All Tech Guide in Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can play as (almost) everyone in the city of London to help overthrow the totalitarian agency that seeks to make the city “crime-free” called Albion. In order for these citizens to help the cause more effectively though, they will need all the tech and tools they can get their hands on to successfully take back the city.

Arming a literal legion of citizens with the latest tech and gadgets is a tall order though. Luckily, DedSec, the resistance group you play as in Watch Dogs: Legion, seems to be armed to the teeth in terms of non-lethal weaponry, stealth gadgets, hacking equipment, and upgrades that further enhance the capabilties of their members both physically and through their tech.

In this article, we will be looking at the various tech you can equip to your resistance group’s recruits and how you can use each piece of tech effectively in the fight against Albion and its regime.

List of Tech Available

Below is a list of all the available tech that can be purchased, researched, and equipped currently in Watch Dogs: Legion. Also included are the types of tech and how they are categorized namely: Weapons, Gadgets, Hack, and Upgrades.

The list will also contain the techs’ levels that can be purchased through Tech Points (if applicable) as well as a guide on how to use these tools as effectively as possible.


The first piece of tech we will be looking at is weapons. Weapons are the secondary choice of attack for DedSec operatives as they prefer to be a lot more cunning than going out guns blazing, but options are always nice to have in case things go sideways.

DedSec also prides itself in liberating London in the least violent way possible so their arsenal of guns revolves around knocking enemies out and other non-lethal ways.

These guns include a pistol, an SMG, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher, all of which knocks enemies out instead of killing them.

Some classes will also have their own specialized weapons such as the Spy having a Silenced MP9, but we will be focusing on DedSec’s own as they are the ones interchangeable to all characters.

LTL 68P DedSec Pistol

The most basic weapon for all DedSec operatives and recruits. It is a short- to mid-ranged handgun that fires electrical rounds to incapacitate enemies and render them harmless. That said, the electrical rounds will also be a lot more effective against machineries like drones and turrets.

This weapon can be equipped by any DedSec recruit and can also replace otherwise lethal guns normally equipped by Spies or Professional Hitmen to give them a more ethical approach to their jobs.

The LTL 68P DedSec Pistol is versatile enough to be used throughout the game with its good accuracy, good fire rate, and overall good damage. A problem that might crop up is the magazine size as it only holds up to 10 bullets in its unmodded state, so reloading might be a death sentence for your recruits when you get into tough spots and situations.

The LTL 68P DedSec Pistol has 2 upgrade mods. At level 1, you get an increase to your magazine capacity, from 10 to 15, giving yourself added damage output and more uptime with the weapon, requiring less reloads.

At level 2, the upgrade quite possibly elevates this gun into a must-have of your arsenal as it adds a silencer to the gun. This upgrade essentially makes any able operative a potential Spy. It also makes stealth missions much easier, and just overall make the game easier so long as you have the jump on enemies that are unaware.

MP9 DedSec SMG

The gun to use if you are looking to continuously deal damage at a rapid pace, the MP9 DedSec SMG is a fully-automatic submachine gun that will quite literally light up any and all enemies, partly because it is an SMG and partly because it, like all DedSec weapons, fires shock ammo. Like all DedSec weapons, the shock ammo it fires off will cripple machinery a lot more than humans.

Although it will deal a lot of damage in close-range rather reliably, it might struggle in more distant firefights as the recoil of the gun will surely put a damper on your aim. Another con I see this gun having is that its magazine capacity is pretty low despite it being an SMG, making you very open when you find yourself reloading.

The MP9 DedSec SMG’s 2 upgrades involve its magazine capacity and reload speed, two stats that complement each other. At level 1, the magazine capacity is increased to 20, still a rather low number for an SMG but definitely a stark improvement from stock. At level 2, the MP9 DedSec SMG’s reload speed is decreased, further improving its damage output and builds upon its weakness which is the rather small magazine capacity.


The door-buster of the DedSec legion, the LTL SG is pretty much just like any other shotgun, except it shoots out electric slugs and pellets to cover a wide firing spread at close-range. Like all DedSec weapons, the electricity ammo this gun shoots out deals a lot more damage to machinery.

