either enabling primary assistance or, at the least, by not preventing it. Such things as gamers couches provide players a great deal of indirect assistance.

For instance, after twelve hours of gameplay, a bad couch will lead to an aching back. If the couch does not have the proper support, it might force the player into an odd posture, inhibiting shooting, running, and fighting. At its most basic level, a bad couch might also prevent a player from being able to enjoy the game.

From a more positive perspective, a good gamer sofa puts the player or players in the ideal position to manipulate all the controls. It might have slots for game controllers. It might be of an ideal size for a small room, or it might even be equipped with sound. With built-in sound, it will add to a game’s appeal by increasing the gamer’s immersion within the game.

Why Get a Gaming Couch?

Depending on your setup, using just any old couch for your gaming purposes might place a constant strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Staying in an unnatural position will be problematic over time, and lower your enjoyment and gaming performance.

Also, those who have a dedicated gaming room might not consider where other players will sit. When you have your friends over to play Super Smash Bros, you want to have an equal playing field so that nobody can complain that they were playing at a disadvantage.

And, because there are so many video game couches to choose from, you can certainly find a gaming couch that will work for non-gaming purposes as well. Laying back and relaxing will be just as good when watching a movie, or listening to music.

What is the Best Gaming Couch?

Intex 68575VM

  • Type: Inflatable Corner Couch
  • Size: Double
  • Places: 3
  • Recliner: No
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: Yes
  • Ergonomic: No

Just to show that a good gaming couch doesn’t need to cost thousands, or to be made from luxurious high-end materials, the Intex inflatable couch is ideal when you need more sitting space, quickly.

As it is an inflatable couch, it can be made as firm or soft as you want it. And, the more people are sitting down the higher the pressure gets, averaging at just the right spot.

The side hand-rests have dedicated cup holders, meaning that you won’t need to stand up to grab your drink while playing. They might not be strong enough to hold people sitting on them, but that’s what the rest of the couch is for.

The material is fairly soft and not rubbery at all. Still, as most such couches, it is water-proof and stain-resistant, meaning that you shouldn’t worry if you spill something accidentally during a game.

Finally, the biggest advantage of this couch is that you can always deflate it and set it aside when you don’t need it. With quick inflation and deflation, you can take it down and put it up on a whim.


  • Adaptable
  • Quick to deploy
  • Has cup holders
  • Fairly comfortable


  • You will need a pump
  • Loses air over time
  • Holes might be an issue

Floor Gaming Chair Lazy Sofa

  • Type: Frameless rollout
  • Size: Double (4 feet)
  • Places: 2
  • Recliner: No
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: No

Ideal for younger gamers, this couch is perfect both for a gaming session and a movie night. It can roll out and become a full-sized bed if needed. But, you keep your drinks and snacks on the ground.

From a gaming perspective, this is not a bad idea, as you will be able to lay back and still see the screen perfectly without straining your neck. And the little drum pillows are great in supporting your back.

The material is relatively soft and the filling on the firmer side, further assisted by the fact that there is floor right beneath it. This makes it impossible for you to sink too much into the filling and start feeling uncomfortable.

And, from a personal perspective, this type of couch is perfect for couples gaming and watching movies.  It’s not that wide and won’t allow more than two people to lie down, but it is perfect for who people who don’t mind staying close.

Finally, from an aesthetic perspective, it is a really good piece of furniture and looks good in a room with lower seating overall. If you are the type that likes beanbags, cushion seating, or has tatami mats in the room, this couch will be a good choice.


  • Comfortable
  • Unfolds
  • Soft materials
  • Adjustable positioning


  • Somewhat narrow
  • Can’t sit up easily
  • Might need extra pillows

Modern Faux Leather Convertible Futon

  • Type: Futon, recliner
  • Size: 65&¼ Inches
  • Places: 2+1
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: Yes
  • Ergonomic: No

This is a full-on futon and you will see many lists placing it as one of the best couches in general for several years now. It is slick and modern and has several features that will interest both gamers and non-gamers.

