The Best Gaming Speakers 2021 for an Immersive In-Game Experience

When it comes to gaming, having good sound is not just about hearing what is going on. The best gaming speakers are there to increase your immersion and vastly improve your experience.

Regardless of whether you are playing driving arcades or environmental RPGs and horrors, you will benefit from having good speakers. For the former, this will allow the soundtrack to come into full bloom. And, for the latter, it will let you feel the atmosphere of the game entirely.

But, when it comes to picking out good speakers there is more than just power and audible range. How you will experience the sound depends a lot on positioning, materials, and different sound frequencies that can be produced.

Ideally, you will want to adapt your choice of audio devices to your room and the games you play. For example, the best gaming sound system can excel at high tones and ambient noise, while video game speakers will give you that good bass which will shake you to your core.

ProductRemoteNo. of SpeakersOur Rating
Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop SpeakersNo24.6
ELEGIANT 10W Wired and Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with Enhanced StereoVia mobile only24.7
Redragon GS500 Stentor PC Gaming SpeakersNo24.7
TaoTronics Gaming Computer SpeakersNo14.7
Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB LightingNo2+14.8
Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker SystemYes5+14.9

Gaming vs. Music

Although a lot of games incorporate music into their overall aesthetic, there is more to each game than just a soundtrack. That is why gaming speakers are slightly different than those you would use solely for your music.

For games, the detailed sound quality is not as important. Even with games that have a downright magnificent soundtrack, your primary focus will never be on the song itself.

What will be important is the distinction between the very high and very low notes. This will allow you to hear the sounds of the games, such as walking or gunfire, as well as notifications. These sounds should act as if they are coming from different channels.

Ideally, you will be able to find speakers that can do both. New models can be quite versatile and adaptable to multiple types of media. But, if you need to make concessions, it is better to opt for a better gaming experience than the one gauged for listening to music.

Creative Pebble

Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers


  • Speaker Type: 2.0 Satellites
  • No. of Speakers: 2 
  • Individual Speaker Power: 4,4W
  • Total Sound Power: 8,8W
  • Connectivity: 3,5mm audio jack
  • Power Requirement: 5W USB adapter
  • Subwoofer: No
  • Amplifier: No
  • Remote: No

The Pebble might seem like a rudimentary setup because it is. But, it is one of the best options for laptop gamers simply for sound quality. It is easy to connect and easy to manage, with the sound even giving some special awareness.

The strength of the speakers is not much, going only to 4.4 watts. But, what is lost on power is gained on positioning, as the 45-degree tilt does wonder to transmit sound directly to your ears.

Additionally, the fact that you can power the speakers through a USB is a great boon. If you are on a laptop, you won’t need to use extensions or cords just for the speakers but can use the power of the laptop itself.

Additionally, there are advanced models of the same design with a subwoofer that will bring tones under 100 Hz. This option will bring down the mobility aspect and will take a bit more room, but it is there if you need it.


  • Good sound quality
  • USB powered
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Adjustable positions


  • Low power
  • No bass tones

Our Rating: 4.6/5


ELEGIANT 10W Wired and Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with Enhanced Stereo


  • Speaker Type: 2.0 Satellites
  • No. of Speakers: 2
  • Individual Speaker Power: 5W
  • Total Sound Power: 10W
  • Connectivity: 5.0 Bluetooth/ 3.5mm Jack
  • Power Requirement: 5V
  • Subwoofer: No
  • Amplifier: No
  • Remote: via mobile

If you already have RGB LED lights on your whole setup, maybe you will want it on your gaming speakers as well.

Although these speakers have a solid-quality sound, especially on the higher notes where most gaming is done, that is not the main appeal of this set. They are very portable, easy to connect and offer a very modern ‘gaming’ aesthetic.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection will stay solid for up to 33ft or 10 meters, and the drain on the power is minimal. This combination results in very good sound regardless of the positioning of the speakers.

And, if you plan on keeping them next to your gaming monitor, there is always a 3.5mm jack option that opens up your Bluetooth for other IoT appliances.

The speakers are of medium size, being just under 8 inches tall. Still, they are light and portable and will fit any type of gaming table.


