How to Cure Poison in Spelunky 2

There are a ton of dangers to be encountered in Spelunky 2. May it be traps, creatures, or the stage itself, there will always be something within the dungeon that will try and hamper your progress through it.

However, there is another factor at play that might put a stop to your journey, and those are status effects. Status effects are effects that passively affect your character one way or another. One of these status effects is called Poison, and it just might be one of the more annoying ones you can get during your travels.

In this guide, we will dive into how you can get poisoned in a variety of ways, how it can affect your character and playstyle, as well as how to cure poison in Spelunky 2 to hopefully prolong your journey in its dungeons.

What is Poison?

In the world of Spelunky 2, Poison is a status effect that drains your health by 1 after every 30 seconds. You will know that you are poisoned when your character appears to have a tint of green to them and your health meter has a green blob on top of the heart icon.

The Poison status effect also lets you know that you have taken damage from it when your character exudes a green skull from them. It also does not go away naturally and will continuously drain your health until it reaches 0 unless you cure it.

How Do You Get Poison?

Poison in itself is a pretty rare thing to get in Spelunky 2 as they are only gotten from the variety of Scorpions found in the game when you are stung by any one of them. These Scorpions can be randomly found within several items such as pots, vases, or even boxes which almost always give out useful items for you. Yes, they can even appear in world 1-1 if you are unlucky enough.

They can also sometimes be found in one of the stone “rooms” in the Moon Challenge cave so be on the lookout for them and avoid them when they are otherwise not hidden to save yourself the hassle of looking for a cure.

How Do You Cure Poison?

Luckily, Poison is rather easy to cure; all you need to do is rescue a pet. This only counts if you bring the pet with you to the end of the stage alive, so keep them safe and away from harm’s way like you would through a normal run through a stage.

The only problem here is if the pet is in some obscure part of the map. With the Poison effectively acting as a time limit to yourself, you will usually find yourself in a rush to find a pet. Be reminded that each stage will always have 1 pet available to rescue. Always remember as well that the pets make a sound. If you are having a hard time spotting one with your eyes, try and listen out for one and you might hear a bark or meow in the distance.

Another way to obtain a pet is through random chance. At times, there might be an animal shop that sells pets. Simply pay for the pet and dash through the stage until you reach the end. If you don’t have enough money for the pet, you can always try and steal from the shop as well. Just be warned that the shopkeeper will retaliate to your theft and attack you.

Once you exit the stage, the pet will lick you and this will cure you of the Poison. Take note however that because the pet cures you of your poison, it does not give you an additional life upon rescuing it; a trade-off that is worth a literal life.


Getting Poison is a rather tricky predicament to have in Spelunky 2. It forces you to not only breeze through a stage but also give you no choice but to find a pet within the stage, creating an interesting paradox of speed (of completing the stage as soon as possible) and cautiousness (making sure that your pet is safe and stays alive with you until the end of the stage).

Just remember to weigh out your options, whether if looking for a pet in the current stage will cost you more time and resources or if proceeding to the next stage and finding a pet there would be a faster outcome.