The Best Gaming Desks in 2021

What would be expected from the best gaming desks has changed significantly throughout the years. While a long time ago, as a PC gamer, you would want to have a narrow desk with a strong base, the opposite is likely to be more true for today.

The modern gaming table has many of the same features as a good office desk. They need to be wide and open, with a good top board and open space in the back. But, the best gaming desk also needs to have some additional features to improve your gaming experience.

What features you will look for will depend on your gaming style. For some users, being able to focus will mean more than comfort. But, for others, a comfortable spot to lay back and relax will be the ideal solution.

Finally, what you might be looking for will depend on how many monitors you would plan to use. A larger single monitor will need a strong top board. And, if you plan of using a multi-monitor setup, you will need both more width and more depth to the desk.

ProductKey FeaturesOur Rating
Atlantic Gaming Original* Solid cable management
* Headphone hook
VANSPACE 47 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk* Slick and futuristic design
* Cable management friendly
Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk* Comes with a leg rest
* Corner desk
AuAg Modern L-Shaped Home Office Desk* Headphone hook
* L-Shape
Y56 – 47’’ Computer Desk* Extremely sturdy
* Metal legs

Desks for Function, Peripherals for Form

The main mistake most buyers make when picking out between the best gaming desks is looking for aesthetics. Because some manufacturers know this, they will try to camouflage inferior desks to look like complete gaming setups.

But, picking these nice gaming desks would be a mistake. A desk should be the base on which you will build your gaming setup. If it is too restrictive and already has designated places for everything you will never be able to use it to the fullest.

This is why you should look for a desk that would be a good pick regardless if you are using it for the office, to game on, or to study. Only when you have a good desk can you start thinking about building a great gaming setup on top of this desk.

Finally, when you are happy with your short-list, you can look for features like the headphone hook, cable holes, or some other features that would make the desk stand out as a gaming model. Let’s take a look at some of the good desks for gaming setups.


  • Type: Single
  • HxWxD: 29,75’’ x 40,25’’ x 23,5’’
  • Surface Material: Vinyl over plywood
  • Leg Material: Steel
  • Cable Management: Yes
  • Peripheral Space: No (Attachments)
  • Headphone Hook: Yes

The Atlantic can be considered the ‘’professional entry model’’, as it has a lot of features that would make gaming easier without following all the points that make it one of the good gaming desks. Thankfully, this is visible in the price as well.

This is a good single-person gaming desk, provided that you will only use a single monitor and nothing over 32’’. For FPS games and similar shooters, this can be the ideal choice.

Additionally, the top board is quite sturdy and won’t flex or bend under the weight. Also, the monitor is supposed to sit on the pedestal, which is a benefit in some cases.

The pedestal for the monitor is almost 22’’ wide, which is good, but only 7’’ deep. This will likely be an issue if you have one of the larger gaming monitors or play on a gaming tv.

There are two holes for cables on the side, as well as several baskets for your drinks, snacks, and other things you might need. This prevents clutter on the desk itself and makes the whole setup look better.

Finally, having metal legs is always a good thing. They will give the desk a lower center of mass and provide a more stable surface if the game becomes frustrating.


  • Very sturdy
  • Excellent peripherals
  • Solid cable management


  • Narrow
  • Only single-monitor setups

Our Rating: 4.7/5.0


  • Type: Single
  • HxWxD: 30,3’’ x 47,24’’ x 25,2’’
  • Surface Material: Composite Carbon & Plastic
  • Leg Material: Composite Metal & Plastic
  • Cable Management: Yes
  • Peripheral Space: No (Attachments)
  • Headphone Hook: Yes

Looking for one of the great gaming desks? The Vanspace 47 is a desk completely dedicated to gaming. It is made from novel materials and has many of the features you would want to see in a gaming desk. Even with its relatively small size, it is a great option for younger gamers. 

While the top board is not very thick, the composite carbon components make it extremely durable. Also, the finish looks nice and futuristic.