  • Easy to connect and move
  • RGB aesthetic
  • Audio jack included
  • Remote with smartphone


  • Low tones only to 150 Hz
  • Needs an adapted for a power-outlet

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Redragon GS500

Redragon GS500 Stentor PC Gaming Speakers


  • Speaker Type: 2.0 Satellites
  • No. of Speakers: 2
  • Individual Speaker Power: 5W
  • Total Sound Power: 10W
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
  • Power Requirement: 5 V
  • Subwoofer: No
  • Amplifier: No
  • Remote: No

These speakers from Redragon can be considered a standard set for any gamer. They offer a strict range of capabilities, without a lot of extra features, but in high-quality design and excellent finish.

The GS500 is made for performance over strength. They are not very powerful and generally expect a relatively quiet gaming room as ambiance. But, the sound coming out is very specific and discerns easily between speech, noise, and music.

There is no subwoofer and you won’t be able to get all of the bass tones. Thus, when it comes to listening to music like trap or RnB, and even some EDM, you will find the GS500 slightly lacking.

But, when it comes to gaming, especially in FPS and RPG games, you will appreciate the clear tones and easy positioning.


  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to position
  • Discreet aesthetics


  • Little bass capabilities
  • Only a 3.5mm connection

Our Rating: 4.7/5

TaoTronics Gaming TT-SK027

TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speakers


  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • No. of Speakers: 1
  • Individual Speaker Power: 7W
  • Total Sound Power: 7W
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 / 3.5mm audio jack
  • Power Requirement: 5V
  • Subwoofer: Modulated
  • Amplifier: No
  • Remote: No

The TaoTronics model 27 has many advantages for those who have tall monitors and narrow gaming desks. While the positioning is situational, the advantages of a single speaker with stereo capabilities are visible.

Primarily, the sound is much more stable and has fewer distortions than a satellite setup. Because of the weight alone, more sound is being refracted towards you. This emulates the sound quality of much more expensive items in 2.0 or 2.1 arrangements.

The only downside is that, while you can connect it to Bluetooth, you will need a power adapter. But, if you have space in both your switchboard and under your monitor, you can enjoy excellent sounds.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Some bass capabilities
  • Slick design
  • Good connectivity


  • Hard to position
  • Only powered by an outlet

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting


  • Speaker Type: Satellites w/woofer
  • No. of Speakers: 2+1
  • Individual Speaker Power:  120W
  • Total Sound Power: 240W
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 / USB / 3.5mm audio
  • Power Requirement: Regular power outlet
  • Subwoofer: Yes
  • Amplifier: Yes
  • Remote: No

By all intents and purposes, this is a high-end model. Made from exquisite materials and with excellent design, it will be a welcome addition to any gaming setup.

These speakers, with the subwoofer, can be connected completely though a Bluetooth 5.0 with negligible quality loss, or with four 3.5mm audio jacks to a gaming motherboard or a sound card.

The sound coming out is phenomenal and has a full range of tones, perfectly balanced between the woofer and the satellites. And because the latter is so compact it is very easy to place them on any table, even if it is not gauged for gaming.

Audio positioning in gaming is very good, and some of the best you can get in a 2.1 setup. Footsteps in a game are easily discernable, and in newer games, you will easily know if they are coming from the front or the back.

Finally, these speakers have a perfect finish and even have RGB LED elements that will work perfectly with any modern gaming setup. Combined with slick design and good angling, these powerful speakers can significantly increase your immersion in a game.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excellent bass
  • Easy connectivity
  • Easy positioning


  • Slightly cable-intensive
  • Needs a dedicated outlet

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


  • Speaker Type: Satellites w/woofer
  • No. of Speakers: 5+1
  • Individual Speaker Power: 67W
  • Total Sound Power: up to 1kW
  • Connectivity: 6-channel 3.5mm audio
  • Power Requirement: Dedicated outlet
  • Subwoofer: Yes
  • Amplifier: Yes
  • Remote: Yes

Although these are speakers optimized for gaming, the quality alone makes them good in any situation. There isn’t a genre of games, or movies, or music for that matter, that would be beyond the reach of the Z906.