Being a shotgun, the LTL SG is best used in tight spaces as it covers a large area near you but completely falters when it comes to ranged combat as the individual slugs will lose effectivity. Another weakness would be its poor magazine capacity as well as a slow reload speed, two things that might eclipse its strengths.

The LTL SG also acts as an amazing damage dealer so long as you get in close enough range, but it definitely is not a slouch to larger targets like CT drones in range as their size would catch most of the ammo spread.

The LTL SG’s upgrades increase its magazine capacity, as well as decrease its reload speed, two of its biggest weaknesses. The bump in magazine capacity to 7 at level 1 is a very fair increase as 7 is very plenty to work with for a shotgun-type of weapon. The decreased reload speed at level 2 is good all around as it only increases the uptime of the weapon and makes single, desperado-type shots a lot more effective.

DedSec Grenade Launcher

The big one; the DedSec Grenade Launcher is a slow-firing grenade launcher that specializes in taking down drones as it shoots off shock rounds that explode into a flurry of electric current in an area of effect. Its shock rounds also disorient people making this a very powerful yet situational weapon.

Being a grenade launcher first and foremost, its uses are limited to either taking down a big enemy drone like a CT Drone or using it against large waves of enemies lest you want to waste its incredible power and damaging radius on single enemies since the DedSec Grenade Launcher only packs 1 round in its stock magazine. This also means that errors in shots taken are magnified since the uptime of the weapon is very slim with its cumbersome reload speed and fire rate.

Its 2 upgrades try to solve its glass cannon tendencies. Starting off with the level 1 upgrade, it increases its magazine capacity to 2, giving you more room for error but also essentially doubles your firepower as the 2-round magazine bypasses a potentially slow reload.

At level 2, it increases the maximum number of reserved grenades by 2 giving you more shots and options overall. Not exactly essential but nice to have since having 2 additional grenades may be the difference between finishing off a drone army or having that army overpower you.


The next tech category we will be looking at is gadgets. Being set in the near future, Watch Dogs: Legion tries to incorporate tech that we can realistically see in the next few years as they are based on already existing tech. The only difference is that these gadgets are a far cry from what we are seeing today and are definitely a lot more useful than the prototypes and concepts we have out now.

These gadgets include both variants of the Spiderbot, an AR Cloak device, the Missile Drone, the Electro-Fist knuckles, as well as the Electro-Shock Trap.

Do note that some classes will also have their own unique gadgets such as the Construction Worker’s Cargo Drone, but again we will be focusing on the gadgets provided by DedSec only as they are the interchangeable ones.

Infiltrator Spiderbot

The Infiltrator Spiderbot is a sneaky little gadget that can stealthily move through rooms undetected and take down enemies via its Facehugger-style attack. In turn, it also acts as a reconnaissance robot as you can use it to hack terminals as well as go through small crevices and cracks to sneak around as it is small enough to fit in them.

Being a spiderbot that specializes in stealth, it puts agility at the forefront and in turn is very vulnerable to attacks since it has little armor. You would definitely not want to be spotted. However, the Infiltrator Spiderbot has its speed to hopefully evade some gunfire.

The Infiltrator Spiderbot has 2 upgrades and they just ramp up the versatility of this particular piece of tech. The first one is that it adds a double jump as well as a sprint ability to the Infiltrator Spiderbot’s arsenal. This makes it a lot more evasive in the off chance it gets spotted as well as making it a lot more traversable and makes higher platforms a lot easier to reach.

The second upgrade makes the Infiltrator Spiderbot just the ultimate tool in espionage as it adds a manually activated cloaking mechanism, similar to the AR Cloak gadget, making the spiderbot literally undetectable. Use it to sneak through hoards of enemies with ease and with little mind to consequences.

Combat Spiderbot

The more violent variation of the spiderbot, the Combat Spiderbot acts as an assistant during firefights as it crawls around the battlefield dishing out electric bullets to unsuspecting enemies with its automated turret. Its range is a bit short, but it is also built like a tank so even if it finds itself in the crossfire, it can hold its own and dish out the damage quite effectively.

Being that it carries around a turret and is covered in armor, it is a bit sluggish, so positioning the spiderbot becomes key on how much damage it can bring to your enemies without it being immediately destroyed.