Additionally, the sides of the table are raised, preventing anything you might have from sliding down. Combined with the headphone hook and a cup holder, everything you need will always be at arm’s length.

Finally, even though the desk is not very large, there is a possibility for a multi-monitor setup. This is also enabled through the two holes on the desk meant for cable management.


  • Slick and futuristic design
  • Excellent additional features
  • Very sturdy
  • Allows for multiple monitors


  • No extra space
  • No leg rest

Our Rating: 4.6/5.0


  • Type: L-Shape
  • HxWxD: 29,5’’ x 50,8’’ x 18,2’’
  • Surface Material: Plywood
  • Leg Material: Metal
  • Cable Management: No
  • Peripheral Space: Yes
  • Headphone Hook: No

While the design of this table is somewhat basic, it has great potential in both gaming and office circumstances. Because of its L-shaped curve, it will fit nicely in a corner, and that will provide some other benefits compared to a single. For example, there will be plenty of space on the desk for you to display your gaming pc.

The layout presumes that you will want to have a multi-monitor setup. But, this will be completely up to you. If you like to have the monitor elevated, you can use the stand. Otherwise, you may place multiple monitors on the other side.

The top board is not the thickest and the desk itself is slightly shallower than optimal. This will prevent using the most massive monitor options.

But, the legs are stable and there is more than enough room in the middle.

Finally, the line connecting the central and side legs can be used as a rest for your legs. For those gamers who suffer from nervous feet, this can be a great way to relax your foot a bit.


  • Spacious
  • Nice finish and materials
  • Has a leg rest
  • Sturdy legs


  • No gaming accessories
  • No cable management holes

Our Rating: 4.7/5.0


  • Type: L-Shape
  • HxWxD: 29,3’’ x 47,5’’ x 19’’
  • Surface Material: Composite Plywood
  • Leg Material: Metal
  • Cable Management: No
  • Peripheral Space: Yes
  • Headphone Hook: Yes

This may be one of the top gaming desks for an adult gamer. Because it can easily double as one of the best gaming desks and office desks, you can turn your home office in a gaming room on a whim. 

Also, it comes with a little stand for the PC tower to raise it from the ground. This is not only visually appealing and makes you look sophisticated, but is also quite useful.

The top board is made from high-quality composite plywood. While it is not the thickest board, it is reinforced on all sides with metal rails. This lets you place up to 450 lbs on the desk without an issue.

The L-shaped layout will allow you to place a monitor on each side. But, because one side is shorter than the other, it may be better to use the 66’’ side for a multi-monitor setup and the short 47’’ side for utility peripherals.

Finally, this desk is made for gaming and there is even a headphone hook. But, you will want to get one of the best gaming mouse pads because the glossy finish might not be ideal for just any gaming mouse.


  • Very sturdy
  • Looks very stylish
  • Ample let room
  • Comes with a little tower stand


  • No cable management holes
  • Leg rails make it harder to clean around.

Our Rating: 4.8/5.0

Y56 – 47’’ Computer Desk


  • Type: Tall Single
  • HxWxD: 55,11’’ x 47,24’’ x 23,62’’
  • Surface Material: Composite Plywood & Metal
  • Leg Material: Metal / Cast Iron
  • Cable Management: No
  • Peripheral Space: No
  • Headphone Hook: No

This gaming desk is proof that the desk is there to provide function and your choice is how you want to produce the final form. Alone, it is almost unsightly with the shelves arched around it. But, when those are full of games and paraphernalia, you can make something beautiful.

The frame and top board of this desk are exceptionally sturdy. The only this preventing you from using truly massive monitors on it is the arch. Space inside is roughly 30’’ wide, which will allow for 16:9 monitors up to 32’’ in diagonal.

Legs and framing are made from robust metal. By density and weight, it seems to be cast iron making it stand very firmly in place.

