The Best Laptop Lap Desks & Gaming Lapboards in 2021

Laptops have taken over the productivity department versus conventional desktop computers due to the inherent functionality and portability they offer. These compact office solutions can now squeeze the capabilities of their powerful desktop counterparts in thin and lightweight packages that can be taken to the comforts of your own home.

In today’s growing work from home culture, it pays to have an office set up in your humble abode to boost productivity. However, most people want to enjoy the best of both worlds by maximizing comfort while getting work done. With the help of a gamers lap desk and lapboard, you can now work in the comfort of your own bed or couch.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our gamer buddies out there, as we are including gaming lapboards in this guide. Gaming is more enjoyable when you are in a comfortable position, as you can easily burn through hours of playing without even realizing. These gaming lapboards help gamers of all kinds enjoy their favorite titles without compromising comfort and convenience.

ProductKey AdvantageOur Rating
LapGear Elevation Lap DeskLightweight4.7
AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap DeskUltra-portable4.6
LapGear Media Bed TrayVery spacious4.4
Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap DeskComfortable4.6
LapGear Laptop Lap DeskStable4.7
Corsair LAPDOG - Gaming Control CenterExtra USB ports4.5
Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse ComboWireless functionality4.8
Couchmaster CYCONCable management and extension options4.5
Hover X+ - Ultimate Gamer's LapDeskPortable4.5
Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming LapboardDurable4.8
LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap DeskGaming/Work4.6
ROCCAT SOVA Gaming LapboardAffordable4.8

How the Best Laptop Lap Desks and Gaming Lapboards Work

Simply put, laptop lap desks work the same way as breakfast-in-bed tables. This innovative solution holds a laptop while you are sitting on your bed or couch, which has a softer surface in comparison to conventional chairs and benches. Using a gamer lap desk greatly improves comfort when using a laptop due to the wider surface area you can work with, allowing for additional gear like keyboards, mice, and even smartphones to be accommodated.

The best lap desk for gaming would usually come with legs that help stabilize the platform while on your bed or couch, but some have completely abandoned them in place of contoured, padded leg rests that conform to the shape of your legs to provide stability.

Gaming lapboards, on the other hand, are more compact versions of lap desks. They can only accommodate a mouse, keyboard, and controllers at most, as gaming lapboards are intended to allow traditional PC gamers to play comfortably on a bed/couch setup instead of the usual desk-based configuration. This also gives you the chance to enjoy games on screens larger than the standard desktop monitor or laptop screens.

Below, we review the best lap desks for laptops this year. If you are looking for the best lapboards, you can jump to that list by clicking here.

The Best Laptop Lap Desks 2021

LapGear Elevation Lap Desk

First on our list is the LapGear Elevation Lap Desk, which is an affordable option for those who don’t want to spend much but still want a reliable solution for working on a bed or a couch. It has a dimension of 21x13x5 inches, accommodating laptop sizes of up to 17.3 inches.

This lapboard has no legs and instead makes use of a foam padding to support your laptop and even has a booster cushion to raise the device at an angle for improved ergonomics and accessibility. The booster cushion can be easily attached or removed via a button clasp for your convenience.

When holding your laptop at an angle, the LapGear Elevation Lap Desk makes use of a device ledge to keep it from sliding down and retain stability when in use. It also has a dedicated media slot to hold smartphones and devices of up to 7.9 inches in length.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Good ergonomics
  • Comfortable


  • Small area
  • Wobbles slightly

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

For those who want to maximize comfort and ergonomics while working at home, the AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk is for you. This plastic-based gaming lapdesk can accommodate laptops of up to 15.6 inches in size and boasts a non-slip textured surface to keep your device steady even when you shift around frequently. The bottom side also has a double rubber strip to increase grip in your leg area for added stability.

The lap board’s surface is insulated to block the conduction of heat from your laptop to your legs, improving overall comfort and convenience whilst preventing your laptop from overheating.

For added functionality, this lapboard has a retractable mousepad that can either be pulled from the left or right side for ease of access and use. The mousepad has raised edges to keep your gaming mouse from falling off when using the device at an angle. With this retractability, the lapboard effectively reduces its surface area for a more portable laptop solution that you can stash in your backpack and take with you anywhere.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Added grip for laptop
  • Lightweight


  • Small area
  • Wobbles slightly

LapGear Media Bed Tray

Achieve zen as you reconnect with nature with the LapGear Media Bed Tray. This attractive wooden lapboard comes in a natural bamboo construction that surely gives it a unique charm versus the synthetic options in this list. Of course, it doesn’t end there as this lap desk has more to offer with its set of features.