The black faux-leather finish gives this piece of furniture a fusion look between traditional ‘mad men’ business style and something futuristic. And the metal footing makes it fit both an open plan and a smaller living room.

For a couch gamer, two features will make this futon stand out.

First of all, the middle of the futon can drop down to uncover two drink slots. This is on a flat surface, so it can accommodate both snacks and drinks, and the leather-type material means that it will keep its cool longer.

The second feature is the fact that the other armrest is flat, and non-reflective as well, making it a good place for a mouse or keyboard. It might not be a proper holder, but it will serve the purpose.

As far as comfort goes, this is a sturdier model and doesn’t excel when it comes to filling. It will accommodate average builds quite well but might become too hard if you are very lean or very muscular.


  • Great Design
  • Two hand rests
  • A place for drinks and snacks
  • Easy to clean


  • Not as ergonomic
  • Can’t really lean back
  • On the firmer side

Convertible Linen Splitback Futon

  • Type: Sofa Couch
  • Size: 75.5 Inches
  • Places: 2 (Large)
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: Semi

By itself, this is a great couch. The bedding is soft and the materials are nice to the touch, as well as ideal for leaning back and relaxing.

For gamers, this is a great choice if your friends are on the larger side and need the extra elbow room to play properly. There is enough space for up to four people, but because the middle is meant to be modular, sitting there is not as comfortable.

There are armrests on both sides, but not enough to keep your drink there. They can be used to prop up your elbow and allow you to game from the corner comfortably.

The couch can recline the back totally, making a fairly comfortable futon to sleep and relax on. It will still have the middle that makes every futon inferior to a bed for this purpose, but the ease of changing modes makes it ideal for changing a gaming night to a movie night.

For ideal results, you might want to use some throw around pillows or tubes, but it is generally easy to sit on.

Finally, the aesthetics of this couch mean that you can keep it in the house as just a regular couch without anyone noticing. Because of this, it becomes a great compromise in mixed cohabitation between gamers and non-gamers.


  • Great design
  • Very soft
  • Modular pieces


  • No place for snacks or drinks
  • Narrow armrests

Homelegance Faux Leather Low-Profile Love Seat

  • Type: Loveseat
  • Size: 63 inches
  • Places: 2
  • Recliner: No
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: Yes

Many would see this love seat and think of something futuristic. Avid players of Forza Horizon or Grand Turismo will recognize an Italian racing seat design, which was an inspiration for this model.

Most gamers will find more important features with this piece of furniture, but the design is probably its main selling point. It is frankly stunning and the finish is perfect, as it should be.

If you need a good gaming couch but want to keep your gaming intentions incognito from your family, this is probably the model you should be looking for.

For gaming purposes alone, it is very comfortable and ergonomic, allowing you to relax in a position with good posture. The smaller size might be an issue for some if you want to have two players, but it is a love seat and not a competitive two-seater.

If you need something bigger, there is a sofa option that is more than a foot wider.

The bedding is slightly on the firmer side, but not as much to cause discomfort. And the good covering materials are both easy to clean and don’t gather heat as much. The latter fact combined with the design of the back makes longer gaming very comfortable.

Finally, while this Homelegance couch can’t recline, it is fairly light and can slide on most floors without damaging them. So, when you need to make your screen take up more visual space, you can just push the seat further up.


  • Excellent design
  • Very comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to clean


  • On the smaller side
  • Designed for couples
  • Assembly required with tools

Rivet Goodwin Modern Loveseat

  • Type: Classic Loveseat
  • Size: 68 Inches
  • Places: 2 (Large)
  • Recliner: No
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: No

This has a look of a classic couch or love seat from two decades ago, and surprisingly is still a viable design when it comes to gaming. The soft cushions make it easy to adjust your positioning, and the large pillows on the back are easy to sink in.

This couch is slightly softer than the average, and muscular people will sink in more than is strictly comfortable. But, that can be surpassed if you sit with your legs crossed, which is a preferred position for many gamers.

The hand rests are narrow, and won’t allow you to put your drinks or snacks on them. But, they are a great place to lean your elbow when sinking into the back cushion and make the whole thing very comfortable.