Like the Infiltrator Spiderbot, the Combat Spiderbot has 2 upgrades. The first one increases the rate of fire of the automated turret, making it a lot more efficient in dealing damage. The second one is rather interesting as it gives you full control of the turret so that you can choose your targets as you please. A bit of a gimmicky upgrade, but it can be useful as it essentially gives you two sets of eyes and two different vantage points when trying to spot a weak point.

Missile Drone

The only weapon in DedSec’s arsenal that deals lethal damage, the Missile Drone is a small drone that flies straight towards a target it is aimed at, dealing significant damage to the enemy and destroys while destroying itself in the process.

The usage of this is pretty straightforward, just point, shoot and watch whatever it was pointed at getting blown into pieces. However, it is situational as it is a one-time use kind of gadget due to its kamikaze way of self-destruction in the name of dealing damage.

It is best used to quickly take a chunk of health from a huge target or use it to diminish a group of enemies’ numbers in an explosive way. Be mindful though as the drone is vulnerable, so if you send it out in the open, it can get shot down before it even reaches the target.

The Missile Drone has 2 upgrades available once you unlock it. The first is the addition of a heat-seeking ability. To use this heat-seeking ability, hold down on the Gadget button, and the Missile Drone will track its target until it either reaches the target and explodes or until it is destroyed. Using this ability is a bit tricky as you are essentially exposing the drone to enemy fire

The second upgrade makes this gadget a force to be afraid of as it deploys mini cluster missiles that have the heat-seeking ability. It turns this drone into an amazing crowd control gadget as the mini cluster missiles deal quite a lot of damage but also spreads themselves evenly as long as they find a target to lock on to.

Electro-Shock Trap

If you are looking for something more tactical in application, the Electro-Shock Trap is what you are looking for. The Electro-Shock Trap is a non-lethal sticky mine that shocks enemies, and because of its electrical properties, heavily damages drones and vehicles.

The Electro-Shock Trap is really versatile in its uses since it has a sticky surface. You can attach it to walls, ceilings, pretty much anything. You can even throw it to a moving object, say like an enemy or a vehicle and it will go off like a direct hit. As a trap though, you can always just set it up in an area where you know an enemy will trigger it to strategically protect yourselves if your enemies try to flank you.

The Electro-Shock Trap has 2 upgrades. At level 1, an EMP is added to its shockwave, disabling drones and further disrupting enemies, giving you time to act upon their status. At level 2, the EMP is made even more potent in that it jams the enemies’ weapons, making them even more helpless as after being disoriented, they will still need to deal with a gun jam.


Either to be used as a great finisher or just getting out of a pinch, the Electro-Fist packs quite a literal punch to both human enemies and drones. The Electro-Fist is a knuckle duster with a taser integrated into it, knocking out opponents in a single blow.

The Electro-Fist is a really powerful gadget to have as it is essentially a one-hit knockout to almost any enemy, the only problem is that you need to get to their faces for you to actually land a punch. This gadget is definitely best used in conjunction with other gadgets that stun or disorient enemies as it will give you a chance to get closer to them.

The Electro-Fist has 2 upgrades. The first upgrade has a connecting punch shoot out an electrical arc to a nearby target, essentially taking out 2 people in one punch. A great way to thin out enemies when you find yourself in close-range.

The second upgrade amplifies the power of the Electro-Fist, making it emit a shockwave from a single blow, disorienting nearby enemies. A perfect upgrade that allows you to chain punches in like no tomorrow. Combined with the first upgrade, this makes the Electro-Fist an incredibly potent melee gadget.

AR Cloak

The ultimate in stealth tech, the AR Cloak renders the wearer invisible and breaks any enemy’s line of sight as well making for easier stealth takedowns and easier evasion of pursuing enemies..

Using the AR Cloak is simple enough, you activate it and you turn invisible. It is a great way to get out of a firefight if you feel like you are outgunned and want to reposition, or just sneak around a base, being either a pacifist and just walk around until you get to your objective, or a professional assassin taking out enemies while being unseen.

Be careful though as sensors and drones can still spot your heat signature, and you are only able to use the AR Cloak for a while, so make your invisibility status strategic. AR Cloaks are also ineffective for DedSec operatives that are naturally noisy, so keep that in mind when equipping the AR Cloak to someone.