This particular gaming laptop desk uses foldable legs for added stability, enhancing portability when you want to lug it around while you travel. It also sports divisions in the desk area to organize your other devices. The lapboard can accommodate laptops with sizes of up to 17.3 inches, while a dedicated slot keeps tablets, smartphones, and e-readers at an optimal angle.

The LapGear Media Bed Tray almost looks like a food tray – and can be definitely used as one. It has raised edges to keep your devices or food items safe, and even sports integrated handles to allow you to carry it easily from your kitchen to the comforts of your bed.


  • Spacious area
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Natural aesthetics
  • Folding legs


  • Too bulky to carry around
  • Surface prone to slipping

Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap Desk

Less is more – this saying holds true till today, which is evident in the design of the Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap Desk. It sports a straightforward profile to hold your laptop and mouse while on a bed, couch, or chair and makes use of a removable cushion to support the weight of your devices on your legs. When it’s time to wash or replace the cushion support, simply strip it away from its Velcro attachment and you’re good to go.

It is constructed from a durable medium-density fibreboard material coated with a synthetic layer to retain a lightweight profile while keeping you comfortable by blocking the laptop heat from being conducted towards your legs. Moreover, the cushion support has a built-in cable management section to hold your laptop’s wiring and prevent tangling and snagging.

The Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop lapboard only accommodates laptops of up to 13 inches, however, and has no gripping features on its surface. It does have an integrated handle for a more convenient way of carrying it when not in use.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Has cable management features
  • Portable


  • No grip features on the surface
  • Small area

LapGear Laptop Lap Desk

If you have a productivity-oriented laptop that has larger dimensions than usual, you’ll be glad to know that the LapGear Laptop Lap Desk can accommodate models of up to 17.3 inches in size. And while this might mean it being heavier than the conventional lapboard, the added heft adds stability to this no-leg design quite well.

Taking the place of legs for support is a dual bolster cushion that provides comfort even when used with a heavier laptop unit. The design also improves airflow to facilitate the passage of cool air between your legs and the desk. It also provides the correct angle for optimal screen viewing and keyboard access without leaving your device to slip and fall off the platform thanks to a raised edge, which also doubles as a non-slip wrist rest to ease the strain on the carpal area.

Moreover, the LapGear Laptop Lap Desk caters to both left and right-handed users with its ambidextrous design. It even sports two Velcro side storage pouches so you can stash away your accessories with ease. Also, the integrated handle at the top makes portability easier to pull off.


  • Comfortable
  • Large area
  • Stable
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Has storage pockets for accessories


  • Slight heavier than usual
  • Portability not as streamlined

The Best Gaming Lapboards 2021

Corsair LAPDOG - Gaming Control Center

Gaming on beds and couches has been accessible to console players since time immemorial, but how about PC gamers? It’s a good thing that innovative solutions like the Corsair LAPDOG – Gaming Control Center are available to PC gamers nowadays. Corsair has been known to dish out some of the industry’s best gaming peripherals, and this product is no exception.

Crafted from durable yet lightweight aluminum, the Corsair Lapdog improves comfort with the memory foam cushion that lines the underside of the board, not only providing support for your thighs but insulating them should you want to use a gaming laptop. It also has improved ergonomics, especially for the mousepad area, measuring 11 square inches for FPS gamers who want to play with low mouse sensitivities.

Since wiring is a major concern for lap desks in general, the Lapdog includes a 5-meter connection that splits into a four-port USB 3.0 hub with support for fast charging. This provides you with ample connectivity options for your devices while allowing smartphones to be hooked up with no problem. It also sports a secret cable management compartment to keep your setup tidy.

Do note that the Corsair LAPDOG – Gaming Control Center is designed with the Corsair’s K65 and K70 series mechanical keyboards – it may not accommodate every keyboard variant out there.