The system is made to produce Dolby Digital sound with pristine quality, and every single note will be felt on the gaming side. From footsteps, far away explosions and even distant speech can be recognizable, which is ideal for both FPS and RPG games.

Connectivity is demanding, and you will need to plan your cable management in advance. Because you will need to place the back speakers at least four feet behind you, some preparations might be necessary.

But, if you are a lover of good sound or want to compete on the highest professional level with speakers over headphones, this will be the setup that will give you the edge you need. Apart from your eyes, you will have the full audio range at your disposal for every modern game.

In our opinion, this is the best sound system for gaming, hence why we have rated it the highest amongst the rest. Besides, it is also considered the best surround sound system for gaming on the market.


  • Exquisite sound quality
  • Excellent bass
  • Perfect in-game audio positioning
  • Very clear sound


  • Slightly cable-intensive
  • Eats a lot of power

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Quick Buyer’s Guide for Best Gaming Speakers

The greatest thing about trying to find the best gaming speakers is that, at the top of the market, you can’t really go wrong. The sound will never be less than acceptable, and these items are generally affordable.

Because gaming is usually done in relatively quiet rooms, manufacturers can focus on quality over power. This is why you can find excellent items even for under $100.

But, you should still know what you are looking for. There are slight variations between models that will perform differently depending on the game. While some genres make use of hard bass, such as driving games, others will focus more on lighter and higher notes.

Optimization for what you need might seem daunting, but if you generally know what you need and for which games and media you will use your speakers, you can make the right choice every time.

Thankfully, most modern speakers will work well in other situations as well. Because of this, you won’t be bound for just one type of media.

Consider Music and Movies

Even if you are a gamer that specializes in FPS multiplayer games that tend not to have music for obvious reasons, you might want to consider how your speakers play your favorite tunes. A bit of inter-game relaxation might come in handy.

Because of this, it is always good to have at least a bit of bass and a full range of tone production. The sound itself doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be acceptable.

Gaming speakers are very good for discerning speech and directed noise, which is good for most movies. Thus, if you only need to add a single woofer to make everything work for all movies and music as well, you will enjoy yourself in any situation.

What to Look for in Gaming Speakers

There are eight aspects of gaming speakers in total. They are not all equally important and will depend on your overall setup, but all contribute a little bit to what you might consider your best gaming speakers.

The eight aspects in question are:

  1. Materials
  2. Positioning
  3. Watts per Speaker
  4. Refraction
  5. Connectivity
  6. Range
  7. Bass Power
  8. Electrical Consumption

The first half is what will influence the type of tone you will get, as well as the specificity of the location. Sound location is not something often considered in music speakers, as it is not important. But, if somebody is at your six in CS:GO or Rainbow Six, you want to be aware.

And, for the games that have exquisite soundtracks, you want to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

Materials Matter

It is well-known that different materials resonate differently. If you have sturdy speakers that will push all of the waves through the right end, you will have better sound quality.

And then there is the question of aesthetics, where you don’t want to mix your pristine gaming setup with something made from flimsy plastic.

But, that doesn’t mean that full wooden speakers are your only option, and they are even not the best overall.

For the top-range speakers, you will want to look for MDF or Medium Density Fireboard. This is a composite material that combines wood fibers that hold the tone well with dens resin that prevents that sound from passing through.

Otherwise, plywood and Kevlar are the best options for mid-range speakers. When it comes to gaming speakers where sound specificity will be more important than sound range, these can even be an objectively better option.


Although positioning in a 2.1 setup is quite obvious, more speakers introduce progressively more complexity. This doesn’t influence the objective sound quality that the speakers can make, but rather your ability to know where the sound is coming from in-game.

Your front speakers should lay on your desk some five inches below your ears. The ones on the side should be in line with your earshot with at least four feet of distance. And finally, the back speakers should be slightly above you.

Because you are sitting down and usually looking down on the monitor, such positioning will be best if you want to know where the sound coming from inside the game is.

Ideally, these speakers should be able to form a hexagon or an octagon around you, with the same distance from every speaker.

Number over Power

Gaming speaker will often seem as if they have relatively few watts compared to something you would see in a music shop. There will rarely be a satellite speaker with over 50W of power, and even that is a bit of overkill.