There is no designated place for peripherals. But, you can always use the shelves for your essentials. There is more than enough space for both game boxes, gaming speakers, and gaming headset stand if you decide you want to place them there.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • The arched top can be useful
  • Adaptable


  • No cable management holes
  • Lacks a real leg rest
  • No gaming accessories
  • Limited space

Our Rating: 4.4/5.0

Quick Buyer’s Guide for the Best Gaming Desks

Finding a desk that you can place your monitor and gaming keyboard on is fairly easy. You just need a solid surface of the right height. But, the best gaming desks are more than that. They are made to improve both your comfort and your performance.

This is why finding the best gaming desk is not as easy.

Additionally, there are some medical advantages to using a good gaming desk. Because it will be the proper height and allow for the monitor to be in the right position, your back should be straight at all times.

In general, gaming desks are slightly taller than regular dining tables. This is because it is preferable for the desk to be too tall than too short. Even if the top of the monitor is above your forehead, this is much less damaging than looking down all the time.

Finally, the desk should assist with your performance in some way. Either by giving you enough elbow space and screen real estate or by having a good surface for your mouse and keyboard, the desk should allow all of the components to shine.

Always Aim for Adjustable

While we tend to change PC components rather regularly, that can’t be said for our gaming desk. An average person will only change their desk once they move, and some not even then.

This is why you should always aim to let your desk be adjustable. There should be enough room for multiple different configurations. Regardless if you are playing fast-paced shooters or leisurely single-player strategy game, the desk should work for you.

Before you make your choice, imagine all the ways you might want your gaming setup to look like. This way, your desk will be just as good even when you change your entire PC over time.

Take into consideration that, over time, you might get a new monitor or a different PC tower. Your desk should complement those devices as well and not limit your decision in any way.

Comfort is Key

Even the best gaming desks don’t need to be cozy, especially for professional or semi-professional gamers. But, this doesn’t mean that they should bother you in any way.

Keeping yourself comfortable is key for both performance and health.

In some cases, this can be something minor. Having little space for your legs might be annoying, but is not medically detrimental. But, if the desk is too short and you start bending your spine, you might have an issue in the future.

Additionally, the materials are very important. As you will be resting your arms a lot on the surface, it needs to be something that will not irritate your skin. This is why the best gaming tables are never made with plastic top boards.

Finally, make sure that the desk combines well with your chair. If you have an adjustable gaming chair this will be easy, but you will still need to check the width so as not to bang your knees on the side.

Desk Positioning

Although there ought to be some people who have the funds and opportunity to change the architectural plans of their living space to fit their gaming needs, they tend to be very rare.

For the rest of us, we will need to adapt our desk to the space we have. And, regretfully, few places are ideal for a gaming desk.

There are three things to consider when picking out the place for your PC: light level, glare, and temperature of the room. These don’t need to be perfect, but all three need to be at least acceptable.

Because of the temperature and humidity, it is good for the room to have at least one window. This will prevent condensation, and will generally be more pleasurable to game in. But, this window should always be to the side of the monitor.

Having direct natural light to the front will distract your vision and make it harder to see. But, if the window is right behind you, there will be glare. Both are annoying and will reduce your gaming performance.

Finally, you should keep your gaming room cool, not only for the PC’s sake but for yours as well. The ideal temperature is 72°F as far as components go, and you shouldn’t go too much over this limit unless you are really cold.

What do the Best Gaming Desks need to Have?

When trying to pick out between the best gaming desks, most things will be left to your personal preference. But, some will be objectively better than others.

Seven aspects to consider when buying a gaming desk are:

  1. Height
  2. Width
  3. Depth
  4. Top Board
  5. Leg Room
  6. Gaming Features
  7. Insulation

The first three will depend on the gamer using the desk. If you are a particularly petite or large person, some models just won’t be viable. But, the ration you’ll need will always be the same.

In the middle, there is the top board of the desk. This feature will depend on your preference when it comes to the design, but not when it comes to thickness. Generally, the larger and heavier you are the thicker board you will need.

The only unknown card here might be allergies and static electricity. If the desk you like induces any of those, it should be stricken off the list immediately.

