How to Make a Borough Defiant in Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you play as DedSec, a resistance group looking to liberate London from the military group called Albion as they impose oppression and martial law on the citizens of London. However, DedSec being a collective, they will need the citizens of London to rise up, be defiant, and claim back their boroughs to fight back the tyrannical reign of Albion

In this guide, we will be looking at the several ways on how you would go about freeing each borough from oppression and rallying the people of said boroughs into supporting DedSec, in turn being defiant to Albion’s military state.

Fight the Power!

Watch Dogs: Legion divides London into 8 boroughs. Each borough will have its own set of tasks for you to complete and mark a borough as defiant. Below is a list of the tasks that you will find sprinkled throughout the map that will go towards making a borough defiant. They are marked as red symbols on the map.

Collect Evidence

Albion likes to put out a message that they are helping the city of London, but they are two-faced liars with motives that are wholly just for their good. Luckily enough, their lackeys are careless enough to have evidence lying around, although to their credit, they also thought their bases are bulletproof.

These types of missions require you to infiltrate a base to acquire evidence, and the evidence itself is usually stashed away behind a lot of locked doors and doors that need either a physical terminal to unlock or a specific Key Access.

If you have a Hacker or Hacktivist in your group, their Key Steal attribute would come in handy since it means they have an unlimited range on their hacking of Key Accesses. In conjunction with this, the AR Cloak would also come in handy once you have successfully hacked the Key Access as all you would need to do after that is sneak inside the room where the evidence is.

Once you are in the room where the evidence is, simply collect it and the mission will be marked as completed. How you get outside the premises is up to you.

Photograph Evidence

Similar to the previous mission, only this time you will only be photographing the evidence against Albion.

Once you approach the evidence to be photographed, you will be confused about how to take a picture with your smartphone. The command for this is to hold Down on the D-pad and press Square. This will bring out your smartphone’s camera and you are free to photograph the evidence. You will know if the photograph is good enough if the camera says that the “Subject is in Frame”.

If the evidence is outdoors, you can also employ the use of a News Drone by hijacking it and bringing it into the area with the evidence. The controls of how to use the camera of the News Drone is similar to how you use your smartphone’s camera.

Once you have photographed the evidence, the mission is completed immediately so you may exit the area how you would like, or if you brought a News Drone in, you can leave it there.

Disrupt Propaganda

Propaganda is one of the more powerful tools in conditioning people that an entity is the only option in a time of distress. In Disrupt Propaganda missions, you are tasked to take down Albion’s digital billboards and posters and ensure to the people of London that there is still a resistance and that there is still hope of liberation.

These missions are simple enough as all you have to do is reach the physical terminal powering the digital billboard and hack it. If you have a Construction Worker on your roster, this becomes much easier as the terminals are almost always going to be on a rooftop. Simply summon your Cargo Drone and fly up to where the billboard is and hack away to your heart’s content.

If you do not have a Construction Worker or a Cargo Drone available at your disposal, these missions act as hacking puzzles where you have to find out how to get up to the rooftops. This usually involves scissor cranes for you to hack to get yourself off the ground or forklifts. Basically, vehicles that involve verticality since billboards are usually placed high above.

It is also good to note that enemies are usually not stationed near these tasks, so these missions are pressure-free when it comes to completing them, so take your time and think it through to avoid hastily falling to your death.

Once you have hacked the terminal and replaced the billboard, the mission is completed, and you will be one step closer to having the borough be defiant.

Digital Deface

A task that is very similar to the Disrupt Propaganda task, Digital Deface has you hacking a billboard terminal to deface an Albion billboard into a parody from the DedSec crew.

As with the Disrupt Propaganda tasks, these Digital Deface tasks are usually outdoors in hard to reach places since you will be dealing with digital billboards. The best operative to bring here is the Construction Worker as they can summon a Cargo Drone that you can use to fly up to here the billboard’s physical terminal is.

There are usually no enemies around these billboard terminals so getting to them is free from pressure of getting detected.

The task is completed once you have hacked the terminal, and in turn replaced the Albion billboard with the defaced version of the billboard.

Rescue Freedom Fighter

Albion will stop at nothing to further their agenda to the people of London, and that includes arresting and imprisoning citizens who dare go against their regime. Rescue Freedom Fighter missions have you storming an Albion base to help free and rescue freedom fighters from their chains.

Like most mission types, this one will have you infiltrating a base and hacking a terminal in order to have the prison cells housing the freedom fighters unlocked, so it is sort of a two-step mission. You can scan for the terminal that is keeping the doors locked by pressing the R3 button and following the red grid wires to the appropriate physical terminal.

Once you have identified the terminal, you need to make your way towards it, sneaking past guards and drones, and hack it in order for the cells to unlock. Take note however that this will alert any nearby guards, so be prepared for retaliation.