Generally, gaming speakers don’t need to have exceptional power because of the lack of ambient noise. There won’t be fifty people at a party to take in the sound and distort it. Rather, most games will include only up to four people, which doesn’t need as much power.

For the best gaming speakers, it is usually better to aim to have more speakers if you have the budget than to make the ones you have more power. The sound you will get will, on average, be clearer and more specific, while 10W will be able to ramp up the volume to unbearable.

Ambient Noise

There are two types of ambient noise when it comes to gaming. First, there is the sound from the outside that you don’t want to hear, and the other is the ambiance of the game, which you really want to hear. 

The best gaming speakers are those that differentiate the two. Ideally, the strength and tone of the sound from the speaker should be stronger than anything that can come from the outside.

You might need to soundproof your gaming room if the situation is dramatic, but that should be the final solution. It is generally better to simply muffle the outside sounds by what you are getting from the game.

This means that if you have a relatively small room where you game you won’t need more than 20 or so watts from the speakers. But, if you are gaming in your living room and have a lot of noise from the outside, you will need more power.

A bit more. You want good sound, not a communal disturbance ticket.


As far as sound quality goes, there is no better option than solid cable connections with a 3.5mm dongle. Combined with a good sound-card or a gaming motherboard, this will create the best sound in every comparable situation.

But, the new Bluetooth and WiFi connections for speakers are now getting very close, especially when it comes to gaming needs. A good Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 speakers, especially if they are in 2.0 or 2.1 settings won’t usually have any delay and can afford excellent sound quality.

Good WiFi-connected speakers can be even better, but they will use slightly more power which can be an issue on battery-powered models.

If you can manage all of the cables, going with a solid connection will always be preferable. But, if the cables lying around everywhere are an issue for you, don’t be afraid to go with a good Bluetooth or WiFi model.

Audible Range

As most of those who graduated high school know, human ears have a hearing range between 20 Hertz and 20.000 Hertz. This is the speed of the oscillations in the air created by a moving object. More Hertz equal a higher pitch and anything above 20 kHz will just be inaudible.

Thankfully, almost all speakers are made to extend to the full human range and have all of the tones that most of us can discern. Generally, most humans will be hard-pressed to hear over 15 kHz and under 50 Hz, but some will.

Also, some speakers will leave a higher range, often only starting at 100 Hz, and leave the rest to the subwoofer. For gaming, this is sometimes a better option as it makes the sound clearer.

For the vast majority of games, including RTS, RPG, and all sorts of platforms and Rouge-likes, having a 2.1 setup, meaning two satellites and a woofer, are more than enough to have a great experience.

Health Concerns

When using gaming speakers there shouldn’t be any health concerns when it comes to loudness and tone retention. Generally, the speakers shouldn’t be powerful enough to have any negative effects either short-term or long-term.

But, if you are moving your speakers from a wider area like a living room or a larger gaming room where there is a lot of noise pollution to a smaller or quieter place, there might be issues. If you are not careful, you might be letting your speakers be too loud.

Ideally, you should always start with the lowest settings and push upward before you reach a comfortable level. This way you will always be able to enjoy the music without ever endangering your health.

Power Requirements

The only type of speakers you should avoid as far as power goes are those who don’t have rechargeable batteries. This type will lose their quality of sound due to restrictions quickly and you will be left with a lot of empty batteries.

Ideally, you will want your speakers to be powered directly from the outlet. This way you won’t need to worry about charging them, and they won’t leave you hanging in the middle of a game.

But, if cables are an issue and you don’t want to think a lot about how to manage them, going with good Li-Ion batteries can be a good idea.

The amperage will depend on the strength of a speaker, but most models will last a long time and charge relatively quickly.


Although a lot of gamers prefer headphones simply for the utility, speakers can be much more enjoyable for most genres. If you have to find the best gaming speakers to fit your play style, you are certain to be grateful for it.

Due to the market being quite full of both gaming and private music speakers, picking a great pair might be tricky. But, if you know where you will be playing, as well as the dominant genre, you will be on the right track.

If you consider your situation calmly, it will be easy to pick out a good pair, or group, of speakers from the list and enjoy all of the games you have with even more immersion and awareness about what is happening in-game.