How to Get Money Fast in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

Like all other farm management sims, you need money to progress and unlock most of the fun things in the game. There is only one way of making good money. It is by planting and harvesting crops. This guide will show you the best crops so you know what is the best way on how to get money fast in the Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town.

Best Crops to Grow Each Season


When you start playing the game, the most profitable crop to grow will be the Turnips. They are easily available at the start and you can start planting these as you progress and unlock better seeds. It is a good idea to spend all your money on Turnips at the start of the game.

The best crop to go for will be Garlic because it has a high return on investment for each seed bought. It costs 300g each and sells for 315g each. It grows 3 times. The first one will be after 5 days. The next one will be another 4 days and the last one will be for another 4 days. In total, you get 645G or roughly 49G per day since it takes 13 days to grow all 3 Garlics.

However, you need at least level 9 in Agriculture to unlock the Garlic Seeds from the shop so you will not be able to grow them until the next spring cycle. Another crop worth mentioning is Broccoli. They sell for 120g each and you get 3 of them per harvest. You will be able to harvest Broccoli a total of 3 times and gives you 9 pieces per seed.

It costs 300g per seed and you can profit for a total of 780g per seed. The first harvest takes 6 days while the next two harvests need only 3 days. After calculation, you will get 65g per day for each seed when you account for the harvest days.

The Broccoli seeds can only be purchased from the store in the winter but they can grow during springtime as well.


For summer, Watermelon will be the most profitable crop. Like the Garlic seeds, you need to reach level 9 in Agriculture to unlock it. The Watermelon costs a whopping 1000g for each seed but sells for 1500g each. It takes 9 days to grow and it only grows once. You only get 1 Watermelon per harvest as well. Even then, it is still the most profitable crop during summer.

The most valuable crop without needing level 9 in Agriculture is Green Pepper. It sells for 110g each and costs 400g per seed. You get 4 Green Pepper per harvest. You can harvest it 3 times and it takes 8 days for the first harvest. The next two harvests will need 5 days each for a total of 12 Green Peppers. You get a total of 920g and around 51g per day when you factor in the harvest time.

The Eggplant can also be worth it since it can grow to a special variant which can be worth more. Eggplant costs 300g per seed and sells for 110g each. it can be harvested 3 times and you get 3 Eggplants per harvest for a total of 9 Eggplants per seed.

The total profit is 690g and it takes 7 days for the first harvest. The next two harvests take 4 days each. The total will be 46g per day so Green Pepper will be more efficient and consistent.


Eggplants and Green Peppers can also grow in Autumn so they are both available in terms of making money in Autumn. However, the best crop in Autumn will go to Sweet Potatoes. Each Sweet Potato seed costs 320g. They sell for 384g each and can be harvested 3 times.

You only get one Sweet Potato per harvest and it takes 14 days to collect all 3 harvests. The first harvest takes 6 days while the next two harvests take 4 days each. You get a total of 832g in profits for each seed bought. Factoring in the time it takes to harvest, you get roughly 59g per day planting these. There is also a chance to get a special variant when planting these so you will get more than 832g per seed if it happens.


For Winter, the Broccoli makes its way back. It is the second most profitable crop to grow in the winter and the details are all mentioned above. The best crop to grow will be the Leeks. Each Leek seed costs 500g each and once grown, they sell for 200g each. It only takes 4 days to grow and you can only harvest it once.

Each harvest will have 4 Leeks so you get a total of 800 if you sell them. It gives you a total of 300g per seed in just 4 days. That is roughly 75g per day. There is also a special variant that it can grow to that will net you more money. To unlock the Leek seed in the general store, you need to ship one Leek first.

Tips and Tricks for Growing Crops for Money

You will notice that some of the crops like Cucumber will take several days to grow. Once you reach the next season and the crops go out of season, it will sort of become a waste and might even ruin the timing of your crops for the next season.

At the start of the game, it is best to invest all your money into money-making crops. It is far more efficient this way and you can worry about other stuff later.


Games like the Story of Seasons are meant to be played at your own pace. It is relaxing and there is less to worry about. You can manage your farm anytime you want and focus on what you want to do rather than what is needed. If you do want to earn money so you can have more freedom (this one hits hard), you can just plant the crops listed and work on them for a few seasons until you have enough.

Management games like Story of Seasons have been around since the start and the elements of the game never change because they already have the perfect formula for their games. People do not usually know that Story of Seasons is basically the original Harvest Moon because they are the ones who made Harvest Moon games before. They had to change their name since Natsume still handles the Harvest Moon games.

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