How to Complete the Moon Challenge in Spelunky 2

The depths of Spelunky 2’s dungeon holds a bevy of secrets just waiting to be explored by the skillful explorer. Some of these secrets are there to bring the player to dangerous uncertainties, but others bring them to treasures that will give them assistance in their descent through the world.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at one of the earliest optional trials that the game will offer: the Moon Challenge. We will be giving some tips as well as some warnings on what you can expect and ultimately, how to complete the Moon Challenge in Spelunky 2.

What is the Moon Challenge?

Once you have reached the end of Dwelling and have entered either Volcana’s or Jungle’s (both possible World 2’s) passageways, there might be a chance that a curious-looking “shop” with a moon as its signage would appear. Within the “shop” stands a mage-ly figure by the name of Tun. Upon approaching her, she welcomes you to partake in the Moon Challenge.

Do not be intimidated by her call as for the Moon Challenge is a simple dive into a special cave filled with treasure, equipment, and mysteries.

What Do I Need for the Moon Challenge?

To start the challenge, you must have $10,000 in hand. If you are looking for a way on how to earn that much money, you can consult our guide on how to unlock the first shortcut as it also looks on how to earn the same amount of money for the final step of the shortcut.

Once you’ve given Tun the $10,000, she directs you to enter the cave and you are now free to explore the Moon Challenge’s cave.

Items that are important to bring with you to the challenge include a good amount of ropes to have a way out of the pits you will be digging or the Climbing Gloves equipment as it allows you to cling to walls as if they were ledges, making deep pits a non-issue should you find yourself digging deeper than you expected.

Other items that would go great with this challenge are the Spectacles or Udjat Eye. Both these items reveal gems within the ground, so these items give you a more defined and surer path to take to gain the most money.

The Start of the Challenge

Upon entering the cave, you are greeted by a beam of electricity coming out of one of two channels as well as a four-leaf clover. To formally start the challenge, simply collect the four-leaf clover and you will see the beam transfer to the channel nearer the entrance to the cave. This signifies that the challenge has started.

Using the Mattock

Making your way down the cave, you will find a Mattock (or a pickaxe). The Mattock is an item that lets you destroy one block of terrain in front of you or below you, depending on where you are positioned. If there is a block right in front of you, you will destroy that block. However, if you are standing on flat ground, the Mattock will destroy the block diagonally in front of you.

Saying that always try and look ahead of where you’re digging so that you dig towards the area that contains the most loot as you cannot use the Mattock for blocks above you or while you are jumping, so if you dig too deep and see an item above you, chances are you will not be able to get that item.

Finally, be reminded that the Mattock is not invulnerable. It has a set number of uses and once it exceeds that limit it breaks. The challenge is formally ended once the Mattock breaks.

Exploring the Moon Challenge Cave

Once you begin digging with your Mattock, try to seek out the several “rooms” within the cave and sort out a path to all of them if possible. These are usually differentiated by the rest of the area by the stone material that surrounds it. These rooms usually contain chests that provide a lot of cash, items like rope or additional bombs, as well as weapons like the Bow and Arrow.

You’d also want to watch out for Push Blocks that could fall on your head if you dig away a block. These makeshift traps will kill you immediately so be mindful of where you are digging. Fortunately, these traps are the only things that will actively kill you in the cave, so there’s no real reason to keep your guard up.

As mentioned above, having Spectacles or the Udjat Eye makes this challenge a lot more enticing since you can see where the gems are within the ground. More often than not, you can reimburse the $10,000 that you spent to get into the room and walk away with even more money.

If your Mattock breaks and you think that you still have more area to discover, simply use your bombs to bomb away more blocks of terrain. Just be careful as you might find yourself getting stuck especially if you have no leftover rope left to escape.

Finally, make sure that the path you are digging out has a feasible way out to the exit as you will still need to make your way out of the cave to complete the challenge.

Completing the Moon Challenge

Once your Mattock breaks, the challenge is officially completed, and you may exit the cave. Simply make your way back to the entrance, and you will find that the beam of electricity guarding it will be disabled. Exit the cave and Tun congratulates you on a job well done completing her Moon Challenge.


Partaking in the Moon Challenge is always advisable as it provides quite a lot of money despite its $10,000 entrance fee, some useful items to help you along your journey as well as a weapon that provides you with a lot more range than your standard whip.

Just make sure that entering the challenge will yield you more than what you had by bringing the right items with you when going for it.

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