  • Spacious
  • Extra USB ports with fast-charging support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has a cable management solution


  • Pricey
  • Limited keyboard compatibility

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Sometimes, the hassle of connecting the necessary wires and the mess they leave behind is burdensome for a gamer who just wants to pop his favorite game on and play. Fortunately,  wireless technology has become so advanced that even casual users can now enjoy its benefits, the Razer Turret Wireless Lapboard being one of the fruits of this innovation.

Instead of giving you a blank slate for you to provide your own keyboard and mouse combo, the Razer Turret offers its own proprietary mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse instead. Razer is known for being one of the top gaming peripheral brands out there, so there’s no room for doubt regarding the performance of these devices. For comfort, you are treated to a built-in ergonomic wrist rest to provide support for the carpal area during extended gaming sessions.

Speaking of ergonomics, the mouse pad stashes away when not in use, while a provided USB passthrough provides power and connectivity to your mouse, allowing you to switch to your favored unit when needed. You’re bound to get stuck to your favorite game for hours on end with the 40-hour lifespan it provides in a single charge. The Razer Turret is compatible with both PC and Xbox One platforms should you need the versatility to jump from one exclusive to another.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Keyboard and mouse bundled
  • Wireless functionality
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with PC and Xbox One


  • Can’t switch keyboards

Couchmaster CYCON

If you have premium tastes and have the money to burn to back it up, you might fancy what the Couchmaster CYCON has to offer. This lapboard from NerdyTec hosts a generous area for your full-sized keyboard and mouse with handy cable routing holes to tidy up that wiring clutter. Speaking of wires, the Couchmaster Cycon offers a lag-free 5-meter active USB 3.0 connection that splits into a four-port hub to power and connect your devices to your gaming PC – even leaving room for an extension of up to 32 feet to improve your gaming experience.

But the Couchmaster Cycon surpasses its competitors with its dedicated cushion armrests that are extra plush and adjustable to fit all kinds of body sizes. These large armrests support the weight of the lapboard and the devices it holds without straining your own legs. It is also designed to provide an optimal sitting angle when gaming for extended periods, offering maximum comfort and ergonomics as they slave away to the digital realm.

Furthermore, a dedicated mouse pocket stashes your favorite peripheral when not in use, while additional side pockets can hold accessories, remote controls, and even beverages while gaming for easy accessibility. You even get a specialized Velcro strap to fix your gaming gear to the lapboard.


  • Large surface area
  • Super comfortable
  • Cable management and extension options
  • Four-port USB 3.0 hub


  • Expensive for a standalone unit

Hover X+ - Ultimate Gamer's LapDesk

If you can’t be bothered to be separated from your gaming laptop, a lap desk dedicated to gaming like the Hover X+ – Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk might suit your needs. This simplistic gaming lapboard features an absolute barebones design but is tailored to provide a viable platform for your laptop.

It can accommodate laptop models of up to 17 inches in size and has a dedicated passive cooling vent underneath. This will permit the conduction of heat from the laptop to your legs, however, as there is no insulating material to block it. If you can overlook this flaw, the  Hover X+ has more to provide for your gaming needs. It is incredibly lightweight yet sturdy thanks to its bamboo construction – you even get bonus points for the fresh aesthetic it gives off.

The mousepad area is extra generous as well, making FPS gaming viable with a lapboard this affordable. You can even keep track of your personal messages and emails via a smartphone/tablet slot that holds your device at an optimal angle for easy viewing and touch accessibility.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Has cooling vents for laptops
  • Dedicated slot for mobile devices
  • Large mousepad
  • Affordable


  • Not as comfortable as competitor models
  • No cable management options

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard

Once again, Corsair joins the fray with its K63 Wireless Lapboard – offering a convenient option for gamers as it comes with the renowned K63 Mechanical wireless keyboard in a TKL form factor. Before anything else, bear in mind that this lapboard is specifically tailored for the aforementioned keyboard, so proceed only if you don’t plan to pair the lapboard with any other device.

That being said, the K63 keyboard snaps into place without the need for tools for a seamless preparation, allowing you to convert your desktop gaming solution into a mobile one. Its mousepad area is spacious, with a removable cloth surface for easy maintenance and replacement. As for comfort, the lapboard has dedicated memory foam cushions and a built-in wrist rest for weight support and carpal area relief.