As far as aesthetics go, the vote is split. Some like the traditional design, whilst for others it is outdated. If you have a traditional living room or one with an open floor plan, this piece is a good choice.

The size is enough for two fairly large people, with enough elbow room for gaming, and more people can fit if everyone scoots up a bit. But, if you are expecting a larger party, you might want to opt for the larger sofa from the same manufacturer.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Adapts to the body
  • More than enough room
  • Generally easy to clean


  • Somewhat old design
  • Things will fall into the cracks of the couch
  • Needs frequent vacuuming
  • Some might need a few throw-around pillows

Ashley Party Time Power Reclining Sofa

  • Type: Multi-seat Recliner
  • Size: 85.5 Inches
  • Places: 2+1
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: Yes
  • Drinks Slot: Yes
  • Ergonomic: Yes

This sofa, if it can even be called a sofa any more, is currently the pinnacle of advanced gaming furniture that you can find. It is meant to be in a multi-media room for watching movies and shows on a large screen but works perfectly for gaming.

For seating alone, the sofa has three ergonomic seats that support the whole body perfectly. There are both armrests and headrests, and it feels more like a massage chair than a regular sofa.

The reclining feature means that you can game from any position, and the seat will compensate if you lean forward to ‘focus’ in a pinch. And, once you lean back, your feet will be supported from the bottom.

The cushions are sectional, allowing for every part of the body to be supported regardless of your weight or build.

But, the furniture part alone is not nearly the end of this sofa’s features. When you put down the middle seat, you get two perfectly designed gaming chairs with equal attributes.

Both side hand rests can be opened and you can use them to store your snacks or even the controllers. And, because the middle part has several USB slots, you can even play on a cable much longer than usual without dealing with a lot of cordage.

There are also two lights on the exposed middle section that will help you find stuff such as your phone or snacks without turning on the big lights.

Finally, the rests are flat, allowing for ideal keyboard positioning. With these features, you can even play an FPS game with very little loss in results.


  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent additional features
  • Ample space
  • No pillows needed
  • Good thermal regulation


  • Very hard to move
  • Some features depend on the middle being dropped down

Gaming Chairs Are An Option

In some situations, you might want to reconsider picking up a couch for something smaller and more portable. And, this way, you can still have your spot for gaming without messing with the rest of the room.

Additionally, there are options here to pick up multiple gaming chairs, which might end up a cheaper option overall. In many cases, picking up two ergonomic and adjustable chairs dedicated to playing games will end up giving you more bang for the buck.

The downside is that this layout is not adjustable and can’t work for more than just gaming or watching movies with the exact number of friends as you have chairs. If you are planning a party, you will find this option lacking.

360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

  • Type: Floor chair / Swivel
  • Size: 22.5 Inches
  • Places: 1
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: Yes

This is a fairly simple model when it comes to gaming chairs, but it is very comfortable and adaptable to most gaming systems.

The positioning of this chair is very low, and it is meant to work by almost looking up to the screen. While this makes it easy to stay in a comfortable position, you might need a monitor or TV with a high resolution to play from a comfortable position.

The issue with distance also places some older gaming systems out of the equation, as they will not provide the necessary picture quality to keep your eyes safe.

As for the chair itself, it is very comfortable and supports the whole body with sectional cushions. The front end assumes that you will rest your elbows on your knees, giving you the option to have the correct posture in that position.

Finally, the swivel feature becomes useful when you have multiple chairs and want to look in the right direction. But, you will need to be careful not to leave drinks on the floor, because it is easy to spill them by spinning around.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Has hand rests
  • Easy to stand up from


  • A bit too low
  • Hand rests are hard to remove and adjust

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

  • Type: Bergère / Armchair
  • Size: 34 inches
  • Places: 1
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: Yes

This is a very peculiar model because it is a classic bergère (sounds as French as you think) type armchair that is adapted for gaming. It is ergonomic and quite wide for the purpose, and it can recline to a 45-degree angle.

The material is quite good and helps with good thermal regulation. But the filling is not that soft and relies a lot on the design to keep the chair comfortable.

