A List of All Crew Members in WRC 9

WRC 9, the ninth iteration of the highly popular rally racing game now offers a comprehensive career mode that goes beyond all your racing expectations. You can take control of the entire expansive back-end of the rally racing scene.

You are not just in control of taking expensive and amazing racing machines on a spin. You can now have a say in everything from advertising, repairs, deals, testing, weather reports and who you hire as a part of your crew.

Racking enthusiasts know that the crew is as important as the driver. Having a good and able team back you up before, during and after the race amps up the performance and ensures faster times and better overall results across a variety of circuits.

WRC 9 offers you a comprehensive crew of up to 18 members who will assist the driver on all tasks behind the scene and behind the wheel. This post will explain some of the most important crew members and their function to help you get the best out of your career mode experience.


They are the driving force behind every racing crew. They make and tune the car and ensure its peak performance. Their decisions affect the most important tool a drive has – the car.

Rally racing, unlike F1, happens on a range of track types. Not just the track layout, but dealing with the track material and conditions is crucial to securing the pole position. An engineer’s duty is to make sure your lean-mean-machine is ready to conquer any conditions thrown at it. The engine and the body of the car has profound effects on track times.

Make sure that you upgrade engineers fast and recruit a highly functional group This will ensure that your car is able to handle more challenges efficiently. A good engineering team will give your car excellent upgrades based on information given by other crew members.

There are five levels of upgrade for your engineers. Try to spend a large portion of your initial upgrade points from trial races on engineers as they are one of the most valuable assets to a racing team. A well-oiled machine requires a great team of engineers.


For a sport that relies heavily on conditions, meteorologists provide invaluable information to the team. The driver also relies on the pre-race tips from the meteorologist to plan the approach.

Track conditions range from the snowy, slippery roads of Sweden to the gravelly, dust-covered and high drag tracks of Kenya. This range in the racing environments means that a meteorologist is crucial to the team.

Accurate predictions go a long way in helping you plan the kind of tires you go for. This step is one of the finer, yet profound changes you get to make before hitting the track. Soft tires are better pliable to a certain kind of track, so keep in mind that the meteorologist reports are integral to the game play.

Upgrade points are well spent here to get to a level 5 meteorologist who can give you the best information on climate and how it affects terrain. They also give you tips on the best methods to adapt and maximize personal and team performance.


Mechanics help repair damages from race and practice runs. The car has armor and can absorb damages across all parts. The air foils, engine, tires, brakes and body all accumulate damage over time. This also severely affects team and individual performance on the long run.

Mechanics show up on the skill tree as the spanner and get 5 upgrades, like the other abilities. The mechanics also include the crew that take care of the car on an everyday basis and even suggest changes to the load out based on meteorologist reports.

However, the need for mechanics can be reduced by improving the durability tree. By improving engine health and upgrading car armor, you can drastically reduce the impact of scrapes and bumps on car performance, thereby reducing your need to shell out earned points on repairs.

This is why mechanic upgrades should not be on the top of your list, at least early in the game. They are important, but not crucial to early success to help you climb the ranks fast. But as the career progresses and the races get more competitive, it is a great tool to have for a quick fix before a race. By having an upgraded crew of mechanics, you can have a car that is at 100 percent every single time you go out for a race. 

Physical Therapists

Racing is physically taxing. To newbies to the sport, it may sound ludicrous, but racing drains the body. The constant changes in G-force, the climbing temperature inside the cockpit, the whiplash, adrenaline spikes / crashes and constant focus burns a lot of calories and puts a lot of physical strain on your body. 

Remaining seated and being strapped in while your body goes through severe changes in speed can leave a driver feeling dizzy and dehydrated which causes muscle strains. 

A physical therapist, like in any competitive sport, is a crucial part of the recovery process. Recovery is important for a driver to remain in peak physical fitness and also smooth out any cramps, knots of muscle tension after a long winded race. 

A bumpy course also adds to the physical strains on the body. This game has a lot of those. This makes the physical therapist’s job very crucial to victory. A driver nursing an injury or with reflexes not up to the mark can cause effects on the performance and show up on the timing. In the game, a meter shows your physical fitness and this can be replenished with a quick visit to the therapist’s office.

Upgrading all the way to the Sports Doctor level limits damage during any event to the 10 percent mark, which makes them easy fixes. This will also give you enough funds to upgrade your cars or other parts of your crew.


Agents help manage your careers. They bring offers to you from various manufacturers. They help you find the right team and also handle the expectations they might have. Racing is a tough sport and the world of rally racing is littered with teams with varied expectations of their drivers. 

The agents in the game bring you offers and also guide you between races to the various events that you will attend. They also form a bridge between you and the media crew who will try and improve your publicity. This will help you further your career and get you into better teams with better engines, cars and crew. 

Agents in the game also handle your calendar, which brings up events, press meetings and races for you. A good team of agents will help push you forward. And also, it helps you manage your daily tasks and keep a tab on upcoming events so that you can plan in advance. 

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors bring a lot of advantages to your crew. They bring you better offers and also provide you information on what spending on a certain upgrade will bring to your performance on the tracks. 

As your career progresses, having an upgraded squadron of financial advisors helps bring you the best deals from the top teams and also give you information to help you divide your funds between physical therapy, mechanics, meteorologists and sports doctors while improving your financial status of your playing character.

The game is one of the most comprehensive racing game career modes on the market. These additions to your crew prove that you can customize the most minute factors that influence your performance on the tracks. This allows you, unlike in other career modes, to have an immersive sports experience and enjoy the part of being a rally driver.