The AR Cloak has 2 upgrades to make it better. The first upgrade makes the AR Cloak last longer when you are standing still or walking slowly, further increasing the usability of this gadget. The second upgrade increases the range of your takedown attacks, making stealth kills and knockouts a lot easier and a lot more efficient to do. It would also make turning the tables on a chasing enemy a lot easier as the range helps when enemies are in a more alert state.


Next, we have the Hacks. These are active upgrades to your phone’s hacking capabilities and is pretty much the main draw of the Watch Dogs series.

These hacks include the ability to hack the enemy’s personal items such as their Optiks and guns, the ability to hack enemy drones such as Chase Drones, Riot Drones, CT Drones, and Turrets, the ability to hack the environment to act as distractions as well as hacking Parcel Fox drones to intercept important information or stealing loot from the boxes these drones carry.

These Hacks are available to all DedSec recruits once they are unlocked and require no slots to equip them making them a great asset to unlock and invest in.

Disrupt Hack

The Disrupt Hack is an ability that allows you to overload an enemy’s senses by hacking their Optik gadget, disorienting the enemy and preventing them from doing any action. An incredibly versatile hacking ability as it can be used in both stealth and combat instances.

During stealth, you will be able to skirt around enemies by simply using the Disrupt Hack on them. It is also good to note that if you do get spotted, you can always use the Disrupt Hack to either stop the enemy who spotted you dead on their tracks before they can alert others or just disrupt them before they start shooting and quickly take them down.

In combat, the practicality is the same as you can use it to hack the person gunning you down and leave them crippled while you get out of their vision or approach them and take them down before they get back to their senses.

Gun Jam

A rather simple hacking tool, the Gun Jam hack jams an enemy’s gun, preventing them from firing until they have cleared the jam out. It is a great way to close distance with an enemy as jamming their gun more or less puts them into a vulnerable state.

It is also a great way to just disable enemies and prevent them from firing at you while also giving you an opening to shoot at them when they decide to shoot, and you jam their gun in the middle of their barrage.

You can even use this hack in conjunction with the Disrupt Hack. By first disrupting the enemy and then hitting them with a Gun Jam, they will take twice as long to retaliate. That said though, this hack is still very simple and quite limited in its usage.

Attract Hack

The Attract Hack is another simple enough hacking ability the lets you hack fuse boxes or electrical grids and cause them to short-circuit, leading to enemies to check on the damage a blown fuse has brought or where the noise is coming from if they are far away enough not to see the sparks.

The applications of the Attract Hack are quite plentiful. You can use it to gather enemies into one area while you sneak past them (or if you are feeling a bit more mischievous, attack them while they are all clustered), lure a lone enemy into a trap that you have set, or have an enemy abandon their post while they inspect the anomaly that you have presented them.

Chase Drone Hacks

The Chase Drone Hacks ability allows you and your DedSec members to disable Chase Drones for a short period of time, making you free to escape from their pursuit or to successfully evade their lines of sight.

Chase Drones are drones that are designed to pursue you when you are trying to escape from authority. They have no weapons, but they are there to alert nearby attack drones or enemies towards your location. The short disabling of these drones might actually be enough to have them get off of your tail when escaping.

The Chase Drone Hacks has 2 upgrades to it. The first upgrade allows DedSec members to hijack the Chase Drone, making you have control over it to have it do your bidding. A good use of this would upgrade probably treat it as a decoy or as a reconnaissance drone.

The second upgrade allows you to hack the Chase Drone for it to act against its allies. A rather useless upgrade seeing that the Chase Drone has no weapons to attack its allies with, but anything that has the Chase Drone chasing after someone else other than you would be a great help.

Riot Drone Hacks

The Riot Drone Hacks ability allows you and your DedSec members to disable Riot Drones from a distance for a short period of time, rendering them unable to shoot their weapons.

Riot Drones are drones that are packed with anti-riot weaponry such as tear gas and electrical bullets to help disperse riots and any chaos going on in the streets of London. They are non-lethal but will do everything it can do to bring your operatives down for an easy arrest.

The Riot Drone Hacks has 2 upgrades for it. Similar to any drone’s hack ability, the first level of its upgrade lets you hijack Riot Drones, rendering them useless to the side of the opponents and evens out the playing field.