When the cells are open, you will also need to uncuff the freedom fighters and escort them out of the facility. This will be one of the more difficult tasks so make sure to plan ahead and carve out a path safe enough for you and the freedom fighter to take. Once you are away from the facility, the mission is passed and you will also have a chance to recruit the freedom fighter into DedSec.

Hack CtOS Hub

The Hack CtOS Hub tasks assign you to hack into Albion’s private security network to infiltrate their database in order to help the citizens of London, as well as exposing Albion on their hypocrisy and abusive rule.

This task usually has you going inside Albion bases to hack a terminal that requires physical intervention, so an easy way in is to recruit Albion employees into DedSec and play as them so that you have the appropriate Uniformed Access. Remember that even though you have the correct Uniformed Access, you will still have to act normal so as to not draw suspicion towards yourself.

If you do not have any Albion employees in your roster, you can always try and sneak in the premises with any of your members, so long as they do not have perks that alert enemies (ie. Flatulence, Hiccups, etc) or are old since they cannot crouch into cover.

As for gadgets, AR Cloak is one of the best gadgets to have when doing covert ops, and combining it with the AR Shroud upgrade makes infiltrating bases much easier. If the base you are infiltrating has the terminal outdoors or on a rooftop, you can employ the use of a Construction Worker so you can summon a Cargo Drone.

Simply hop on the Cargo Drone, mind the numerous drones and guards patrolling the area, and you will most probably be all right, so long as you make a beeline towards the server terminal.

Remember that during these types of missions your only task is to hack the terminal, so once you have done so, you can immediately get yourself out of the premises without facing any conflict whatsoever.


Sabotage missions have you going inside an enemy base and sabotaging one of their operations, crippling their lines of production and making them a lot less effective in pushing their agenda.

These missions are usually housed inside buildings so Construction Workers and their Cargo Drones are off the table here. Saying that, these missions are fairly easy to do as well since they only require you to hack one terminal to sabotage the operation.

Be careful though as once you sabotage the production line it will explode, so anyone near it will be injured or be killed. This might affect your standing with other potential recruits but more importantly, this will alert all nearby personnel to the area. Unless you would want to fight a rather sizeable group of enemies, you would just want to sneak out as everyone is still confused by all the explosions.

That being said, the AR Cloak gadget is once again one of the more important techs in these types of missions because you can safely sneak in and out of facilities without being detected. If by the off chance you do get spotted, AR Cloak can still be used to either get away from conflict or if the enemy is alone, can be activated, and immediately take them down once you get nearer to them.

Neutralise VIP

Neutralise VIP missions are self-explanatory: you must kill or incapacitate the Albion VIP to weaken the corrupt ties of Albion in London. These missions are one of the more challenging types since the VIPs are usually housed inside heavily guarded strongholds so you would want to bring your best operatives for the job.

These missions are present both indoors and outdoors, so bringing a Construction Worker for their Cargo Drone is a good shout. Other good operatives would be operatives with the correct Uniformed Access so you can take down the VIP without much suspicion and head out immediately after.

Another way to do this is to hack one of the riot drones patrolling the area and using the said drone to take out the VIP. This way, you won’t even have to set foot inside the premises. A Hacker operative would suit this best because of their increased hacking range.

Take note that the mission is completed upon taking down the VIP, so if you are feeling lazy, you can just go inside a compound and gun for the VIP with no real game plan. You should not do this if you are on permadeath mode though, for obvious reasons.

Borough Missions

Once you have done all the auxiliary tasks for a borough, a mission will pop up for you to do. This will be the last mission before turning a borough defiant. Each borough has its own borough mission and they are relatively lengthy and challenging, so be prepared with your best operative and tech loadout.

The Perks of Having a Defiant Borough

Turning a borough defiant rewards you with a couple of very useful things. The most noticeable one is that you will be rewarded with a special operative with enhanced attributes. Another is that all Tech Point locations within that borough will be revealed, making scouting out Tech Points a whole lot easier, also making upgrades to your tech faster.

A defiant borough will also have less Albion presence, making the area a lot safer for you to travel in. This in turn also makes it safer for the residences of that borough and will lead to a more positive outlook on the image of DedSec to the public eye.


Having the whole of London be defiant to their authoritarian rule only brings the citizens united with each other against tyranny. It also helps DedSec a lot in cleaning up their public image as well as increasing their resources to continue to fight this tyranny brought upon by Albion, and in turn Zero-Day.

Overall, making London defiant is one of the best ways to make the game a lot more enjoyable as it opens up the map a lot and gives you rare operatives that you might miss during your playthrough. Make sure to do these as the tasks themselves are easy enough, but the borough missions definitely amp up the intensity in terms of action and espionage.

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