Lastly, there are thee objective aspects that will count regardless of who is playing at the desk.

For instance, having little leg room might be acceptable for an office environment, but is not good for gaming. And there are the gaming features that separate the best gaming desks from just good regular desks.


If you are perfectly proportioned, the length of your legs to your height should be 1:1.618. This is also known as the golden ratio. But, few people are. This is why considering your total height for the height of your desk is not the best idea.

Rather, you should consider the length of your torso. Ideally, you will want for the desk height and your torso length to be equal. And, if that is impossible, a few inches more should be acceptable.

But, if you go for a shorter table, you will begin to slouch. This will hurt your gaming performance and comfort in the short term, but also harm your health over time.

If you really like the desk but it is too short, it is best to consider propping it up somehow than slouching down. Also, you may want to take a shorter chair to compensate.

Regardless, your forehead should never be above the top bezel of your monitor.


This will depend on your size but is generally very easy to measure.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be touching the legs of the desk when you spread your knees as much as you can. Barely touching is also okay, but you should never allow for the possibility to bang your knees on the sides.

During tough levels, and especially during online competitions, the body tends to twitch. If this reaction hurts your legs and does so repeatedly, you might suffer from nerve and ligament damage that you wouldn’t even notice.

It is better to make more room than to keep yourself cramped.


Thankfully, with the introduction of monitors with ultra-high resolutions, even narrower desks have become viable for gaming. If your monitor is even in 2K, the distance between it and your eyes needs to be only one diagonal

This means that if you have a 27’’ monitor, you will need to have at least 27’’ of depth to your table. More is always better, but the monitor should stay at arm’s reach.

If you have a multi-monitor setup, you won’t need to add anything. Just the diagonal of your largest monitor should be enough distance to keep your eyes safe.

Surface Material

There are benefits and drawbacks to any materials.

Metal is tough but very reflective, making it not suitable for optical gaming mice. It is also very heavy to move around.

Wood is the go-to option for most manufacturers. But, it will also be reflective to a degree. You should still you a mouse pad on such a surface.

Finally, there are novel materials like carbon-fiber. They are both durable and non-reactive with the skin, and they can look really pretty. But, these desks also tend to come with a higher price.

There are also plastic tables, but because of static electricity, they should be avoided when it comes to gaming.

Legs and Rests

The type of frame used will determine how stable are the legs, and how much legroom they will have.

The ideal measurement is to have at least five inches from your knees to the end when you press your stomach to the board. This way you will be able to move without restrictions and don’t feel as if you are driving.

Having a leg-rest is also very practical. It will be comfortable for prolonged gaming. But, it is not strictly necessary.

Gaming Features

The most important feature in this case is the opportunity for cable management. Having those little holes will make it easier to use your mouse and keyboard, as well as connect your monitor to the case.

Additionally, it would be nice for the desk to have something like a headphone hook where you can hand your earpiece. Otherwise, there should at least be enough space to put in a third-party hook.

Finally, having a side cup holder might sound like going overboard. But, at some point, you will be happy that your drink is secured on the side and not on the desk. Even with a newer keyboard that won’t be affected by liquid spills, cleaning them up is a drag.


The last, but definitely not the least, of the desk features is the insulation.

By nature, PCs create a small electromagnetic field that over time produces static electricity. While the speed of the buildup will depend on your floor, anything but actual ground dirt will discharge it at some point if they are touching.

This is why there should always be rubber heels on your desk. Also, the PC case tower should be elevated from the floor. Even an inch will be enough to save your components from frying.


Picking out a good gaming desk is more than just aesthetics. And, while you need to like how that piece of furniture looks, its functionality will be even more important.

But, if you know what to look for and compartmentalize your decision, picking one of the best gaming desks shouldn’t be hard. There is a set of aspects that depend on you as the gamer, and some that are objectively needed.

By following the list, you will be sure to pick out a great gaming desk that will serve you for a long time. And, with such a desk, you will be able to increase not only your performance and comfort but your health as well.