The second upgrade sees you hacking the Riot Drone to attack its allies directly. A useful drone to hack especially if you need a bit more crowd control or just need to turn the tide in a battle with weapons that will disorient your enemies.

Turret Hacks

The Turret Hacks ability tool allows you and your DedSec members to disable Turrets from firing for a short period of time from a distance.

Turrets are stationary machine guns that will fire at you when they detect you within their presence. They act as a great deterrent for you to keep in cover since they can continuously fire bullets at you with deadly precision without having to reload. They are also pretty durable thanks to their armor so going head to head with one is ill-advised.

The brief disable this hack brings is very useful in completely stopping an enemy’s barrage towards you as those few seconds of inactivity from the turret can definitely be enough to launch your own salvo.

The Turret Hack tool has 2 upgrades going for it. Similar to the drone hacks, the first upgrade of the Turret Hack tool will allow you to hijack turrets, completely shutting down the turrets. A great way to open up enemies hiding behind their turrets.

The final upgrade of the Turret Hack tool has DedSec operatives hack the turret itself and have it attack its allies. An amazing gadget to hack since turrets are usually placed either behind or by enemy lines, making a hacked turret a great way to completely dissect an enemy’s defenses from the inside.

CT Drone Hacks

The CT Drone Hacks ability allows you and your DedSec members to disable CT Drones for a short period of time, rendering the CT Drone unable to fire its weapons.

CT Drones are the ultimate tool in Albion’s arsenal to get rid of DedSec. They are basically flying death machines capable of an awful lot of destruction. CT Drones or Counter-Terrorist Drones are drones that are very bulky, but that bulk is for a reason. They are packed to the gills with missiles primed and ready to destroy anything in their way. On top of that, they are also heavily armored making them close to unstoppable with normal guns.

The CT Drone Hacks tool has 2 upgrades that can help in your favor. Like all drone hacking tools, the first level upgrade of the CT Drone Hacks enables DedSec members to hijack CT Drones, shutting down a great arm of offense of an enemy.

The final upgrade for the CT Drone Hacks has DedSec members take control of the CT Drone and have it attack its allies. This upgrade is definitely one of the best drone hack upgrades as CT Drones are just juggernauts in both offense and defense, and having them suddenly turn on their allies takes them by surprise and will have them be scrambling for good enough cover to hide behind to try and stop its missile’s destructive powers.

Parcel Fox Drone Hacks

Parcel Fox is basically the Amazon of the Watch Dogs: Legion’s future London, and like Amazon, they have adopted a drone system to do their delivering. The Parcel Fox Drone Hacks enables you to hijack and disable any Parcel Fox Drone, allowing you to intercept packages from the air and bring them to you or to a person of interest.

These packages contain a random assortment of items, so each Parcel Fox Drone is essentially a treasure box ready to be opened. If you find yourself looking at a Parcel Fox Drone, be sure to hack it immediately to claim some loot that might help you, help someone you would want to recruit or cripple an enemy by intercepting important messages or items that might have helped their side.

Be aware though that hacking the wrong Parcel Fox Drone might bring repercussions to the image of DedSec, as it might just brand your resistance group as a mere band of thieves and hooligans.


Finally, we have the tech Upgrades. These upgrades enhance DedSec members by giving them tools that will help them with their cause either through a bevy of information gathering via the Deep Profiler tech, espionage through the AR Shroud tech, a defensive module such as the Mesh Skin tech or through deactivation tech that affects enemy drones like Chase Drones, Turrets, Riot Drones, and CT Drones.

Like the Hacks, Upgrades do not require slots to equip so getting them is a must as it affects every DedSec recruit you have. Unlike the rest of the tech available in the game though, Upgrades are simply unlocked with no enhancements available to them.

Deep Profiler

The Deep Profiler is the main piece of tech that you as a DedSec recruiter will be using to attract potential members to your cause. It is essentially the life of a person all at the palm of your hand as it keeps track of any person’s schedules and contact info, exposing new ways to recruit people and their whereabouts at specific times. It even has information on your enemies just in case you would want to try and recruit them too.

Using the Deep Profiler, you will have to take notes on the people you would potentially want to recruit and essentially spying on them to try and connect with them. The Deep Profiler will include their schedules, so you will know where they will appear at a specific time, and who they might be meeting up with.

