How to Use Killjoy – Valorant Agent Guide

Killjoy Valorant Agent

Killjoy is one of the best sentinels in the game with her abilities having a mix of Cypher’s defensive ability and Raze’s offensive abilities. This guide will aim to teach you how to use Killjoy in Valorant with detailed strategies about all her abilities. How to Use Alarmbot The Alarmbot is used to distract enemies … Read more

Valorant Ascent Map Guide: Attacking, Defending, Callouts & More

In tactical shooters, the map becomes a main player with heavy influence over outcomes. It can either be an obstacle or an advantage. This solely depends on the team’s understanding of the nuances of the map and the logic behind various decisions the map designers made.  As every FPS gamer knows, it is crucial to … Read more

Valorant Bind Map Guide: How to Attack & Defend on Bind

Understanding and exploiting the map in which the game is played is crucial to securing wins regularly. Usually, the team which knows all the key traffic points, camping zones and glitch points secures the win. Riot Games Valorant is no different.  Riot Games have designed four highly intricate maps on which colossal battles can take … Read more

Valorant: Can Controller Players Play on PC?


Valorant is one of the most popular games out right now and it is only available for PC. Console players might want to try the game out and might even prefer to play with a controller. Can you play Valorant with a controller on PC? Here is how you can do that and adjust accordingly. … Read more

Are Valorant Skins Worth It?

Valorant skins price

Are Valorant skins worth it? This question is quite subjective and heavily opinionated by people. While everything written will be through my perspective, there will also be details on how the store works, how much Valorant skins cost, how to buy Valorant skins and the types of weapon skins available. What are the different in-game … Read more

How to Fix High Ping in Valorant

How to fix high ping in valorant

Valorant: High Ping Problem Knowing how to fix high ping in Valorant can be hard as there are multiple factors involved. Valorant lag spikes can be a problem for most players trying to enjoy the game especially those who play competitive ranked. There can be numerous causes for getting a high ping and there can … Read more

A Guide to Valorant Competitive Mode

Like all competitive multiplayer games, ranked mode Valorant are always the go-to for players looking to pick up the game. This Valorant competitive mode guide will show you all the mechanics such as ELO system, ranking type, queuing and decays involved in determining your rank in the game. How Does Ranked Work in Valorant? The … Read more

What Are the Best Discord Servers for Valorant?

There are probably hundreds of Discord servers right now that are all dedicated for Valorant. It might be hard to find which would be the best Discord servers for Valorant to join and it all depends on what you are looking for in a Discord server. Is it to find a fun and friendly community … Read more

How to Find The Perfect Valorant Sensitivity: Aim Like a Pro

Team- based tactical shooters are very competitive. Often, games are won or lost on razor-thin margins. Riot Games’ Valorant is one such game that rewards fast reflexes, mind-blowing team plays and, of course, precision aiming.  Usually, battles between players in strategic shooters like Valorant boil down to who gets the first, most precise head shot. … Read more

How Does Valorant’s Anti-Cheat Work?

From the days of Quake and Counter Strike, the world of online gaming has been littered with cases of players trying to cheat the system. In fact, it is not just restricted to computer games as players are caught cheating across a variety of sports. The thrill and gratification of winning often compels players to … Read more

Who Are the Best Valorant Streamers to Watch?

Valorant, Riot Games’ FPS production has amassed a lot of fervent fans. They follow every development the game makes with enthusiasm. Much like other popular FPS titles, a lot of professional streams have jumped on the bandwagon, adding to the popularity of this rich and intense shooter.  Twitch, which is the most popular streaming platform … Read more

How to Use Viper – Valorant Agent Guide

Viper is one of the best zone controlling agents in the game. She excels well in stopping pushes and forcing the enemies to rotate. Knowing how to use Viper and the proper placements of her abilities can be tricky. This Viper character guide will help you master her placements so you can reach the higher … Read more

How to Use Reyna – Valorant Agent Guide

Reyna is another great lurking agent and can also be a double-edged duelist. Knowing how to use Reyna does not necessarily mean you have to go hunt for kills every round. This Reyna character guide will show you a few ways you can utilize her abilities to make her more than just an agent going … Read more

What Are the Best PC Specs to Run Valorant?

Riot Games’ Valorant is a fast-paced FPS with various agents and abilities that look brilliant in-game. The comprehensive skill-set that they offer players might put off several prospective gamers off this game thinking that, “these graphics are really cool, but I’m sure my laptop cannot handle it.”  But this is not necessarily true.  The makers … Read more