How to Earn Tech Parts in Spiderman: Miles Morales

As you make your name in New York City as the Spiderman, supervillains and evil corporations make their way out of hiding and present themselves as a threat either because of greed or a desire to be infamous. The Underground, led by The Tinkerer, is a group that revels in technology while Roxxon, an energy organization, tries to be the heroes of the day but also succumb to power hunger.

In the middle of this is Miles Morales who just wants to do the best for his city and is caught in between the power struggle of The Underground and Roxxon. As he tries to put a damper between these two groups, he must also find a way to improve his suit and gadgets in order to help him better deal with both groups’ advanced weapons.

In this guide, we will be looking at ways on how to earn Tech Parts which can be used to upgrade Miles’ suit and gadgets and unlock several useful mods. We will also be looking at the most efficient ways on how to collect these Tech Parts.

What Are Tech Parts?

Tech Parts is the other currency found in Spiderman: Miles Morales that is used to unlock different suits, gadget upgrades, and suit and visor mods.

The currency system itself has been simplified greatly, with only 2 currencies (the other being Activity Tokens) instead of the 6 that was present in the previous game. With the Activity Tokens encompassing most of the collectibles, these Tech Parts replace the Base Tokens from the previous games. In turn, they are also rarer than Activity Tokens.

How Do You Earn Tech Parts?

Most of the ways of how to earn Tech Parts are through the warring groups of both The Underground and Roxxon. Since these groups rely on technical marvels as weapons, Miles can siphon out their resources for himself and apply it to his suits and gadgets.

Below will be a list of ways on how to earn Tech Parts as well as the payouts for each activity that you do.

Underground Caches

One of the earliest ways you can earn these Tech Parts are through Underground Caches. There are 35 total Underground Caches strewn throughout New York City, some of them can also be found within Underground Hideouts and Roxxon Labs which we will be looking into later on.

Underground Caches are chests that contain Underground technology within them. You can approach these caches and Miles will take what he needs from them. You will know that an Underground cache is nearby your location when a blue search circle appears on your minimap. Once the search circle appears on your minimap, you can press the R3 button to further home in on the cache until the specific icon itself appears on the map.

Underground Caches appear as a green chest on your minimap. Each Underground Cache gives you 1 Tech Part so the total number of Tech Parts you will be getting from Underground Caches is 35. This is by far the easiest way to quickly earn Tech Parts as all you need to do is look for them around the city, just like how Time Capsules work for Activity Tokens.

Underground Hideouts

Underground Hideouts are bases filled with The Underground goons. There is a total of 3 Underground Hideouts in the whole of Spiderman: Miles Morales and they will appear a bit later in the game.

In these hideouts, you are tasked with taking down all of the Underground thugs housed within it and also report it to the police so that they can raid these hideouts and clear them out of the Underground’s influence. They are marked on the minimap as a white mask.

Approaching these hideouts are by your choice if you want to go in like a madman or just pick out enemies one by one with stealth attacks or Camouflage attacks. Either way, you will have to deal with the second and succeeding waves head-on as the first patrol wave acts as the starting wave.

After dealing with all the enemy waves, you will then have to do a bit of puzzle-solving disabling whatever operation they are running inside the hideout. You might also run into an Underground Cache during these sections so keep a lookout for those as you can only access these sections after defeating the waves of enemies. If you somehow miss the cache, you will need to redo the taking over of the hideout by resetting the enemies.

Taking down hideouts also has their own bonus objectives so keep track of those as there are only a limited number of enemies that will come for you.

Underground Hideouts reward a total of 3 Tech Parts, 1 for exposing the hideout and the 2 additional Tech Parts for completing the bonus objectives attached to it. Since all of the hideouts also have a cache hidden inside it, we can technically count the total up to 4, making this quite a decent place to get Tech Parts. Skill will definitely play a factor though whether you find these raids enjoyable or frustrating.

Roxxon Labs

Similar to the Underground Hideouts, these are bases filled with Roxxon operatives. There is also a total of 3 Roxxon Labs scattered throughout the city and they will appear as you progress through the game.

Just like the Underground Hideouts, you will be tasked to take down all the Roxxon operatives within the laboratory as well as exposing their corrupt practices to the police. They are marked on the minimap as red Roxxon symbols (which looks like an infinity symbol).

These bases can also be approached with stealth in the first wave but will completely descend into a firefight once you have cleared the first wave of enemies. These enemies are a lot trickier to deal with as they have weapons that can mess with Miles’ spider suit and disable using gadgets and hinder your mobility so get ready for a rather tough fight.

After clearing out the base of enemies, you will also be disabling whatever activities Roxxon has been doing within the lab. You will also come across Underground Caches during these sections so keep an eye out for them lest you want to redo taking down all the enemies.

Taking down these sites also have their own bonus objectives to do so keep a mental list of these and see to it that you get around to doing these before clearing the site of enemies.

Roxxon Labs reward a total of 3 Tech Parts upon completion, 1 for completing the lab, and 2 for the bonus objectives. Like the Underground Hideouts, all 3 Roxxon Labs also have Underground Caches attached to them so completing one Roxxon Lab can technically reward up to 4 Tech Parts. With these sites housing Roxxon operatives, they are a lot more difficult to clear than the Underground Hideouts, but as you play the game, you should be improving as well so these might be seen as great challenges rather than impossible fortresses.


With the power struggle tearing up New York City, Miles muse do everything in his power to give himself an edge against these technologically advanced enemies or risk being swallowed by the impending war between the two factions. With these Tech Parts that he collects from both factions, he can build himself all the mods and suits he would want to counter the offensives.

Finding the Underground Caches is easy enough but clearing both the Underground Hideouts and the Roxxon Labs will definitely prove a challenge for any and all players. But these bases are half the fun of the game as they really highlight how fluid and seamless the combat in Spider: Miles Morales is. Not to mention that Miles has his own set of tools and powers unique to that of Peter, so you could treat these bases as practice or just a showcase of what Miles can really do.

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