It will also tell you any connections they have, whether they are friends with specific people and such. Keep this in mind as if you end up hurting any of their friends, their outlook on DedSec might sour and it will be a lot harder for you to convince them to join your group.

It is a very deep and powerful piece of tech, so much so that you can pretty much track any person’s movements around London as well as have an idea if they are potential recruits or if they are leaning towards ending your resistance.

AR Shroud

Another tech upgrade that is incredibly useful, the AR Shroud allows any DedSec operative to hide any person from sight when they are knocked out or when they are killed. This makes hiding bodies a cinch as it leaves behind no evidence. Very useful in bases as the AR Shroud makes the trail of bodies you will be inevitably leaving non-existent.

The AR Shroud is very simple to use, after any stealth kill or takedown of a person, you will have the option to shroud them to hide their body. Simply press the Shroud button and the DedSec operative will digitally conceal the body from sight. The neat thing is that this ability can also be triggered by the Infiltrator Spiderbot, making it even more suited for taking out a whole base without even alarming anyone.

Skin Mesh

This upgrade is unique as it is the only tech upgrade that is a passive upgrade. Skin Mesh is a very simple upgrade in paper, but it is definitely one of the best to invest in solely because of its nature: it increases every DedSec member’s defense, making them absorb more damage than usual and makes them a lot more durable as before.

If you are finding yourself being gunned down or taken out too easily, this might be the upgrade for you to invest in. However, with its steep price, it might not be worth it for players who are doing well with combat and stealth and can opt to save this upgrade for much later when fights become a lot more hectic.

Chase Drone Deactivation

The Chase Drone Deactivation upgrade grants you the ability to disable Chase Drones by merely approaching them and pressing the Deactivate button.

An incredibly useful upgrade as it quickly disperses of potential trouble since you can immediately deactivate a Chase Drone before it is able to call for backup. What is great is that Chase Drones naturally come near you so approaching one to deactivate will be very easy.

The Chase Drone Deactivation upgrade is also a great way to complement the Chase Drone Hacks as you can either disable the drone for a short period and then approach it to deactivate it permanently, or have it fight by your side and deactivate it once you are done using the Chase Drone.

Turret Deactivation

The Turret Deactivation upgrade allows you to deactivate Turrets, rendering them unable to fire and completely decommissioning them. The catch here is that you need to approach the Turret from behind in order to be able to deactivate it successfully.

Another very useful upgrade, deactivating Turrets from a fight is a great way to cripple an enemy’s defenses as getting to deactivate a Turret during a fight gets rid of a potentially annoying machine to deal with. The tricky part though is having to be behind it and close enough to actually deactivate it.

You can get by this by either sneaking around it, using cover until you find yourself around the turret and close enough for the deactivation to take place, or to use it in conjunction with the Turret Hacks ability. By disabling a Turret through the Turret Hacks, you will have a short period of time to approach the Turret and deactivate it.

Combat Drone Deactivation

The ultimate in drone deactivation upgrades, the Combat Drone Deactivation allows you to not only deactivate Riot Drones, but it also allows you to deactivate the dreaded CT Drones. As with all the deactivation upgrades, you can only deactivate the drones by getting near them.

Getting near enough a Riot Drone is hard enough but getting near a CT Drone is close to suicide without a concise plan. Saying that, the safest way would probably be by relying on your Riot Drone Hacks or CT Drone Hacks abilities to first disable the drones and then approach them as quickly as you can before they snap out of their disrupted phase.

Another way is, assuming any combat has not started, to approach them as stealthily as possible by using cover and your various stealth gadgets. Lastly, in a desperate, last-ditch effort, you can storm towards the direction of the drones and simply deactivate them once you get near enough. A suicidal risk, but it will pay big time if you get to execute it.


Watch Dogs: Legion is a playground for the tech-literate, showering you with a ton of tools to get a singular task done. It also has you choose the way you play with the variety of tech it presents you, from stealth to brute force, to cunning strategy, Watch Dogs: Legion has the tech for you to shine.

This also means that mastery of the tech in this game is paramount in getting the most out of Watch Dogs: Legion as you can mix and match playstyles and just make yourself the ultimate DedSec militia member.