One of the main selling points of the Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming lapboard is its wireless connectivity, which can either be accessed with the 2.4 GHz, 1-ms optimized wireless technology, or low-latency Bluetooth. It doesn’t throw wired functions out the window either, allowing you to hook up to your PC or Xbox One via the traditional plug and play method. It offers a decent 15-hour playtime per charge, but that will depend on whether you wish to use the vivid blue backlight of the keyboard.


  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Comfortable
  • Wireless functionality


  • Expensive
  • Limited compatibility

LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk

We’re giving some love to our gaming laptop loyalists by providing them another viable lapboard solution for their devices with the LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk. This affordable option turns to nature for its construction, as it is made from bamboo which is highly renewable and durable. It is fairly lightweight, allowing you to prop your whole gaming setup on your lap without suffering any discomfort and numbness.

It hosts over 18 ventilation holes to provide an adequate amount of airflow towards the air vents of your laptop, keeping it cool at all times to provide a consistent gaming performance that would otherwise suffer in the event of overheating. This will mean that some heat from your device is able to permeate towards your legs, however. If you’re willing to trade some amount of comfort so as to not sacrifice your laptop’s performance, this won’t be an issue.

The LapGear BamBoard Pro accommodates laptops up to 17 inches in size, and sports an ambidextrous mousepad configuration to cater to both left and right-handed users all the same. A dedicated gadget slot can hold your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader for ease of access, while your carpal area is served well by the built-in cushioned wrist rest for maximum comfort.


  • Affordable
  • Can be used for gaming or productivity
  • Ambidextrous mousepads
  • Integrated wrist rest
  • Improved airflow for laptop cooling


  • Can transmit heat from the laptop to your legs
  • Wobbles slightly

ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard

While brands like Razer and Corsair offer lapboards that have all the bells and whistles for an immersive gaming experience, they often come at price premiums that would strangle the pockets of those on a tight budget. Luckily, the ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard offers similar features and functions for a price you can’t beat. To be fair, Roccat was a renowned brand in the gaming peripheral arena before it slowed down in recent years.

Just like the Razer Turret, the ROCCAT SOVA has a built-in keyboard for added convenience to users who don’t want a simplified gaming solution. We’re recommending the mechanical keyboard variant as you can’t go wrong with the satisfying feel and response time only mechanical switches can provide. This variant sports TTC Brown switches that offer gratifying tactile feedback without the clicky noise.

You also get two extra USB 2.0 ports to power additional peripherals, an ergonomic wrist rest to keep your carpal area comfortable, and is fully customizable. You can replace the mouse pad, wrist rest, and cushion as you desire. This lightweight gaming lapboard also boasts per-key addressable lighting, allowing you to configure the keyboard’s backlighting array to your tastes. Whilst you only get 4 meters of a wired connection to your PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Steam Machine, its break-away mechanism protects your device from accidental tripping and snagging by frolicking pets or passing housemates.


  • Bang for the buck option
  • Fluid response
  • Comfortable
  • Customizable comfort accessories


  • Can’t replace the keyboard
  • Short wired connection

Factors to Consider When Buying a Lap Desk or Lap Board

While everything boils down to the user’s personal preference, there are bare minimums that you must look out for when buying your very own lap desk or lapboard. Whether it be space, comfort, connectivity, or aesthetics, there will always be a general rule of thumb.


Without question, durability is an important aspect when getting your very first lap desk. Usually, they are either made from plastic, aluminum, or wood – all of which are rugged yet lightweight. This is important as laptops or keyboards/mice need to be mounted on a stable platform for a hassle-free working or gaming experience.


Refer to your laptop’s dimensions when getting a lap desk, as some models are only compatible with smaller laptops and vice versa – choose accordingly depending on your specific application. As for gaming lapboards, you will generally benefit from a unit that has a generous area for the mousepad as gaming with a mouse is arguably better when you have enough space to swing it around, either when moving your in-game character or navigating sandbox environments.


Cooling is inherently more important in lap desks than lapboards as your laptop can greatly benefit from a well-vented platform that induces airflow. This allows your laptop to perform better, as overheating will cause thermal throttling – a phenomenon where the operating system slows down the device’s processing power to bring temperatures down to manageable levels.


Keeping your device stable on the lapboard/lap desk requires sufficient traction via textured surfaces or materials to prevent them from sliding, especially when held at an angle. Some models forgo this option and rely on raised edges instead to keep the laptop from sliding down.