As far as gaming goes, this is a solid choice, allowing you to game on your console very easily. There are no USB adapters or similar features, but there is a pocket on the side to keep your controller and some snacks in.

Finally, this chair is very easy to clean. The PU faux leather is very water-resistant and if you act quickly you won’t need anything but a damp cloth to clean up juice or soda.

Although this chair is not as easy to move and adjust as some others, it is still not beyond anyone’s ability to change the direction if needed.


  • Solid design
  • Quite comfortable
  • Useful side pocket


  • Bothersome to move
  • Narrow armrests
  • Bit too firm

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III

  • Type: Floor chair / Swivel
  • Size: 29.13 Inches
  • Places: 1
  • Recliner: Yes
  • Keyboard Assist: No
  • Drinks Slot: No
  • Ergonomic: Yes

If you are looking for a top of the range multimedia and gaming chair, you will be hard-pressed to find a model with more features than this one.

The design of the chair is very futuristic, which is appropriate because there are a lot of high-tech and modern features incorporated into the chair itself.

As a seat, it is very comfortable and envelops every body type perfectly. All parts are contoured to allow for ideal seating at all times, regardless of whether you are leaning forward to focus or back to relax.

The rocker in the bottom is multi-directional, allowing you to swing with the chair without tipping over. This means that when you lean to the side to turn in a racing game, which every single person does, the chair will still support you as if you are sitting normally.

But, the real advantages of this chair are under the cushions. The chair allows you to move the speakers to the chair itself with subwoofer and stereo speakers. This combined with a USB port can make the whole system independent from anything else in the room.

And, once you are done with the chair, it is very easy to fold and put away. It folds up into 1/3 of the size it is when in use.


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent thermal regulation
  • Generally easy to clean
  • Multimedia features
  • Good positioning
  • Ergonomic


  • Needs an adapter for wireless capability
  • Bit lower than ideal

Gaming Couch & Sofa Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the perfect game couch is not as easy as picking out the tech itself, because the specs of the seating will completely depend on factors beyond the couch itself. Even the best couch in the world isn’t worth much if it can’t fit your room.

Additionally, different body types will require wider, narrower, or longer options. This includes both the primary user of the couch, a.k.a. you, and your friends who will come to play a few games.

And, even though performance in this case, is not a primary issue, it is important. You want to be able to react to things happening on the screen quickly and stay relatively alert when laying back. Also, you should be able to lean forward without needing to press your elbows to your knees.

Work With Your Platform

Traditionally, playing from the couch was reserved for the classical gaming entertainment systems such as the PlayStation, Xbox, or some of the Nintendo console systems, but that isn’t still the case.

Primarily, there are now consoles that don’t play in the same way as before. In addition to joysticks and driving wheels, there are all kinds of controllers with different settings and requirements.

In some, like the Nintendo-Wi, you need to sit considerably more in line with the screen to play.

Additionally, you might not need a TV set at all to play. The rise in mobile games means that your playing surface might be right in front of you, and you still need to stay comfortable.

While some gaming purists will argue that mobile gaming is ‘not real gaming’ the ever-rising number of players suggests something different.

Finally, some want to play on their PC while on the couch. Most PC gamers won’t give up the advantage of a mouse in FPS games and play with only a controller, but for genres like grand strategies, this is an ideal setup.

In all three situations, your couch must remain comfortable and allow you to play easily without straining any muscle or pressing on a nerve.

Monitor and Couch Sizes Scale Together

There are multiple reasons why you will need a bigger couch the bigger your TV is.

First, there is the visual diagonal relationship, meaning that you need to be further away if you are gaming on larger screens. With Full HD resolutions, the ratio between the distance and the diagonal should be 3:1 in favor of the distance.

This ratio lowers with 2K and 4K, dropping to 2:1, and only at 8K, it becomes 1.5:1. So, if you have a 50-inch 4K screen, you will need around 100 inches between your eyes and the pixels. This can vary up to a foot, but it is more comfortable to go for more distance than less.

Also, the bigger your screen is, the more people you can invite over to play. With really big screens, you might even host more than four players, and for that, you will need a seriously large couch.

How Big Are Your Friends?

Acceptable ranges vary, but you will need to take into account the width and weight of all probable players if you want to keep them comfortable.

Bigger people will need more space, including enough leeway for their shoulders if they start leaning and twisting, which is what we often do when playing games. Ideally, you want to have as much as two feet per person or something between the seats to give that room.

Thankfully, most gaming couches provide this space, so you would be hard-pressed to find a good item that is too small for everyone.

But, even more, important is the hardness of the material under the person. Getting just enough ‘dip’ is not easy, and guessing how much you need is not always obvious when looking at someone.

Rule of thumb in this case, which is the best you can do, is to go by overall fitness. If both you and your friends are avid gym-goers or do a competitive sport, you will be much denser (body-wise) than if you are not in shape.

The greater the fitness of the user, the harder the cushions should be. You should never opt for lawn furniture toughness when gaming, but you don’t want to sink too much. One inch of ‘dip’ is ideal.

Organizing a Gaming Party

The real issues when picking out a gaming couch start when you have a lot of friends who come to play, and especially if these friends come in pairs with their significant others. Thankfully, with some clever feng shui, you can make your layout scalable to accommodate more people.

The first mistake most people make here is thinking only about the couch and the sofas. You need to organize the complete space if you want everyone to have a good time.

Having a separate ’audience corner’ is a great way to separate those who are playing at the moment from those who are getting some snacks. While it would be ideal to have a bar here and an open plan, that is not always possible. In that case, just a separate table with normal chairs will serve the same purpose.

As far as the couch goes, you will want sturdy hand-rests. Unlike regular gaming where these will serve for snacks and drinks, at a party the rests will be taken by close audience members, most often the romantic partners of the people playing, making the couch a gaming loveseat that the two people can enjoy to the fullest.

Not Made for Performance

If you want to have a setup made for top competitive gaming performance, buy a desk and a gaming chair. Gaming couches are best suited for casual or semi-professional play, but you will never get the same performance as when sitting up straight.

This doesn’t mean that gaming should be hard from the couch, quite the opposite. It should be easier to play this way than if you would be from a desk. But this will not translate into a better K/D/A.

The bright side is that most multiplayer games now are matched in the way to segregate those playing with a keyboard and mouse from those on a controller. Because of this, you only need to worry about having the best of all couch setups, not optimized setups in general.

Always Prioritize Your Comfort

Especially with modern couches, there are a lot of features that will make them stand out from the rest. You might be enamored by the LED lights, cup holders, or USB slots inside the hand rests.

But, if these features don’t come with a good couch around them, they shouldn’t be your choice.

Also, there are some novel and futuristic designs on the market that look positively stunning and might be a great work of art, but don’t make for a good couch. Or they might be a good couch for someone else, but not for you.

Comfort is always first and you shouldn’t place anything else as more important.

Not only would you be spending several hours at a time on that couch, but it will also be your precious free time. It should be as enjoyable as possible and you should be comfortable at all times.

Aim for Correct Posture

Even if you are the sort that changes furniture often, a couch will last up to five years, which means your body will adapt to it as well. Once you realize the gaming couch you want to buy is comfortable, make sure it allows you to sit or lay back with correct posture.

Make sure your back is straight and your lumbar area supported. Even if you are younger now, time waits for no person and you don’t want your relaxation time and entertainment to be damaging your health.

For many couches, this issue can be solved with throw-around pillows that can be adjusted to stay just in the right place.

Finally, you will want your eyes to be lined up with the screen without needing to strain your neck. That means that when you are sitting up you will be straight, and when you are laying down that a headrest will prop your view as much as you need.


If you are looking for a great place to relax and play games after a hard day, you need a gaming couch. Not only will these couches allow you to play comfortably for hours, but they are also good couches in general, and can fit your space even when the monitor is off.

But, to make the couch fit your needs, you will need to do some assessments first. Not only should it fit the room, but your gaming rig and preference as well.

Finally, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. Because, even when the game you play is nerve-wracking, you want it to be enjoyable.